Saturday, March 21, 2015

Property lines, permits, and erroneous enrollment numbers were key topics Wednesday

The quick summary of the Town Council meeting on Wednesday is as follows:

  1. The Council approved acceptance of several roads that have a a defined road plan and property lines. Some of the early developments had property lines where the ownership went to the middle of the road. In those cases, for the town to take responsibility for the road, it would need to reach agreement with all the home owners; which can be a tedious if not almost impossible task. There are several developments where these road plans are being worked and these tonight were the latest in the series where progress has reached a good point.
  2. Ownership and property lines also arose from a citizen comment. The resident had purchased a home 40+ years ago, had water problems reportedly from the street which the Town at the time corrected with a pump and drainage. Turns out the land never really should have been built upon, the town workers then should not have spent public money for a private benefit. The pump recently failed which the town did replace but also said that this was the last time they were doing anything about it, leaving the homeowner in a real quandary. Fortunately, all parties will work together to see if they can reach a satisfactory conclusion.
  3. Gus Brown, the Building Inspector, provided an overview on the work of his department. The presentation doc can be viewed below.
  4. The School Budget got some good news this week. What had been a $600K shortage due to the Charter School funding and reimbursement process turns out to not be the case as some erroneous enrollment numbers were used which caused the problem in the first place. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) will be reworking the numbers to use the proper set of enrollment and this situation should be resolved. 
  5. The Town is still awaiting the arbitrators decision on the fire fighter union. This decision would affect the budget as the union has not had a contract for 3 years. The decision has been planned for by putting away some funds to cover but how much will be covered will be dependent upon the decision and then whether the Town Council accepts the decision. Hence, the overall FY 16 budget process is starting real slow this year. One thing is sure, there will be a balanced budget before June 30, 2015. Stay tuned for further developments in this space.

Magnolia Heights, a 140 unit development at Chestnut Ridge, RT 140
Magnolia Heights, a 140 unit development at Chestnut Ridge, RT 140

For additional info on Magnolia Heights, one of the developments underway that the Building Inspector is visiting regularly, check their webpage

You can find all my notes reporting live during the meeting here:

Economic Development Committee meeting on Pond Street traffic study

Sharing an email from Town Administrator Jeff Nutting:

Good Morning 
The chair of the ED committee has asked to post an economic development meeting next Wednesday at 6 pm prior to the planning workshop to discuss the attached daft traffic report prepared by BETA about potential development of the Pond street site. The Traffic engineer Greg Lucas will be in attendance to explain the report and answer questions.

Call with Questions 
Franklin Municipal Building
Franklin Municipal Building

A key quote from the report attached below
"As can be seen in the above table, operational concerns for the movements to and from Old West Central Street are further exacerbated by the addition of trips from the theoretical Pond Street development. Although overall intersection LOS remains at an acceptable level, the development will further degrade existing areas of concern."
Fortunately, there are some recommendations that can work to alleviate the traffic concerns. They will require further study before MassDOT accepts and funds the work.

Tri-County Children’s Center To Host Open House And Registration

The Tri-County Regional Children’s Center, located at 147 Pond Street in Franklin, will host an Open House and Registration from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday, March 27.

Parents are encouraged to bring their children so that they can participate in many of the same activities they’ll enjoy as preschool students. Each child will be given the opportunity to select a prize.

The Children Center's Preschool Program is open to children who are three years old by September 15, 2015 and no older than four years, 9 months by December 15, 2015. Sessions are held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:50 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. The cost is $36 per week.

The Toddler Program is open to children who are between 18 months and 30 months by October 1, 2015. Sessions are held on Mondays from 9:15 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. Parents or caregivers are required to stay during the toddler session. The cost of the Toddler Program is $8 per week.
High school junior Corrinne Lombardi, of Wrentham, works with  a preschooler in the Tri-County Children’s Center
High school junior Corrinne Lombardi, of Wrentham, works with 
a preschooler in the Tri-County Children’s Center

Tuition is subject to change. A $25 non-refundable fee is due at the time of registration. Parents or caregivers must bring their child's birth certificate to registration.

Enrollment is limited to residents of the 11 towns within the Tri-County district, which includes Franklin, Medfield, Medway, Millis, Norfolk, North Attleboro, Plainville, Seekonk, Sherborn, Walpole, and Wrentham. A random drawing of names will be held to determine enrollment.

Under the direction of three instructors, Michelle Tilden, Lisa Oxford and Dina Taylor, each of whom possesses extensive training and experience, high school students in Tri-County’s Early Education Program plan and implement curriculum for the center’s preschool and toddler programs.

On a typical day in the center, the children are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of open-ended art projects and scientific inquiry that embraces their natural sense of curiosity and wonder. They also participate in language activities, play board games that support mathematical and language concepts, browse the center’s extensive library, and simply enjoy playing with their peers. Children have the opportunity to enjoy the center’s natural outdoor play space, which is an extension of the indoor classroom.

