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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Recap - Board of Health meeting - May 5, 2021

Quick Recap:
  • No change in mask requirements for sports, may see change after May 10
  • Improper demolition of building at 76 Jordan Road becoming more of a mess, asbestos found, mitigation steps with DEP and others now involved
  • Winter St deed not filed yet, watching and ready for next steps
  • Grant from Metacomet received, more to come on this as it makes progress
  • Problem with improper addition to residence at 274 Prospect St and Title 5 documentation


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session

The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #boh0505 

  • Real time reporting underway for the Board of Health meeting #boh0505
  • Meeting agenda and connection info in doc ->… #boh0505
  • Meeting minutes for Apr meeting approved by 3-0 vote
  • No change in mask requirements for sports, may see change after May 10 but nothing til then. #boh0505
  • and clarification for asbestos; it did come back positive. Needs to hire asbestos certified contractor to handle this. #boh0505 guidance being provided with building inspector; multiple items, scrap ->
  • A messy situation that will take time to clear properly. An abutter to the property on the call. Asbestos needs to be treated first, then the remaining debris/junk can be addressed. #boh0505
  • Winter St deed not recorded yet, following up, actions steps ready once filled #boh0505
  • Metacomet grant released, we are part of the cooperative effort, more to come as it makes progress  #boh0505
  • Discussion on a new addition and question on the Title 5 sizing, prior docs show different info than claimant. Include DEP to confirm approach #boh0505 274 Prospect St is address for property in question.
  • Motion to adjourn, passed 3-0, meeting ends #boh0505
Audio of meeting to be available in a couple of days

Recap - Board of Health meeting - May 5, 2021
Recap - Board of Health meeting - May 5, 2021

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Town Council meeting recap = Jan 20, 2021 - Public House license approved, several streets accepted

Quick Recap:
  • New all alcohol license for the Public House (in Franklin Village - former location of British Beer Co)
  • Multiple streets accepted, allows for formal Town ownership, completes a process that broke when developers completed their projects in some cases years ago. Minimal patching and plowing could be done without acceptance, major repairs prohibited as government money can not be spent on private property.
  • Storm water bylaws required minor technical adjustments to bring them inline with the EPA MS4 permit. This was the first reading for the four individual bylaws to be heard. All were approved for second reading.
  • Councilor Kelly went on a 'rant' around the storm water utility fee during the storm water bylaw update thinking that the changes were bringing the utility fees to the discussion. That was not the case, the utility fee proposal, discussion, and decision will be a separate item for a future agenda but the rant continued.
  • First responder vaccine distribution completed on Wednesday, process caught attention of Milford Regional Hospital who wants to leverage our experience. No word yet on what's next for vaccine distribution. Awaiting info from MA DPH on who, what and when available. Stay tuned.

