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The archives come in handy

A question on a Facebook forum on "why the 'general government' line item in the budget for FY 2009 grew about $6M over the prior year?" was one I thought I could answer. I recalled the discussion about moving the Facilities budget from the School side of the ledger to the Town side.

Why the Schools were managing all the Town's facilities (buildings) did not make much sense either then or now.  It had been the way. It got changed in FY 2009. Management of the school custodians moved from the School to the DPW. The line item in the budget moved from the Schools to the Town and has been there relatively unchanged since.

One oddity remains in that while the Town in their budget has all the facilities, the personnel, and the expenses for the maintenance; the one piece that the School budget retains is the Facility Director position and associated salary. It is not good or bad. It is. As long as it is properly accounted for (and it is), then it is okay.

Anyway, part of the answer to the question was found in the budget workshop held in January 2010 which I had recorded. Each recorded segment has links for the associated documents that are referenced. Spend a couple of hours and walk through an explanation of the entire Franklin budget both Town and School including the debt management, stabilization funds, water and sewer operating accounts... The story is all there.

How relevant is it? Well, some of the numbers may have changed since 2010 but the funding model is still the same. The cost drivers are generally still the same. 

So step back in time to learn a whole lot that still matters today.

You can find the 2010 posting here but I have re-copied it here to make it easier for you.



Franklin held conducted a budget workshop on Monday, Jan 25, 2010.  This is the collection of live reporting and audio recordings from the workshop.

Live reporting from the workshop can be found here

and here

Parts 1 through 4 cover the Town portion of the budget with Jeff Nutting, Susan Gagner and Jim Dacey leading the discussion.

Part 1 of the workshop recording can be found here

Part 2 of the workshop recording can be found here

Part 3 of the workshop recording can be found here 

Part 4 of the workshop recording can be found here

Parts 5 through 8 cover the Schools portion of the budget with Maureen Sabolinski, Miriam Goodman, Sally Winslow, and Beth Fitzmaurice leading the discussion.

Part 5 of the workshop recording can be found here

Part 6 of the workshop recording can be found here

Part 7 of the workshop recording can be found here

Part 8 of the workshop recording can be found here

In Part 9, Jeff Nutting provides some closing remarks and Bob Richer (citizen at large) provides some good feedback on the session.

The final segment, Part 9 of the workshop recording, can be found here

Also from Jan 2010 - The Davis Thayer scoreboard was redone
Also from Jan 2010 - The Davis Thayer scoreboard was redone by Glenn Jones

Ice Bucket Challenge comes to Franklin

"It's not typical for us, in that it's for a younger group - most of our events focus on adults," he said. "It's a unique idea - it's the end of summer, kids are going back to school, and we thought it would be a good way to get kids involved." 
Greg Sullivan, an assistant baseball coach at Boston College and a friend of Pete Frates, said his older brother, Chris, is a Franklin resident. 
"He thought it would be cool - a different dynamic and demographic to spread awareness," he said. "The Ice Bucket Challenge last August was awesome. My niece goes to the Kennedy (Elementary) School, though, and while a lot of friends thought it was hilarious (that) adults were dumping ice water on themselves, they may not have gotten the idea behind it." 
Sullivan said, in addition to the typical field day activities, there will be a station where people can take the Ice Bucket Challenge.
Continue reading the article (subscription may be required)

Team Frate Train logo
Team Frate Train logo

Additional information on this family field day can be found here

"There's a lot of us. Everyone knows somebody"

"Danielle Tarino is a person in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drugs since age 19. 
Danielle graduated from Rutgers University as a member of the Rutgers Recovery House on campus with a degree in political science and psychology. Resulting from her own personal experience graduating from a supportive collegiate recovery program, 
Danielle has harnessed the opportunity to bring the lived youth recovery voice to Washington, D.C. serving as a Public Health Advisor for the federal government's Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Her opinions are her own and not endorsed by SAMHSA."

For more information about the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration visit

Their recent newsletter featured an article on Managing Chronic Pain and Medication Misuse

S.A.F.E. Community Coalition Update

"The Board of Incorporators is actively working on a schedule for our next coalition meeting, speaking programs, our web and social media campaigns, and additional support services. This newsletter is to provide you with some updates and information to keep the conversation going."

Missin Matt walk in Milford Sept 12

The S.A.F.E. Board of Incorporators is actively working on a schedule for our next coalition meeting, upcoming speaking programs, our web and social media campaigns, and additional support services. This newsletter is to provide you with some updates and information to keep the conversation going.