“Our program is based on years of sound research regarding developmentally appropriate practice,” instructor Michelle Tilden explained. “What we offer for children encompasses the whole child’s developmental needs: physical, cognitive, social, and emotional. It is not just academics. Will they learn those foundational academic skills? Absolutely! But not at the cost of their natural joy, wonder and curiosity.”

To learn more, please call the school at 508-528-5400 or visit the center’s website,

Tri-County RVTHS, located at 147 Pond Street in Franklin, is a recipient of the High Schools That Work Gold Achievement Award and serves the communities of Franklin, Medfield, Medway, Millis, Norfolk, North Attleborough, Plainville, Seekonk, Sherborn, Walpole, and Wrentham.

Greater Boston Food Bank Update: Meet Lyn, Client and Volunteer

The Franklin Food Pantry is proud to be a Strategic Partner of the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB).

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The Greater Boston Food Bank. Hunger hurts. We can help.
March 18, 2015

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Meet Lyn: Food Recipient and Volunteer | The Greater Boston Food Bank
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March is National Nutrition Month | The Greater Boston Food Bank
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Boston Marathon 2015 | The Greater Boston Food Bank
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Upcoming Events in Franklin, MA Area: FRI 3/20/15 - 3/26/15

FRI 3/20   8-9:50pm   Frozen Friday DJ Public Skate at Pirelli Arena 

SAT 3/21   9am   Softball Players Clinic at FHS, grades 1-6, registration required
SAT 3/21   9am  Franklin Library Book Sale until 4:00 PM
SAT 3/21   2pm   The Music Man at The Black Box
SAT 3/21   7:30pm   The Music Man at The Black Box
SAT 3/21   8pm   Jonathan Edwards Concert at Circle of Friends Coffeehouse

SUN 3/22   9am   Franklin Library Books by the Bag Sale until noon
SUN 3/22   2pm   The Music Man at The Black Box

WED 3/25   12-2pm   Adult Painting at Franklin Art Center
WED 3/25   12-2pm   Dean College Opportunities Fair

THU 3/26   7pm   Computer Safety Class by PC Handyman, registration required at FUSF

For all the Town of Franklin Public Meetings click HERE.

For event details click HERE.

*If you have any suggestions or events for the calendar, please email

MBTA Update: Starting Monday: Franklin Line schedule change

Franklin Line schedule changes begin Monday, March 23. See for full schedule information.

Ten trips will be restored and one trip changed on the Franklin Line beginning March 23:

Departing Forge Park/495

Train 702 (5:40 AM to Boston)
Train 716 (12:05 PM to Boston)
Train 726 (8:50 PM to Boston)

Departing Walpole

Train 732 (7:54 AM to Boston)

Departing Norwood Central

Train 736 (5:22 PM to Boston)

Departing South Station

Train 733 (6:55 AM to Walpole) 
Train 709 (10:50 AM to Forge Park/495) 
Train 737 (4:45 PM to Norwood Central) 
Train 719 (5:10 PM to Forge Park/495) no longer stopping at Hyde Park or Endicott 
Train 721 (5:40 PM to Forge Park/495)Train 725 (7:35 PM to Forge Park/495)

Last updated: Mar 19 2015 05:11 PM

Click here for more information:

when the snow recedes, you're not sure what you'll find  (like this on the Franklin/Dean platform)
when the snow recedes, you're not sure what you'll find
(like this on the Franklin/Dean platform)

Franklin Library: Book Sale Mar 21 - 22

This is the weekend for the Library Book Sale. The standard schedule applies; books for sale on Saturday from 9:00 - 4:00 PM. Books by the bag for sale on Sunday from 9:00 AM to noon.

Music by Betty Kushner from 9:00 to 10:00 AM on Saturday to help set the book buying spirit!

Library Book Sale - Mar 21 - 22
Library Book Sale - Mar 21 - 22

This was shared from the Franklin Library page here

Franklin Art Association - Monthly Meeting - April 1

The Franklin Art Association will meet Wednesday, April, 1st, from 6:30 -9:00 pm at the Franklin Senior Center, 10 Daniel McCahill Street. 
Refreshments and socialization will begin at 6:30. The program will feature an oil stick demonstration presented by artist Carol Letvin. 
Meetings are free and opened to the public 
For more information, please visit our web site at and

Franklin Senior Center - how much snow will have melted by April 1?
Franklin Senior Center - how much snow will have melted by April 1?

"Communication goes a long way"

As mentioned  in the FY 2016 update at the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, Franklin and the fire fighters union are waiting on a decision from the arbitrator.
Union president Bob Donovan said Thursday that an arbitration award was expected this month, but the panel has likely delayed its decision to April. 
When the award arrives, Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting said it will take time to figure out the financial implications for the town's budget. 
"This goes back four years," Nutting said Thursday. "You have to go employee by employee, year by year, to get a total. That’s not an easy task." 
The timing of the award creates an additional strain on the town, he said, because it is preparing to begin collective bargaining with the eight other unions.