Photos captured during the meeting can be found in one folder

recording of meeting to be made available soon

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #tc0120 

  • Shifting from one Zoom session to another to report on the Town Council meeting about to begin. Agenda doc has connection info #tc0120
  • Meeting called to order #tc0120
  • Chair Tom Mercer runs through protocol message for meeting #tc0120 reminder on incorrect calculation of interest on tax bill for 3Q. Corrected bill mailed, due date extended. online portal has correct amount.
Citizen Comment
Approval of prior minutes
  • Approval of minutes for Dec 2, 2020 via roll call passes 9-0 #tc0120 proclamation postponed to meeting in Feb Public hearing opens at 7:10 PM - license hearing for Public House
Public hearing - new alcohol license
  • Targeting for opening in May/June depending upon renovation being done, menu some carry over from The Gavel. 'Upscale American' would be Indoor and outdoor service weather permitting, capacity inside 180 (occupancy 200). No license pledge needed, self funded. #tc0120
  • All servers to be too certified, may come back with an operation manager later. #tc0120 fees reduced for this year per bylaw previously approved. Landlord needs to do something 1st, license needed to be confirmed, then restaurant would proceed. Motion 2 close hearing via roll
  • Opening hearing on street acceptances, then back to approve the license (rather than have them wait) motion to approve, seconded, passes 9-0 via roll call (Hamblen remote) #tc0120 kudos for Chrissy Whelton on this process No to the street acceptances, first wave of several
Public hearing on street acceptances
  • Last tweet should have said NOW to streets, not 'no' #tc0120 what is practical difference between public and private; primary difference town takes care of road repairs and snow plowing, the total mileage of roads helps with state reimbursement.
  • #tc0120 Q on sidewalks along Baron would they removed at sometime, and narrow like Coronation Dr. Baron is one of the work roads, can't work on it without funding, haven't taken hard look at it. Would be done via public hearing. The road is a mess. It is a concern
  • #tc0120 reinforce the state of disrepair of Baron, can't put money in it unless it is accepted. Often folks don't walk on the sidewalks, use the road instead. Don't count on getting two sidewalks, we need to reduce impervious coverage. EPA in charge of the potential fine
  • #tc0120 just not possible with EPA restrictions. Multiple councilor comments on road condition and planning for redoing eventually. It costs the Town to create the acceptance plan. We plow/filling potholes for safety reasons where streets were intended to be accepted
  • Baron due to condition would be a full depth reconstruction. #tc0120 landscaping on Coronation is aborhent claims of severely compromising safety to save some money. 1st step is recognizing the road, let's do that. Homeowners responsible for keeping sidewalks passable
Subcommittee Updates
  • #tc0120 motion to close hearing, passes 9-0 via roll call EDC met last Weds, started discussion on housing, had a pretzel discussion, need to come back with some definition, 5:45 next meeting to discuss food truck bylaw. TA review rescheduled! storm water bylaw ...
  • Passed a year ago, info sessions planned, 2 held before pandemic. #tc0120 storm water page has info and maps for property impervious coverage; utility fee more fair application, credits available, will offset ops budget funds eventually 
  • 14 Communities already have a utility fee, ours is less than the others. #tc0120 fee would raise about $1.4M each year. Would free operations capacity in FY 22 and FY 23. Check your property on the map 
  • #tc0120 Dellorco and Jones add to reinforce Hamblen's comments on the utility fee to manage the EPA mandate. Did check proof of proposed billing statement that would include the utility fee and appear on next water, sewer invoice. There are legislation tonight ...
  • To set up for the utility fee, no action on the fee itself tonight. #tc0120 * Moving to legislation for action. 
Legislation for action
Town Administrator report through to closing
  • Town Administrator report, FHS gym completed the vaccine clinics nothing wasted on doses, had backup plan for utilization of the extras Milford Regional asking for us to help them plan distribution. As to what is next? Don't know. #tc0120
  • #tc0120 early education and K-12 before the over 65 with multiple co-morbidities Health Director Liberty can now order vaccines. Some distribution will be on-site for some groups, rather than in a facility like the gym
  • #tc0120 waiting for the State to tell us when we get the next batch. For distribution to the general public, it would likely use the high school for parking, flow, etc. Billable units. Driving downtown, no cars parked at all at 11 in the morning.
  • #tc0120 "shout out to Project Envoy for helping in this way, great to see the community help." "It is sad to see the downtown so quiet and empty." "Congratulations to Declan Lynch for his scholarship win." Hotline is off the charts at SAFE Coalition with requests for help
  • #tc0120 thank the Board of Health and our paramedics, it was really well done. To hear the comments from the other Communities, it was heartening. Motion to adjourn, passes 9-0 via roll call Catch you all next time!
Town Council meeting recap = Jan 20, 2021 - Public House license approved, several streets accepted
Town Council meeting recap = Jan 20, 2021 - Public House license approved, several streets accepted

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Franklin Fire Dept: Open Burning Season begins - permits available

Open Burning Season begins today.  Go to the Franklin Fire Dept website to obtain your permit: 
Shared from Twitter:
Franklin Fire: Open Burning Season - permits available
Franklin Fire: Open Burning Season - permits available


Monday, December 21, 2020

Planning Board - Agenda - Dec 21, 2020

The Franklin Food Pantry is on the agenda for the Planning Board meeting Monday to introduce the site plan for their new building on East Central St and begin the permit approval process.