In the meantime, a great event coming up is the Missin Matt Walk in Milford which will take place on Saturday, September 12 at 11 am. I have registered along with my colleague Rep. John Fernandes (D - Milford) and was hoping you would join us for this important event to raise awareness.

Consistent with the mission of our S.A.F.E. coalition, we will walk for a couple of miles, listen, learn and be a part of the solution to the opioid crisis plaguing our communities. It is in remembrance of Matthew A. Bertulli, who died on November 3rd, 2012 at the age of 27. His young life was abruptly ended by a heroin overdose.

As Kattie Truit (Matt's mom) put it: "We walk for Matt, we walk to bring education, we walk to help stop the judgment, we walk to give hope and we walk to help. Our goal is to make a difference in our community."

You can join us and register by clicking here or on the image above. Help us get a large crowd at the event and spread the word.

Community of HOPE (Healing ourselves, preserving each other) has begun meeting on Monday evenings at the Unitarian Universalist Church at 262 Chestnut Street in Franklin at 7 p.m. The group offers support for families struggling with addiction and recovery. Its preserves anonymity and creates a safe place for people and families in crisis. 

Starting in September, the Missin Matt Foundation will host a family support group meeting every Wednesday night in the Milford Hospital. The program will feature a 12 step Big Book workshop for those suffering from addiction.

Healing Hearts has begun meeting on Thursday evenings on the second floor of the Franklin YMCA at 45 Forge Hill Road in Franklin at 7 p.m. The group offers support for families struggling with addiction and recovery. Its preserves anonymity and creates a safe place" for people and families in crisis. 

The newsletter was shortened to publish here. You can read the full newsletter by following this link --> View this email in your browser 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Upcoming Events in Franklin, MA Area: FRI 8/28/15 - THU 9/3/15

FRIDAY 8/28/15
10:30am   Pony Rides at Franklin Public Library
12-6pm   Franklin Farmers Market at The Town Common
7pm   Movie Night at Beaver Pond (Toy Story) with games and Small Shop Co-Op Market Place
8-9:50pm   Frozen Friday DJ Public Skate at Pirelli Arena
9pm   Comedy Night at “3”

SATURDAY 8/29/15
10am-2pm   FSPA Back to School Open House

SUNDAY 8/30/15
11am-1pm   Family Field Day for Team Frate Train (grades K-5) at King Street Memorial Park

TUESDAY 9/1/15
7pm   Franklin Garden Club Meeting at Franklin Senior Center - new members welcome

6:30pm   Franklin Art Association Meeting at Franklin Senior Center - new members welcome

8:30am   Franklin Downtown Partnership Meeting at Dean College - public welcome
10am-8pm   FSPA Back to School Open House

For all the Town of Franklin Public Meetings click HERE.

For event details click HERE.

*If you have any suggestions or events for the calendar, please email

"Why do you feel the need to change who you are on a Friday and Saturday night?"

"Chris Herren is man in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drugs since August of 2008. 
Chris was a high school basketball legend from Fall River, Massachusetts, who realized his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA when he was drafted by the Denver Nuggets in 1999 and then was traded to his hometown team, the Boston Celtics in 2000. 
Chris struggled with substance use for much of his basketball career, but now in recovery has courageously chosen to share his harrowing story of addiction and recovery."

for more visit Facing Addition
for more visit Facing Addition

Franklin Family Movie Night - Woody and Buzz arrive at 7:00 - movie starts after sunset

After being rescheduled last week due to the bad weather, the good weather seems to be coming around for a good family movie night at Beaver Pond.

Via Tracie's Facebook posting:

Woody and Buzz in the original Toy Story
Woody and Buzz in the original Toy Story
Bring your whole family and enjoy watching Toy Story on the big screen in a classic Franklin setting - Beaver Pond! 
The movie itself will start at dusk, but WOODY AND BUZZ ARRIVE AT 7:00!
Kids will get an opportunity to meet and play games with both characters. 
In addition to the characters arriving early, a whole host of local small businesses will be represented at booths offering treats, fun toys, and other retail offerings! The marketplace opens at 6:30. 

 the marketplace opens at 6:30, Woody and Buzz arrive at 7:00 PM
 the marketplace opens at 6:30, Woody and Buzz arrive at 7:00 PM

Back to school special - kids eat free next week!

Note - the dates shown below were update to be Monday, Aug 31 through Friday, Sep 4th

461 W Central Street (Rt.140), Franklin, MA 02038 • Please visit our other Let's Eat, Inc. restaurant in Norwood: SKY

Forward email

Let's Eat, Inc. | 461 Central Street | Franklin | MA | 02038

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Facing Addiction: "When there is hope in the mix, anything is possible!"