Continue reading the article here 

The latest from Mass Poetry

Poetry on the T Contest open for voting; Festival poet Stephen Burt; Workshops at the festival; Poem of the Moment; Charles Simic at Peabody Institute Library; U35 next Tuesday; Coming up on our statewide calendar; and more
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Cast your vote! Public voting for our Poetry on the T Contest is open.

Our Poetry Partners have helped us narrow down hundreds of Poetry on the T Contest entries and we have 15 wonderful finalists awaiting your votes. Which poems do you want to see on the T in May? Cast your vote by next Thursday, March 26 at 8 a.m. Winning poems debut on the T May 4.

Festival Poet Stephen Burt: Suburbia Seasoned with Unease

by Jacquelyn Malone

Here are poems about babies and children, about shopping and Subarus, about the wedding of friends and the occasions of suburbia. The tenderness with which he views life in the town of Belmont, Massachusetts is both unexpected and captivating. And yet these poems about the commonplace of our lives are offset by a deep unease with both what is and the alternatives to what is. Continue reading.

Festival Spotlight


Workshops galore!

Everyone loves a good workshop, and at this year's festival, we've got 19 workshops on the docket. 

How do the workshops work? A button to attend the festival readings and panels for all three days is $15, but if you are interested in attending workshops, there is an additional $10 flat fee. For that $10, you can take as many workshops as you like.
We highly suggest you register for the workshops of your choice ASAP by creating a profile on our site and adding the session to your calendar. In workshops, seats are reserved for those who have registered. If the workshop registration is full, you'll be placed onto a waitlist. We also suggest that on the day of the workshop, even if you weren't able to register, you come to the door to see if you can get in. Sometimes people who register don't make it, and about five minutes after the session has started, those spots are fair game.

Poem of the Moment

Alan Albert: Essay on a Son

I had this in a dream: Tom will marry once. He will have
two children and be happy in his marriage and it will be a long one.
This will come from me, his father, though I did not marry once
and have a long and happy marriage. He will have children
and be a good father. With his beloved wife he will have
Continue reading.

Getting to Know Karina Borowicz and Her New Book Proof

"Poems often come from something I've witnessed, read, or experienced. It's not an intellectual process for me, however. I like to say that something has to cease being an idea in my head and become a feeling in my gut before it becomes a poem." Continue reading.

Next Tuesday

March 24, 7 p.m.

The Marliave Restaurant, Boston

RSVP & Share U35 on Facebook.

Featuring David DiSarro, Richard Shideler, and Denise Warren. Each poet will read for 15 minutes, with short breaks in between for mingling, drink refreshments, and food orders!
David DiSarro
From "I Used to Play In Bands"

"The crowd, unaware, thinned,
pushed through carved doors
out into the chorus
of sirens and car horns,
and necked beneath the neon,"
Richard Shideler
From "Note on a coffee table"

"if I ever tell you I'm planning to move back,
talk me out of it.
My overcoat is underused
and my trenchcoat has never seen the trenches."
Denise Warren
From "Please Take Care When Eating A Kiwi"

"In the skin of the kiwi
I have found four pinholes.
I have found a child climbing high in a tree,
a string quartet,
a bicycle."

Experiencing Poetry, This Time with Charles Simic: Peabody Institute Library

by Kelley Rae Unger

Opportunities to experience poetry are sought after by many, and the Peabody Institute Library strives to create opportunities for community members to do just that. Through writing workshops, discussion groups, classes, and author visits, the library reaches out to the poetry community of the North Shore, offering multiple events each year all free to the public. Continue reading.

Coming up on our statewide poetry calendar:

Tonight (Thursday, March 19)
Saturday, March 21
Sunday, March 22
Tuesday, March 24
Wednesday, March 25
On March 25, Mass Poetry is partnering with MASSCreative for Arts Matter Advocacy Day, to show our state political leaders that arts matter in Massachusetts. Beginning at the Citi Wang Theatre in downtown Boston, Arts Matter Advocacy Day will bring together the statewide creative community for a half-day event, featuring speakers, performers, connecting with colleagues, and an "Arts Matter March" to the State House to meet with our legislators. RSVP to attend Arts Matter Advocacy Day.
Visit these presses and orgs at the Small Press Fair:

Adastra Press • Bottle Rocket Press • Hedgerow Books • Human Error Publishing • Journal of the Month • Mock Orange Magazine • Perugia Press • Salamander • Slate Roof Press • Swamp Press • Tuesday: An Art Project • Tupelo Press • Zephyr Press

Interested in having a table? Sign up or contact M.P. Carver at
The ad deadline for the festival program book is Sunday, March 22. Check out rates and book your ad space now! Partners & Small Press Fair exhibitors, ask about your discount when booking.