Planning Board Agenda

7:00 PM -   Commencement/General Business   

7:05PM    - PUBLIC HEARING - Continued
52 East Central St   
Special Permit & Site Plan Modification

7:10 PM  -  PUBLIC HEARING - Continued
515 West Central Street   
Site Plan   TO BE CONTINUED    

7:15 PM    PUBLIC HEARING - Initial
138 East Central Street   (
Franklin Food Pantry)
Site Plan

Review docs

7:20 PM    PUBLIC HEARING - Initial
Countryside Estates   
Subdivision Modification    

7:25 PM    PUBLIC HEARING – Continued
186 Grove St   
Site plan Modification   

A.    Road Acceptance: Laurinda Lane
B.    Bond Release: Sandy Knoll Estates
C.    Decision: 72-94 East Central Street- Special Permit & Site Plan
D.    Phasing Plan Approval: 160 Grove St
E.    Endorsement: 164 Grove St
F.    Endorsement: 162 Grove St
G.    81-P ANR: 15-17 Margaret’s Cove
H.    81-P ANR Rescind Vote: 55 Coutu Street
I.    Meeting Minutes: November 2, 2020 & November 16, 2020

This agenda is subject to change. Last updated: December 15, 2020
The next meeting of the Planning Board is scheduled for January 11, 2021 

Agenda doc in PDF format:
Additional renderings and diagrams of the new facility at 138 East Central St
Rendering: View From East Central Street
new Franklin Food Pantry Rendering: View from East Central Street

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Franklin, MA: Board of Health meeting recap - Dec 2, 2020

Quick Recap:
  • discussion and overview of a prescription pharmacy being developed for pilot to assist seniors with chronic health conditions to gain a better diet; coordinating with Senior Center, Food Pantry and Winters Farmers Market, additional communications scheduled when ready for pilot
  • discussion on possible enforcement items; rooster at residence where not allowed, chickens also there not covered by required permit; building demolition committed to by owner at Jordan Road site; paperwork on Title 5 septic system sizing for another residence discussed
  • working with a dance studio on possible competition trip out of state that could results in fines if travel order not complied with
  • COVID-19 cases increased again this week but we're still in yellow status as positivity rate dropped from 4+ to 3+ (if over 5, would revert back to a prior level)
Photos captured during the meeting and shared via Twitter can be found in one folder


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #BoH1202

  • Real time reporting underway for the Board of Health meeting #boh1202
  • Intern working to develop a pilot for a Prescription pharmacy coordinating with the Senior Center, food pantry, farmers market, etc to prescribe a set of foods to help a person have a better diet …
  • And help people use diet to address chronic health conditions; diabetes for example. Using a prescription (known format) to help coordinate with the orgs for the person with a health conditions #boh1202
  • Person with rooster (unauthorized) has been notified but not responded
  • Also has chickens on site that are not permitted. Apparently owner ignoring notifications to this point. #boh1202 titled 5 system has capacity for more than what the house has bedroom, capacity for.
  • Owner has agreed to either demo or rebuild the building on Jordan Rd (subject of fire couple of years ago). #boh1202 aware via parents of a dance studio competition in NH, would be violating the current travel order and disregard the ban. Potential fines to be faced
  • Obtained letter verbiage from DPH to obtain student/family info so she can cross reference the travel order. If they don't comply, potential fines to be faced per individual in violation. #boh1202 Board approves course of action. DLS could fine $5k for not working with the board
  • Number of COVID cases climbing, over 200 positive, still yellow per positivity rate; discussion on notifications to businesses and Community if we were to change, and capacity would reduce as we step back #boh1202
  • If we reached more than 5% positivity rate we'd change status, had been 4 and dropped to 3.
  • Motion to adjourn, voted 2-0 to adjourn #boh1202 catch you later (Town Council meeting at 7 PM) 
screen grab of process for prescription for health diet
screen grab of process for prescription for health diet

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Town Council Recap: Sep 2, 2020 - Building Dept update, plot line changes approved, gifts accepted

Recap: The Town Council heard from the Building Commissioner, Gus Brown as he provided an update on the work of the department and coordination with Planning, Planning Board, ZBA, Inspections, etc. The presentation included photos of the variety of projects worked on recently.