Facing Addiction

Steven Tyler will not only be joining us on stage to perform at the historic rally on October 4th, but he has graciously allowed UNITE to Face Addiction to use the iconic song "Dream On" in a new event trailer released today.

We are just over a month away from the rally and it is time for all of us to begin to "Dream On" about what it will feel like to stand shoulder to shoulder with tens of thousands of people on the National Mall in Washington, DC to finally address the most pressing health crisis of our time. 
Facing Addiction

Updated: Who are the candidates for Nov 3?

Franklin will have some choices to make for key positions. One more candidate has taken out papers since the last posting.

The updated listing of candidates as of Wednesday, August 26 is shown below. 

11 of these have returned their papers and 8 of the 11 have had their papers certified at this time. There is still time to take out papers, the ballot won't get finalized until the end of September. The full election calendar is linked to below.

NAME Total
Assessor Donna Greenwood  
  W.Kenneth  Norman  
Assessor Total 2
Bd. Of Health Donald G. Ranieri, Jr.  
  Gail P. Chirdon  
  Philip M. Brunelli  
  Tara E. Gurge  
Bd. Of Health Total 4
Constable Daniel J. McCahill  
  John S. Power  
  Philip M. Brunelli  
Constable Total 3
Planning Bd Gregory Giardino  
  Gregory T. Rondeau  
  John F. Carroll  
  Mikel G. DeFrancesco  
  William D. David  
Planning Bd Total 5
School Com. Anne K. Bergen  
  Cynthia J. Douglas  
  Denise L. Schultz  
  John S. Jewell, PHD  
  Kenneth B. Hiscoe, III  
  Kevin P. O'Malley  
  Mary Jane Scofield  
  Rita M. Graci  
  Trevor A. Clement  
  Vanessa A. Bilello  
School Com. Total 10
Town Clerk Diane M. Padula-O'Neill  
  Elizabeth F. Simon  
  Paul J. Cheli  
  Teresa M. Burr  
Town Clerk Total 4
Town Council Andrew M. Bissanti  
  Brett S. Feldman  
  Deborah L. Pellegri  
  Glenn F. Jones  
  James D. Schultz, Jr.  
  James V. Gianotti, Jr.  
  Judith Pond Pfeffer  
  Matthew T. Kelly  
  Peter E. Padula  
  Richard W. Power, Sr.  
  Robert D. Dellorco  
  Robert R. Vallee  
  Sean P. Slater  
  Thomas D. Mercer  
Town Council Total 14
Grand Total   42

Franklin Town Common
Franklin Town Common

What does the calendar for the run up to Nov 3 look like?

Franklin Library: Pony Rides, Aug 28 - 10:30 AM

Time for a pony ride. At 10:30 AM on Friday, Aug 28, the experienced staff at Ridge Valley Stables will be offering pony rides at the Franklin Library.

This is another in the series of summer events sponsored by the Friends of the Franklin Library

Pony rides at Franklin LIbrary, Aug 28th 10:30 AM
Pony rides at Franklin Library, Aug 28th 10:30 AM
This was shared from the Franklin Library page

In the News: Police get deputy chief, schools approve MOU

"Chief Stephan Semerjian and Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting announced that Lt. Thomas J. Lynch will start as deputy police chief of the Franklin Police Department on Sept. 6. 
Lynch has been a member of the department since 1996, where he began as a patrol officer. He was promoted to sergeant in 2000 and became a lieutenant in 2002. 
Throughout his career, Lynch has participated in all aspects of the department’s operations, from selecting and training employees, to budget management and strategic planning."

Continue reading the article (subscription may be required)

Franklin Police Station, 911 Panther Way
Franklin Police Station, 911 Panther Way

"The Franklin School Committee approved a new agreement at its meeting this week that would have the town continue to assume maintenance responsibilities at school facilities. 
Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski told the committee, during its Tuesday-night session, that the schools and town council first adopted the arrangement in 2007. That agreement expired on June 30, according to Sabolinski. 
"We've been working with the town administrator to develop a new memorandum of agreement, " she said. 
That agreement, said Sabolinski, set down terms under which the partnership would operate. She said several changes were made from the previous agreement, including a change that the schools could request more frequent background checks of workers."

