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FHS Theatre Company - Our ticket sales are LIVE for Bright Star - Concert Version!

FHS Theatre Company (@FranklinHSDrama) tweeted on Wed, May 26, 2021:

Our ticket sales are LIVE for Bright Star - Concert Version! Don't miss out on this exclusive, live musical performance in June 18 & 19
Visit the link to reserve your tickets now -

FHS Theatre Company - Our ticket sales are LIVE for Bright Star - Concert Version!
FHS Theatre Company - Our ticket sales are LIVE for Bright Star - Concert Version!

Town of Franklin: Job Opportunities - multiple positions open

Job Opportunities

To apply for a vacant position, please submit a resume and cover letter to  Please put the job title in the subject line of your email.  

Administrative Assistant - Senior Center  ->

Payroll Administrator - Finance Department  ->

Executive Assistant - Town Administrator's Office  ->

Heavy Motor Equipment Operator - Department of Public Works ->

Summer Jobs - Facilities and Department of Public Works - FACILITIES IS STILL ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS  ->

Part-Time Office Assistant and Passport Acceptance Agent - Department of Planning and Community Development  ->

Substitute Custodian ->

If you do not have a resume, you may send a completed Application for Employment instead.

To receive notifications of all job opportunities in the Town of Franklin, subscribe here .

Shared from Town of Franklin page ->

Town of Franklin: Job Opportunities - multiple positions open
Town of Franklin: Job Opportunities - multiple positions open

FHS girls lacrosse top Taunton on Friday

From we share the FHS spring sports results:  

Girls Lacrosse = Taunton, 3 @ Franklin, 20 – Final 
–  The Panthers scored 10 times in the first quarter, jumping out to a 10-1 lead, and never looked back, remaining unbeaten and moving a step closer to another league title. Kaitlyn Carney led the way for the league leaders, scoring four goals. Katie Jones (two assists) and Stella Regan (three assists) both recorded hat tricks and Kenzie Baker tallied twice. Katie Peterson, Kate O’Rourke, Ali Socci, Katherine Ryan, Lindsay Atkinson, Anna Grasso, Payten Crandall, and Maura Cogavin each scored once for the Panthers. Alana Tavares scored twice and Anastasia Lajoie scored once for Taunton and Emily Gannon was busy in goal, making double-digit saves.

For a Photo Gallery from this game -> 

For other results around the Hockomock League on Friday

Lindsay Atkinson leads the charge
Lindsay Atkinson leads the charge ( photo)

DESE issues guidance for school in Fall

"All coronavirus-related protocols, including social distancing, will be lifted at schools for the start of the 2021-22 academic year, and every school will be required to be back fully in person, state education officials told superintendents on Thursday.

School districts will not be allowed to offer remote learning as a standard learning model, according to the new guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

“Pathways that existed prior to the pandemic for offering virtual learning to individual students in limited cases will remain available to districts and schools,” including single-district virtual schools or home- or hospital-based tutoring programs for documented medical conditions, the state education agency said."
Continue reading the article online  (subscription may be required)

Franklin ArtWALK Celebration June 11-13

Franklin Culture (@franklinculture) tweeted on Thu, May 27, 2021:
Take a walk in Downtown Franklin & enjoy the new exhibits! The Franklin Art Association will be displaying their work in Downtown storefronts during the Franklin ArtWALK Celebration June 11-13th! 
Visit for details!#ArtWALKCelebration #EscapetotheArts 

Shared from Twitter:

Franklin ArtWALK Celebration June 11-13
Franklin ArtWALK Celebration June 11-13

Register to participate in the Virtual State House Day 2021

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if the Partnership can be of any assistance to you:
Jason Palitsch, Executive Director
(774) 760-0495 x105

Thank you for your continued commitment to strengthening our region.