This is one of a series of department updates to the Town Council to increase awareness of the work being done by some of the 'less known' departments. Board of Health coming up next.

The 4th set in the series of plot line zoning changes was covered in a public hearing and then ultimately moved to a second reading. Over time a particular plot of land may have ended up straddling 2 or in some cases 3 or more zoning categories. This clean up moves the plot into a single zone. 

The Town Council approved a series of donations. They also accepted a sewer line extension for a single property off Daniels St not currently served by sewer and where the ground can not handle a septic system.


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online #tc0902 

  • Real time reporting underway for the Town Council meeting #tc0902 Chair Tom Mercer opens with the meeting statement and protocol. Meeting is available via local cable Verizon/Comcast and live stream via Town website
  • Statement from Town Clerk on a number of early voting ballots not counted as of last night, the matter is being addressed and the results will be shared when available #tc0902
  • Citizens comments: Dale Kurtz reminding bricks on sale for veteran walkway #tc0902 Laura Stevens speaking about kitchen use when she doesn't have a commercial grade kitchen. Can't use shared space due to COVID-19 requirements.
  • Moving to approval of minutes from July 29, motion to approve via roll call 8-0 (1 absent - Earls) #tc0902 opening public hearing on lot line changes along Beaver and Oak St, 4th of this session. Previously voted on by planning board and EDC
  • Most of the property owned by Town where FHS and school complex is #tc0902 Abutters and owners notified prior
  • Bissanti raises concern on reducing amount of Res 4 zoning. Zoning doesn't really apply to town property, usage or value doesn't change. Simplifies the zoning map as part of the overall plan. #tc0902 motion to close hearing, second, via roll 8-0 (1 absent - Earls)
  • Gus Brown, building commissioner to provide update.  doc linked here. #tc0902
  • FYI over 30 participants for the Zoom portion of the meeting, also available via cable via Verizon and Comcast as well as live streamed via Town web site #tc0902 Bruce Hunchard of ZBA speaks to their role
  • Viewpoint online permit process implemented in July 2019 if not the building permit process would really have stopped during COVID-19 #tc0902 thanks to multiple folks by Gus for their help in getting online.
  • Examples of work done #tc0902
  • More examples #tc0902
  • First of series of presentations scheduled for TC update, Board of Health coming up next. #tc0902 unregistered cars are not allowed on private property, some say one is, not ever is Gus' time has one been allowed.
  • "Change is a tough process but sometimes it is for the better" #tc0902 virtual inspections performed, pictures were taken and reviewed thoroughly, going back out now to sites where they do have pictures to confirm.
  • Pellegri can't remember a complaint during the time she worked with him as town clerk #tc0902 vacant property bylaw (not blight) did get money via fines from some of the banks, property owners for vacant property
  • Solar project in on Spring st will be paved to the new parking lot for access to both SNETT and Town forest trails. The rest of Spring st will be decommissioned sometime #tc0902 Jamie provides updates on solar project
  • Audience opportunity, no one takes it up. Gus makes closing comments thanks Jamie for leadership and Council for guidance #tc0902 
  • Moving to subcommittee reports; budget meeting 9/16 . EDC met earlier tonight recorded and broadcast Chandler joined to take Earls place
  • Motion on gift acceptance  #tc9902 seconded, passed 8-0 (1 absent) Attny Cerel chimed in that with all Council present no need for roll call This closes VFW info for the walkway, xfers funds to Town; ledger coming to help with location
  • #tc0902 motion on change of date from Nov 11 to the 4th  Motion carried 8-0 (1 absent)
  • #tc0902 regular transfer of cable funds to cable group  Motion passes 8-0 (1 absent)
  • #tc0902 motion to accept gift for senior center  Motion passes 8-0 (1 absent)
  • #tc0902 acceptance of deed and easement   motion passes 8-0 (1 absent) housekeeping issue, easement referenced but not formally declared previously compensation was made 20 years ago
  • #tc0902 zoning bylaw for the plot line changes for the public hearing earlier in this session. Move to 2nd reading   Motion to approve, second, passes 8-0 (1 absent)
  • #tc0902 sewer system extension proposal Motion to move to second reading, seconded, passes 8-0 (1 absent) property owner has no other options. Owner will maintain line; consider a public extension? Would require pump station for public
  • Town administrator report, all set. Requesting item for beer, wine licenses for consideration during this pandemic. #tc0902 Councilor comments, Chandler thanks for EDC Davis Thayer study? Jamie to forward link. Chandler censured on facebook for first time. Hamblen grants coming
  • Pellegri questions on report of museum, good reminder report should be forthcoming. Time spent initially on getting the vendor contract signed. CPA info session coming up Sep 8. #tc0902 unfunded mandates from schools? Jones asked before and hasn't seen yet.
  • Mercer on south meeting house, light on? Can we turn it off? Or for safety? #tc0902 Gus Brown came back to thank the town folks and contractors for their patience. Motion to adjourn, passed 8-0. That's all tonight, catch you next time