Continue reading the article (subscription may be required)

For the full summary of the School Committee meeting on Tuesday, Aug 25

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Live Reporting: School Committee - Aug 25, 2015


  • The Memorandum of Understanding between the Town of Franklin and the School Committee/School District was review, some minor changes made to the prior agreement and the whole item was approved by a 7-0 vote. It now goes to the Town Council for their approval.
  • Several updates on the preparation for opening school next week were provided. Additional administration changes were made, additional enrollments are still being seen (6 families enrolled today).
  • "increased complexity and rigor" is the theme for the coming school year for improvements to the instruction and curriculum.
  • The transportation plan was reviewed. Links provided for the bus schedule and several forms related to bus stops.
  • The reduced price lunch application form is now online (link provided)
  • Franklin Matters
    Franklin Matters
  • Security was addressed by a number of 'minor' changes. The major security review is still in process by the vendor. The full report is expected later this year with any recommendations to be included in the capital budget planning (also later this year) and then for potential decisions with the budget reviews by the Finance Committee and Town Council in an April/May 2016 time frame.

When I discovered that I was missing a few key components to my mobile reporting tools, I resorted to using Twitter to post my notes and then put together a Storify summary. 

I am getting to like this method. You'll have to let me know if it works for you.

The Franklin 5K invites the community to run on September 13

Start of the 2014 race with Team Hoyt
Start of the 2014 race with Team Hoyt
The YMCA is pleased to announce the return of the Franklin 5K walk/run family event, which will be held on Sunday, Sept. 13. Now in its eleventh year, this fun community event supports programs for children with disabilities at the Y.

This year, the race moves to Remington/Jefferson School and the scenic surrounding neighborhood at 628 Washington Street in Franklin. Free activities for families will take place from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Aiming to break down barriers for individuals with disabilities, it is an honor to include Team Hoyt at the event. Dick and Rick Hoyt are truly one of the world’s most inspiring stories. The race, formerly called Run for Bob, was started by Kris and Kayla Biagiotti in memory of Kayla’s dad Bob Biagiotti and his belief that no child should be left on the sidelines. Kris continues her advocacy through this event.
Inspired by Team Hoyt, Kris and Kayla (The K Girls) achieved the incredible accomplishment of being the first mother/daughter team to finish the Boston Marathon in 2013. But it was not easy. Kris and Kayla were 50 yards from the finish line when the first bomb went off, and instead of raising their hands in victory, they were forced to shield themselves from flying shrapnel. A month later, they got to cross the finish line and receive their medals at The Franklin 5K. The race has raised more than $75,000 over the past several years to benefit children with special needs. 
Franklin 5K - Sep 13
Franklin 5K - Sep 13
“The Hockomock Area YMCA is to be commended for creating such a wonderful program for the youth in the communities it serves,” said Dick Hoyt upon receipt of the Legends Award in 2012 at the Y’s Legends Ball, the annual gala at the Hockomock Area YMCA raising funds for the Integration Initiative. The initiative was born 10 years ago at the Hockmomock Y out of an emerging need in our community to provide inclusive programs for children with special needs and their typically developing peers.

Register today at Cost is $25, but will increase to $30 after August 31. Medals will be awarded to the top 3 men’s and women’s finishers from several age categories and all participants will receive a finisher medal. On the day of the event, walk-in registration will be offered starting at 9:00am. Pre-event bib pickup will be offered. The 5K will start at 10:00am.

Free family activities include: Kids Fun Run, inflatable obstacle course, refreshments, games, DJ entertainment, and more.

Thank you to event sponsors Ashworth Awards, Bay State Physical Therapy, Design Elements for Business, Gym Source, the Rodman Ride for Kids, and Franklin Rotary. Questions, please contact Sr. Director of Youth Programming Tim Shaw at 508-879-5746 or
About The Hockomock Area YMCA
Where Cause Meets Community. At the Hockomock Area YMCA, strengthening community is our cause. The Hockomock Area YMCA is an organization of men, women, and children sharing a commitment to nurture the potential of kids, promote healthy living, and foster a sense of social responsibility.

With over 31,000 members, the YMCA is committed to partnering and collaborating with others to create and deliver lasting personal and social change in the 15 communities they are privileged to serve. The Hockomock Area YMCA is a not-for-profit charitable community driven organization with facilities in North Attleboro, Foxboro, Franklin, and the Mansfield Arts & Education Center. For more information, visit

Franklin LIbrary: Barn Babies - Aug 25, 1:00 - 2:30 PM

Pet the animals today! The Franklin Library welcomes the traveling petting zoo today at 1:00 PM.