The 495/MetroWest Partnership | 200 Friberg Parkway, Suite 1003, Westborough, MA 01581

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Recap: Town Council - May 27, 2021 - $138M FY 2022 budget passes

Quick Recap:

  • A shorter evening to close out the two night budget hearing. Not as long this time, total meeting under 2 hours.
  • FY 2022 budget passes unanimously to fund the operations for the fiscal year beginning July 1 as recommended by Town Administrator Jamie Hellen and already approved by the Finance Committee.
  • Dr. Sara Ahern returned with answers to questions from the prior night. The answers apparently will give some council members new reading material to help with their apparent new interest in the details of the school budget, particularly in chasing down the unfunded mandates. For the record, the School Committee has held a Legislative Forum four years running to help with that topic with our legislative team (currently Senate President Karen Spilka, Senator Becca Rausch and State Rep Jeff Roy). Kudos to Councilor Frongillo for recognizing that while chasing the $5M (in unfunded mandates quantified by the Schools), there is a bigger number to look at: What would take us to get us from our current per pupil spending to get to the State average? Approx. $18M. Or was the expression of interest in the schools a reflection that November is coming? Time will tell. It is too late to do much with this year's budget but as been reported here before housing, stormwater, and the school budget are the major issues Franklin faces.
  • LaCantina was approved for their pouring license to help with their presence at the Farmer Market for this summer, their 6th year there.


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.


The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #tc0527 

Photos captured during the meeting and shared via Twitter can be found in one album =

Town of Franklin budget page 

Franklin Schools budget page 

  • Getting ready for the Town Council meeting, part 2 of the budget hearing. Weds went over 4 hours; not likely to be as long tonight. Doc with connection info  #tc0527
  • What is right with this budget? What is wrong with this budget? Please elaborate... #tc0527 
  • Meeting underway #tc0527
  • Citizen comment against stormwater fee and the potential nurse proposed for Health Dept. Citizen #2 speaking on school funding needs and confusion/misunderstanding among the councilors. Thanks to Dr Ahern, had observed she wasn't treated with the respect of other -> #tc0527
  • Department heads. Q on historical commission and museum. Pellegri wasn't aware of capital budget available to use (and yet she leads Capital Budget Subcommittee) withdraws her request to move amounts. #tc0527 Jones talked with HC chair about funds and not to move
  • Explanation on Town Council role of school budget, only have the top line item and not detail control. One of few times for TC to discuss budget, hence questions. #tc0527 Dr Ahern hands out follow up data to councilors. Enrollment of Franklin students
  • Trend on decline of enrollment seen across the schools, charter included (yes, overall population is growth is flat) #tc0527 births compared to graduation steep decrease in last 10 years. Per pupil comparison for Accept/BICO collaboratives to Franklin #tc0527
  • Midpoint in comparison with the DOT communities. #tc0527 had provided a listing of such in the November budget workshop, shared that with Council. Mandates on 3rd page that were hard to quantify. Clarification on birthrates. Issue of recruiting for Tri-county/Norfolk
  • Need for trades is there. Middle school students don't do tours anymore but we do have them come in to talk about the opportunity and set up visits for those interested. #tc0527 need to discuss the unfunded mandates (yes, but even if they were funded we would still need ->
  • To fund more, period per state minimum requirements. #tc0527 point of record, Jones asked for this mandate last year, the schools provided it in their workshop previously. Lobbying legislation is only part of the issue. Assume we got half, we still would need to ->
  • Figure out what we need to restore. Kudos to Frongillo, he just said we need to find the $18m which would get us to the state average. The $5m of unfunded is small change #tc0527 the state accounting is the same across the entire district. Can we use meritorious credit with ->
  • The state? Not likely, however we should use it internally.#tc0527 citizen confused about per pupil expense, not understanding it by nature allows for comparison at a student level not the district level. Dewsnap talks for schools, Spencer talks for schools ->
  • What do we value? Our values are reflected in the budget. #tc0527 Budget hearing closes. Next up license for LaCantina to add pouring samples at the Farmers Market. 31 vendors at the market this year. 6th year for LaCantina at market
  • Motion to approve, second, passes 9-0 #tc0527 Moving to legislation for action - adoption of FY 2022 budget $138,564,865 
  • Motion to approve expense limits, second, passes 9-0 Limits the same as last year, no requests to increase. #tc0527
  • Motion for CPA reservations, second, #tc0527 Annual reserve account allocations for CPA funding which starts collection in FY 2022, and 1st disbursement likely 4Q 2022. passes 9-0
  • TA report: public health nurse (RN) is required by state law, we contract out and are now working on a shared grant for a nurse for 3 years; learned from COVID-19 experience, needed more than what we had. #tc0527 Municipal building will open June 16 for meetings
  • Main reason for delay us not COVID related, actually due to the construction still underway at the building #tc0527 Councilor comments: Fund established at Rockland Trust, also asking for gift cards for the fire victims. Thanks to FDP and Eileen Mason for ->
  • The beautification day last weekend. Recognition of Bob Dean and work with the cable operations. Thanks to all for the work on the budget. #tc0527 thanks to the councilors for the work on this budget. Nick Gaspar 8th grade Horace Mann has cancer fund raising efforts
  • Have a safe Memorial Day. #tc0527 Thanks to the town employees, long listing, for the hard work and effort during pandemic. Motion to adjourn, second, passes 9-0 that's all for tonight, Catch you next time!