Photos captured during the virtual meeting broadcast 

Building Commissioner Gus Brown
Building Commissioner Gus Brown

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Franklin Residents: Purchase Your FY 2021 Recycling Center Permit and Pre-Pay for Item Drop Off Online

Purchase Your FY21 Recycling Center Permit and Pre-Pay for Item Drop Off Here!

Attached is listing of accepted materials, hours of operation and fees

The Recycling Center is open regular hours for full services. No cash or checks will be accepted. 

  1. All residents who wish to use the recycling center for item drop off will need to go online prior to pay the required fee(s). 
  2. The online payment portal for recycling fees is on our Viewpoint site (  If you do not have a Viewpoint account, please follow the instructions to create one.
  3. A printed slip detailing the fees paid will be required to show proof of payment at the Recycling Center.
  4. No material that includes a fee will be accepted at the Recycling Center without prior payment online with printed receipt.

Attached is a copy of materials accepted, fees and hours at the Recycling Center and Curbside costs.

For additional information or to purchase your Recycling sticker over the phone, please call the DPW Administration office during regular office hours at 508-553-5500.

Please observe social distancing guidelines.

Franklin Residents: Purchase Your FY 2021 Recycling Center Permit and Pre-Pay for Item Drop Off Online
Franklin Residents: Purchase Your FY 2021 Recycling Center Permit and Pre-Pay for Item Drop Off Online

Friday, August 7, 2020

Board of Health Recap: - Weds, Aug 5, 2020

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.

The Twitter hashtag can be found online #boh0805

  • Real time reporting underway for the Board of Health meeting. #boh0805
  • Cathleen Liberty spending at least 6 hours per week on the school re-opening process providing guidance from the health perspective. #boh0805
  • EDS drive through discussion, plan sounding good, process handbook best seen thus far, logistics to be worked; include Senior Center and Housing Auth in planning for this flu clinic. #boh0805
  • Arbovirus report, DPH reports first human EEE case in Plymouth County, individual has recovered. Norfolk County mosquito control webpage has info on testing process. #boh0805 all applications now online for permits via ToF page
  • BOH members sharing kudos for Cathleen, Ginny and Tyler for their efforts on everything along with COVID-19 #boh0805 intern generated survey, initial results showed depression widespread among Community. New survey got over 800 responses, not related to school process
  • Food inspections found 3 problems, resulted in one establishment getting closed down (name not revealed - assumed a quick turn on issue) #boh0805 safe celebration document to be shared. 2 businesses were notified by MA DLS for non-compliance with COVID-19 violation
  • Calls on RI about their status change per MA change, work exemption applies should be only point to point and not for recreational purposes. DPH will send spreadsheet to BoH for tracking on quarantine #boh0805 next meeting, Weds Sep 2. No citizen comments/questions
  • Motion to adjourn, approved. Meeting ends. Catch you all next time #boh0805

The agenda for this meeting can be found

Board of Health Recap: - Weds, Aug 5, 2020
Board of Health Recap: - Weds, Aug 5, 2020

Monday, May 4, 2020

"The MS4 permit is an important step to reduce the harmful impact of polluted stormwater"

From the MA Municipal Association, we find this update on the storm water issue:
"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced on April 23 that it is proposing targeted modifications to the 2016 Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) general permit for Massachusetts communities.

