Saturday, February 2, 2008

Franklin: I can use your help

Franklin: 2 bag recycle walk, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Yes, I can use your help. Franklin can use your help.

I came up with this brain storm of an idea a couple of weeks ago. When Dolores and I go walking now on the weekend, I carry a bag (or two) and pick up the recycling I find along the way.

All Franklin walkers could help in this effort. Take a bag with you. PIck up the recycling.

A little bit at a time, Franklin will be cleaner.

A little bit at a time, people will notice us picking up the recycling.

Maybe after they notice, they might stop and think about tossing their recycling out on our roads and sidewalks.

Our walk today generated two bags and I could have easily filled about a dozen more.

A little bit at a time.

Franklin matters. Please recycle!

About to go swimming

About to go swimming, originally uploaded by shersteve.

If it gets much warmer, or continues to stay warm for a few more days, these guys are about to go for a swim.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Franklin MBTA Commuters

Real-time alerts ease sting for commuters facing delays

By John Dyer, Globe Correspondent

On weekday mornings, environmental lawyer Michael Ernst rides the commuter train from Westborough to South Station in Boston. The train, he said, is often late. But usually, one of his fellow stranded passengers will help him cope.


Yes, from the T itself... hard to believe but true, they do publish T-Alerts and they have been pretty accurate, much more so that the stupid message board.

You can sign up for T Alerts here.

Creative Commute is a new service just expanding into Boston having already been developed and serving the NY/NJ commuter in the post 911 days. I wrote about Clever Commute in December.

You can sign up for Clever Commute here.


There are two other blogs about commuting via the trains into Boston:

The Franklin Line

Charlie on the Commuter Rail

In the News - Dan Sullivan

Sharing his experiences ‘one day at a time’

By Heather McCarron/Staff writer

For many years, Dan Sullivan struggled with alcoholism that started with experimental drinking as a youth and escalated into more serious drinking as a young man.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where in Franklin? Answer #28

Where in Franklin? Answer #28, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Look what I found, finally!

I knew I had a better photo of the Ginley Funeral Home but couldn't locate it at the time I was announcing the answer.

Better late than never!

Where in Franklin? #29

Where in Franklin? #29, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Where will you see this bell tower?

The guidelines for playing "Where in Franklin?" can be found here.

Have fun. Thanks for playing!

Where in Franklin? Answer #28

Where in Franklin? Answer #28, originally uploaded by shersteve.

The answer to picture 28 is the Ginley Funeral Home. Congratulations to Ken who again has named the location correctly.

Stay tuned for the next photo to play "Where in Franklin?"

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In the news

Teen charged with videotaping girls without their knowledge

By Michelle Laczkoski/Daily News staff

MILFORD - A 17-year-old Franklin High School senior, who police say secretly videotaped two girls in his bedroom, is facing charges for the unlawful recordings.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Boston Globe gets to the brick report

One-room school gets thumbs-up

By Rachel Lebeaux, Globe Correspondent

Now that Franklin's Brick School Task Force has issued a contentious final report - with a divided opinion as to whether to keep the 175-year-old, one-room, brick schoolhouse open - a decision on its disposition rests with the School Committee.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where in Franklin? #28

Where in Franklin? #28, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Can you identify the location for this entrance that dates back to the 1890's?

The guidelines for playing "Where in Franklin?" can be found here.

Have fun!

Updated 1/29/08

Hint: while I don't have another photo clue, I can reveal that this is a corner building, downtown.

Tax increases hit homeowners hard

Franklin parent Donna Martel said it was a choice between higher property taxes or even higher fees for high school sports, school clubs and non-mandated busing.

"It was still going to be cheaper," she said of the override. "It worked out."


For senior citizen Marion Melo, that means she can no longer buy whatever groceries she wishes and must shop at Bellingham's cheaper Market Basket, rather than at Franklin's more expensive Stop & Shop or Shaw's.

"I'm making a list," she said. "I have to cut back."

Come from the article in today's Milford Daily News:

Tax increases hit homeowners hard

By By Michael Morton & John Hilliard, Daily News staff

When Mendon resident Russ Gregoire opened his third-quarter property tax bill earlier this month, he knew there would be a substantial increase from two overrides passed by town voters. Mendon grabbed the highest ranking in the Milford area thanks to two votes to go beyond the limits of Proposition 2-1/2. In Westborough, the average tax bill jumped nearly 8 percent this year - higher than many nearby MetroWest towns.