Recap: Town Council - May 27, 2021 - FY 2022 budget passes
Recap: Town Council - May 27, 2021 - FY 2022 budget passes

“I forgot,” Baker said of the meeting

"GOV. CHARLIE BAKER said Friday he “forgot” he had spoken with former Holyoke Soldiers’ Home Superintendent Bennett Walsh before naming him to the post, and expressed interest in taking action to implement reforms at the home after last year’s deadly COVID-19 outbreak.

Though Baker had previously said he first met Walsh, who was hired despite a lack of experience in health care management, when he swore him in, his administration confirmed in a Boston Globe Spotlight report into the events leading up to the outbreak that killed at least 76 veterans that Baker had interviewed Walsh beforehand."
Continue reading the article online

FHS PCC: Attention parents, Senior Car Parade can use your help

FHS PCC (@FHS_PCC) tweeted on Fri, May 28, 2021

Attention parents, Senior Car Parade can use your help
Signup form -> 

Shared from Twitter:

FHS PCC: Attention parents, Senior Car Parade can use your help
FHS PCC: Attention parents, Senior Car Parade can use your help

Ad Hoc Superintendent's Evaluation Sub Committee Meeting - Jun 1

Franklin Public Schools

Franklin School Committee

Ad Hoc Superintendent’s Evaluation Sub Committee

Tuesday, Tuesday June 1, 20213:00 P.M


The agenda doc contains connection info

GoFundMe: Gaspar Family fund raiser

"On Friday May 14, Nick Gaspar, 14 years old, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Yesterday (5/18) he underwent a successful surgery to biopsy the tumor. The family could be waiting 2-4 weeks for a full report on Nick’s diagnosis and treatment plan. This Go-Fund Me was designed to help alleviate some of the financial burden on the family in the months to come. "
Contribute to the cause -> 

Friday, May 28, 2021

Franklin's Event Outlook: May 28 - Jun 3, 2021

Memorial Day, traditional start to the summer time and this time also the relaxation  of the COVID-19 protocols for MA. Just because the protocols are being relaxed doesn't mean the virus is not here. It is still around, it can have deadly or long lasting health effects. If you are not vaccinated (yet) please do so. 

Whether you are or not, please be careful. Good health enables a whole lot of good things to happen. A slim choice but a careful one to begin the re-opening. Electronics recycling, food truck and performances at THE BLACK BOX and of course, while no parade, the services at noon on the Town Common to recognize Memorial Day.