An EPA statement said that the proposed modifications would give municipalities more tools and flexibility for permit implementation while also ensuring that the water quality goals of the Clean Water Act are met.

The proposed modifications were developed through a multi-year mediation between the EPA and parties who challenged the underlying 2016 permit.

Last December, the EPA announced that a settlement agreement had been reached between the agency and the permit litigants – including municipalities, environmental groups and other stakeholders – and initiated a public comment period. The settlement agreement was executed in mid-April. According to the EPA, the proposed modifications to the permit are identical to those contained in the settlement."

Continue reading the article online

The MS4 permit is the driver behind the storm water utility fee being developed. As reported and shared here over the years, Franklin has been a leader in storm water management preparing for the day when the fee take effect. The story of what Franklin accomplished over the years is summarized in the Information Session Presentation.

The first two sessions were held but the third storm water information session (March 22) was canceled as the coronavirus shutdown took place. In the new normal world we will go forward with, there will be additional sessions. The schedule at this time is not yet available.

You can listen to each of the first two session recordings

FM #223 - Stormwater Utility Fee Info Session 1 - March 6, 2020 (audio)

FM #225 Stormwater Utility Session 2 - March 11, 2020 (audio) 

The presentation doc was updated for the second session and available here. 

The second session was held at the Franklin TV studio
The second session was held at the Franklin TV studio

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Town of Franklin - Fire Dept: Message to Franklin community - 3/30/20

Dear members of the Franklin community,

We are fortunate to be a town comprised of residents, families, business owners, students and visitors. The Franklin Fire Department continues to stand ready to serve each of you and today I am writing to update you regarding what steps we have taken to date to insure the safety of our town, specifically in terms of the COVID-19 virus.

As you are aware, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts declared a State of Emergency on March 10, 2020.

As a result, the Franklin Fire Department issued several General Orders over the past several weeks to all members of the department to ensure the safety of community members, themselves and their families. Some of the significant orders include medical screening of personnel before reporting to duty, strict daily cleaning guidelines for the vehicles, equipment and stations as well as setting protocols for emergency personnel interaction with all members of the public.

The Department has an adequate reserve of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and has submitted more orders through the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and private vendors for the continued safety of everyone in our town. While it is necessary that both fire stations be closed to the public for safety reasons, online burn permitting is still available
at By order of the Governor, smoke and carbon monoxide inspections have been postponed until further notice.

I want to assure you that the level of service from the Franklin Fire Department has not and will not change during this time. We have made the necessary modifications to our standard practices based on the guidance of the health professionals. The men and women of the department are well trained and have the proper equipment and support they need from the Town to perform our vital services to the community.

I urge everyone to please abide by the recommendations made by the CDC, the Governor and the Department of Health. In addition to those organizations’ websites, also stay up to date on local information at

We will continue to be in touch with you as this situation evolves. Please feel free to reach out to me personally at 508-570-8248 with any questions or concerns you have in the meantime.

Thank you and please stay safe and healthy. 

James G. McLaughlin
Fire Chief/EMA Director

This was shared from the Town of Franklin page

Town of Franklin - Fire Dept:  Message to Franklin community - 3/30/20
Town of Franklin - Fire Dept:  Message to Franklin community - 3/30/20


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Town of Franklin: Online Payments, Permits and Licensing Center

Town of Franklin Online Payments, Permits, and Licensing Center

The Town of Franklin website is a great resource for information and can save you time and a trip! Click on the "Payments & Permits" icon on our homepage to find links to our online payment portal, our online licensing center, forms, documents and more.