This is another event in the series sponsored  by the Friends of the Franklin Library.
Barn babies, Aug 25 1;00 PM
Barn babies, Aug 25 1;00 PM

This was shared from the Franklin Library page

In the News: i495 accident, 2800 on bus this year

A crash between a car and a tractor-trailer on Interstate 495 sent the driver to the hospital via medical helicopter with life-threatening injuries Tuesday, state police officials say. 
The crash, which occurred sometime after 11 a.m. just prior to exit 17, shut down all three southbound lanes of the highway, reducing traffic to just the breakdown lane for about two and a half hours. 
The driver of a 2002 Toyota Echo, a 25-year-old from Brockton, was taken to a Rhode Island hospital via medical helicopter with life-threatening injuries and a 22-year-old passenger was taken by ambulance to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, state police spokesman David Procopio said. The driver of the tractor-trailer was uninjured.
Continue reading the article (subscription may be required)

About 2,800 students will be taking the bus to school this year and nearly 70 percent of them will pay for the privilege, the School Committee was told Tuesday night. 
Business Administrator Miriam Goodman said the district will be hauling approximately 2,800 students on 31 buses. A total of 51 students are on a waiting list. 
"Twenty-one of them are at the high school level - the high school buses are pretty full," she said, noting that 19 buses travel to the high school. "We're trying to get everyone on as quickly as possible and meet everyone's needs."

Continue reading the article (subscription may be required)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Franklin, MA: School Committee - Agenda, Aug 25, 2015

Vision Statement

The Franklin Public Schools will foster within its students the knowledge and skills to
find and achieve satisfaction in life as productive global citizens.


"The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the Chair which
may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed
and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent
permitted by law."

1. Routine Business

Citizen’s Comments
The key to learning
The key to learning
Review of Agenda
Minutes: I recommend approval of the minutes from the August 11, 2015 School Committee Meeting.
Payment of Bills Mr. Clement
Payroll Mrs. Douglas
FHS Student Representatives

2. Guests/Presentations

a. Town School Facilities MOU
b. Transportation Update

3. Discussion Only Items

School Opening
Capital Update
Establishment of a School Store Revolving Account

4. Action Items

a. I recommend approval of the Budget Transfers as detailed.
b. I recommend acceptance of the Town School Facilities MOU as presented.
c. I recommend approval of the establishment of a School Store Revolving Account as discussed.

5. Information Matters

Superintendent’s Report
School Committee Sub-Committee Reports
School Committee Liaison Reports

6. New Business

To discuss future business that may be brought before the School Committee.

7. Executive Session

Personnel Matter

8. Adjourn

Franklin Public Schools: Memorandum of Understanding on the Maintenance and Repair of School Facilities (renewal)

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Town of Franklin and the Franklin Public Schools. Several years ago, the custodians were transferred from the School Dept to the DPW which resulted in the first MOU and then renewals of such. This document contains the latest renewal agreement and appears to run for 5 years.

Tune in to the School Committee meeting Tuesday, Aug 25 to hear the discussion. The meeting is broadcast via Comcast and Verizon and also available via the internet for those who can not make it to the meeting in person

grass is growing at Davis Thayer
grass is growing at Davis Thayer

The Whalemobile comes to the Franklin Library

Yes, the Whalemobile arrives today (Tuesday, Aug 25) at 1:00 PM at the Franklin Public Library. Good for kids from K-6 grade, you'll learn about whales and step inside to examine the "whalemobile."

The Whalemobile - Tuesday, Aug 24 at 1:00 PM

Another in the series of summer events sponsored by the Friends of the Franklin Library

This was shared from the Library webpage

Franklin Public Schools - Welcome Back!

The annual letter from Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski to the district at the start of the school year. Additional changes in school administration are announced in this letter.

new turf field being installed at the high school
new turf field being installed at the high school

Franklin Public Schools: Private Music Lesson Registration Is Open

Franklin Public Schools - Lifelong Learning Institute
The Center For Adult Education and Community Learning

MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC! Private Music Lesson Registration Is Open 
Whether student or adult, this just may be your time. 
Register today for your one-on-one music experience.
Class schedules are here!
Current music faculty members
Chip Halt
Tuba, Low Brass
Lori Ziegler Halt
Matthew Kim
Sax, Clarinet
Ron Lewis
Matthew Macaulay
Tuesday, Thursday
Jill Noddin
Monday, Tuesday
Brent Selby
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Brent Selby
Cello Ensemble
Wednesdays - Bi-Weekly 2:30 - 3:30*
Jackie Ludwig Selby
Tuesday & Wednesday, 2:30 - 5:30
Steven Sergi

*NOTE: Cello Ensembles will include Trio Ensembles and/or Quartet Ensembles

Franklin Public Schools - Lifelong Learning Institute 
The Center for Adult Education & Community Learning
Forward this email

FPS- Life Long Learning | 355 East Central Street | Franklin | MA | 02038