Friday, May 28
 Story Walk @DelCarte
 10th Annual FBRTC Virtual Race – 5K run or walk 2021
6:00pm -  Broadway in Franklin (Video on Demand)
Saturday, May 29
 Story Walk @DelCarte
 10th Annual FBRTC Virtual Race – 5K run or walk 2021
9:00am -  Electronics Recycling Event
5:00pm -  Food Truck and Live Music Festival
6:00pm -  Broadway in Franklin (Video on Demand)
Sunday, May 30
 Story Walk @DelCarte
 10th Annual FBRTC Virtual Race – 5K run or walk 2021
5:00pm -  Food Truck and Live Music Festival
6:00pm -  Broadway in Franklin (Video on Demand)
Monday, May 31   Memorial Day
 Story Walk @DelCarte
 10th Annual FBRTC Virtual Race – 5K run or walk 2021
12:00pm -  Memorial Day Service
6:00pm -  Broadway in Franklin (Video on Demand)
Tuesday, June 1
9:00am - Pamela Hines – Jazz Journey
12:00pm - Pamela Hines – Jazz Journey
6:00pm - Pamela Hines – Jazz Journey
6:00pm -  Broadway in Franklin (Video on Demand)
Wednesday, June 2
10:00am - "The Wonderful World of Wine" – Mark/ Kim
1:00pm - "The Wonderful World of Wine" – Mark/Kim
6:00pm -  Broadway in Franklin (Video on Demand)
7:00pm - "The Wonderful World of Wine" – Mark/Kim
7:30pm -  Let’s Laugh Today is Free on ZOOM!
Thursday, June 3
10:00am - "Frank’s Music" – Frank Falvey
11:00am - "Talkin’ the Blues" – Jim/Todd
1:00pm - "Frank’s Music" – Frank Falvey
2:00pm - "Talkin’ the Blues" – Jim/Todd
6:00pm -  Broadway in Franklin (Video on Demand)
7:00pm -  350 Mass Greater Franklin Node
7:00pm - "Frank’s Music" – Frank Falvey
8:00pm - "Talkin' the Blues!" - Jim/Todd

If you have an event to add to the calendar, you can use the form to submit it for publication:

The Town meeting calendar is found
The School district meeting calendar is found
Community Calendar
Community Calendar

Saint Mary Parish: Phase One of the Transition to begin May 29-30

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,

With the major changes in the State Directives for the Pandemic, we recognize that our devoted parishioners will be returning slowly over time as they feel it is best for them. We respect these faith filled and sincere decisions on Mass participation and welcome everyone when they are able to return. There is no correct time to return. We will be here when you return. We all miss participating in Sunday Mass and know that people will return when they are able to when they feel safe.
During this time (starting this weekend of May 29-30, 2021 Memorial Day Weekend) we will be transitioning our Parish Religious Services and Masses using the principle of caution for health safety for everyone. This is Phase One of the Transitional Phases to occur over the next nine months. We wish to remind people that part of our Pandemic values has been to remember to respect the health safety of others, besides ones’ self. You can find the Protocols on our website:  

Your cooperation is invited to allow our beginning transition to help make our Sunday Masses spiritual and uplifting religious experiences for everyone. We anticipate additional phase changes after Labor Day Weekend.

Our Saturday-Sunday Mass Schedule is: 

  • Saturday 4 PM with music
  • Sunday: 7:30 AM and 10:30 AM with music

Just a reminder: All three Sunday Masses continue to be Live-Streamed which is best accessed at: and then the Live-Stream Button.

God bless,
     Father Brian

PS: Just a reminder: On Monday, Memorial Day we will celebrate the Holy Mass at our Cemetery on Beaver Street at 9 AM for our deceased Veterans and those who are rest in peace in our Cemetery.