Or go directly ->

Town of Franklin: Online Payments, Permits and Licensing Center
Town of Franklin: Online Payments, Permits and Licensing Center

Thursday, August 31, 2017

"the program cannot run on autopilot"

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:
"Fear is growing in the immigrant communities in MetroWest and the Milford area who worry that President Donald Trump may dismantle an Obama-era program that offered protection to children who entered the U.S. illegally with their parents. 
Spearheaded by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, 10 Republican attorneys general have sent Trump an ultimatum: either he begins to dismantle the Deferred Action for Childhood program by Sept. 5 or they will challenge the program’s legality in court. 
Alice DeSouza, a Brazilian immigrant who owns a business on Milford’s Main Street, said she knows several people in town who rely on DACA and most of them are young. Without DACA, she wondered what its recipients might do, adding that it’s possible kids, teenagers and young adults, without work or school, could end up in trouble. 
“All these kids are working, they have to pay taxes,” she said. “It’s good for the country, it’s good for the government – then what’s the point (of removing it)?”

Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

"Jessica Vaughan of Franklin, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, a nonprofit think tank that favors tighter immigration." is quoted in the article

Monday, December 19, 2016

"e-permitting could create some efficiencies within town"

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"As part of an ongoing effort to make its website more convenient, the town will be adding e-permitting services in the beginning of 2017. 
Deputy Town Administrator Jamie Hellen said the Town Council had approved a pilot program - at $35,000 - earlier this month, though the process did not begin there.
"Over the summer, we had a huge group of department heads and staff interview (e-permitting) companies to determine the best way forward," he said. "This is cloud-based technology that will enable citizens to set up an online account, with their email and information, and be able to do business with the town."

Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

Town of Franklin: Town Clerk webpage where there will soon be a link to renew dog licenses online
Town of Franklin: Town Clerk webpage where there will soon be a link to renew dog licenses online

In the Franklin Matters notes from the Town Council meeting on Dec 7, dog licenses were targeted to start in the Town Clerk's office and hence the 'rush' for the approval to get the software ready for the renewals to begin in January. It would expand to other Town Clerk services and then to other departments over time assuming successful.

For the complete summary of the Town Council meeting Dec 7

Friday, December 18, 2015

In the News: deputy Town Administrator, complaints about permit

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin

Jamie Hellen, operations assistant to the town manager, is leaving Town Hall to become the deputy town administrator in Franklin. 
Hellen was appointed by Town Manager Norman Khumalo in 2012. He'll work in town until the end of the month. 
During his tenure, Hellen has been involved in many special projects, including planning for the town's 300th Anniversary Celebration and helping with the historical commissions. His day-to-day responsibilities include making sure Khumalo's and the selectmen's priorities are being met, he said.

Continue reading the article online here (subscription may be required)

Several townspeople complained Thursday night to the Zoning Board of Appeals about what they claim was a lack of transparency in the town's approval of a group home on Plain Street. 
The board, though, decided to uphold the building commissioner's decision to issue a permit. 
At issue is an eight-bed building - set to house clients of the state Department of Developmental Services - under construction at 21 Plain St. Dave Patterson, a neighbor, had appealed the issuance of the building permit.

Continue reading the article online here (subscription may be required)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

"this hasn't been done before, so it can't be done"

Via Ann Williams writing on the Pour Richard's Facebook page

A tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

"Inertia, or maintaining the status quo, can be a good thing. If you're hiking up the side of a mountain, you want the rocks to stay put. But business is different; if you are standing still, there are 5 other businesses that aren't. By standing still, you're actually losing ground.

At Pour Richard's, we take the path less traveled. Instead of selling the heavily advertised brands you find in the big box stores, we feature wines, beers, and spirits from small producers. The best part of my job is finding exciting new products- a new nanobrewery in Northampton, a better version of an Irish Cream- and then translating that excitement to our customers.

We do that by tasting, by talking, and hopefully, occasionally by pairing the wine (beer, cocktail) with the food that it was meant to accompany. It's a great way to introduce our customers to something new. It's also fun.

Our customers-wonderful, adventurous, fun people-have embraced this approach. Franklin has been an absolutely awesome place to do business-with one small exception: food.

