Friday, February 22, 2013

"the end is in sight"

In the round up of DPW preparations for the forecasted winter storm this weekend, Franklin is referenced:

In Franklin, Deacon Perrotta, director of operations, said the snow budget for this fiscal year came in at just over $900,000, and as of Feb. 17, immediately after the blizzard stopped, the town had spent about $635,000. 
He estimated a storm with 6-inches of snow costs around $118,000, which includes pre-treating the ground, eight hours of plowing, and then sanding the roadways after the storm. 
"Franklin is like the ‘Twilight Zone’ of weather forecasting," he said. "We’re either getting 6 inches or 2 feet, and we’re never in a spot that’s easy to predict."

Read more:

The winter storm plan as presented to the Town Council in January recently can be found here

The 2012 version can be viewed here

The 2009 version can be viewed here

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