When we have a product or an event that we feel would be enhanced by food, we'd like to do it legitimately: file a food safety plan, pay the town $50, and post a limited license to serve samples. Recently, we tried to do just that. I received my Servesafe food safety certification, filed an extensive food safety plan, and applied for permission to serve samples of Brazilian BBQ with caipirinhas. But Franklin does not currently allow non-food businesses to apply for these one-day permits. After several mostly cordial conversations with the town's health inspector, the only discernible reason for this seems to be inertia: this hasn't been done before, so it can't be done.

sometimes it just feels like this....
sometimes it just feels like this....

We understand that resisting inertia can be uncomfortable. But progress and growth don't happen without stepping out of the comfort box. If we've complied with all of the safety codes, why can't we receive a permit? Is inertia a good reason to say no?"


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Property lines, permits, and erroneous enrollment numbers were key topics Wednesday

The quick summary of the Town Council meeting on Wednesday is as follows:

  1. The Council approved acceptance of several roads that have a a defined road plan and property lines. Some of the early developments had property lines where the ownership went to the middle of the road. In those cases, for the town to take responsibility for the road, it would need to reach agreement with all the home owners; which can be a tedious if not almost impossible task. There are several developments where these road plans are being worked and these tonight were the latest in the series where progress has reached a good point.
  2. Ownership and property lines also arose from a citizen comment. The resident had purchased a home 40+ years ago, had water problems reportedly from the street which the Town at the time corrected with a pump and drainage. Turns out the land never really should have been built upon, the town workers then should not have spent public money for a private benefit. The pump recently failed which the town did replace but also said that this was the last time they were doing anything about it, leaving the homeowner in a real quandary. Fortunately, all parties will work together to see if they can reach a satisfactory conclusion.
  3. Gus Brown, the Building Inspector, provided an overview on the work of his department. The presentation doc can be viewed below.
  4. The School Budget got some good news this week. What had been a $600K shortage due to the Charter School funding and reimbursement process turns out to not be the case as some erroneous enrollment numbers were used which caused the problem in the first place. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) will be reworking the numbers to use the proper set of enrollment and this situation should be resolved. 
  5. The Town is still awaiting the arbitrators decision on the fire fighter union. This decision would affect the budget as the union has not had a contract for 3 years. The decision has been planned for by putting away some funds to cover but how much will be covered will be dependent upon the decision and then whether the Town Council accepts the decision. Hence, the overall FY 16 budget process is starting real slow this year. One thing is sure, there will be a balanced budget before June 30, 2015. Stay tuned for further developments in this space.

Magnolia Heights, a 140 unit development at Chestnut Ridge, RT 140
Magnolia Heights, a 140 unit development at Chestnut Ridge, RT 140

For additional info on Magnolia Heights, one of the developments underway that the Building Inspector is visiting regularly, check their webpage

You can find all my notes reporting live during the meeting here:

Friday, February 8, 2013

RMV Attleboro Branch Adds Permit Testing

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via Commonwealth Conversations: Transportation by Klark Jessen on 2/7/13

RMV Attleboro, February 7, 2013MassDOT Registrar of Motor Vehicles Rachel Kaprielian today joined local officials and announced the availability of driver's license permit testing at the Attleboro RMV Branch, located at 75 Park Street. 

The Attleboro Branch is one of two express branches in the Commonwealth that provide limited license and registration transactions. The availability of the permit testing in Attleboro will help the RMV manage an anticipated influx of test takers during the busy school vacation period.

"The City has been a great partner and has made it possible to bring permit testing to Attleboro," said Registrar Kaprielian. "Teens and new drivers may now complete this important step in the licensing process closer to home."

The Registry delivered existing automated testing equipment to provide six testing stations in Attleboro. The move will save area residents from traveling to Taunton, Milford or Brockton to complete the 20 minute test.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles administered approximately 45,000 permit tests across the Commonwealth in 2012. There are 4.73 million licensed drivers in Massachusetts.  To perform many basic transactions, visit the RMV online today at its new web address:

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