Saint Mary Parish:  Phase One of the Transition to begin May 29-30
Saint Mary Parish:  Phase One of the Transition to begin May 29-30


Strategies for Affordable Housing Production ** 2021 Town of Franklin - Housing Production Plan - Public Review Draft **

Strategies for Affordable Housing Production
Section 3 of this Housing Production Plan (HPP) includes a substantial number of Implementation Strategies, which for the most part are ways to incentivize the creation of affordable housing. The Implementation Strategies section provides an explanation of the specific strategies the Town will achieve its housing production goals. In addition, Section 3 provides a description of Regulatory and Funding Incentives that can be used to stimulate affordable housing or other desired development projects.
Strategies include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Amendment of zoning regulations in order to increase the likelihood of creating Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI) eligible housing developments
  • Use an incentivized Inclusive Zoning bylaw to attract SHI unit developments.
  • Utilize Workforce Housing Special Tax Assessments (WH-STA’s), multi-year property tax exemption, as incentive to create middle-income housing.
  • Perform an extensive assessment of the Town of Franklin Zoning Bylaw, Chapter 185 of Franklin Town Code. Specific attention will be shown to housing density, creating zoning related development incentives, assessing parking requirements, and other Zoning best practices.
  • Advance projects under the Local Initiative Program to create the type and level of affordable housing best for the community.
  • Consider creating a density bonus incentive program that allow more units of housing to be built than would be allowed under current zoning regulations, in exchange for a developer’s provision of affordable housing units or other public good.
  • Actively engage with developers to further incentivize SHI development.
Plan Implementation
The HPP’s implementation will require the commitment of a variety of organizations and individuals, including non-profit organizations, state agencies, resident volunteers, and Town departments, boards, commissions, and committees. Through the combined efforts of all parties mentioned above the Town will implement the goals outlined in Section over a five-year implementation period. Department of Planning and Community Development  (DPCD) will provide an update the HPP implementation on a biennial basis, or as requested by the Town Administrator.


Panther TV: Panther News for May 28 (video)

Panther TV (@fhspanthertv) tweeted on Thu, May 27, 2021:
Check it out! We've got school news, community news, our senior exam schedule, and an update on the Celtics on this week's Panther News!  @pantherbook @FranklinPSNews  @franklinmatters
Video link - > via @YouTube

Shared From Twitter:

FHS boys tennis top Sharon 1st time in almost 50 years

From and Twitter we share the FHS spring sports results:
Baseball = Sharon, 1 @ Franklin, 4 – Final 
– Franklin erased an early one-run deficit, scoring once in each the second and third with two big insurance runs coming in the fourth inning. Ethan Voellmicke tossed 4.1 innings of shutout ball with just two hits allowed, striking out nine to get the win. James Kuczmiec came in to get the save with 1.1 scoreless innings, allowing just one hit with a pair of strikeouts. Offensively, CJ Jette had a pair of hits including a double, and drove in one run, Marcus Baker slapped a pair of hits, Jake Fitzgibbons drove in a run, and Jack Marino had a hit, a walk, and scored a run. 
Softball = Franklin, 13 @ Sharon, 2 – Final 
– Franklin found its offense late in the game, pulling away to pick up its fourth win of the season. The Eagles kept it close early, trailing by just four after four full. Sophomore pitcher Ally Foulsham had four strikeouts for Sharon.
Boys Tennis = Franklin, 3 @ Sharon, 2 – Final 
– Franklin’s Vayshnav Malhotra emerged from a three-hour marathon match at second singles with a three-set victory to give the Panthers a 3-2 decision over Sharon. Malhotra won the first set in a tiebreaker, dropped the second set, and then prevailed in a back-and-forth third set, the score finishing 7-6 (5), 4-6, 7-5. Liam Marr (6-2, 6-2) added a win at first singles while the team of Thomas Broyles and Jay Gorgas (7-5, 6-4) battled to a tight win at second doubles. 
Almost 50 years of history.  We still here. The panthers take down the undefeated first seed Sharon, after the drought of the century 3-2. The panthers advance to a 10-0 season. Man of the match to Vayshnav Malhotra winning a thrilling 3 set match in the face of adversity.

Girls Tennis = Sharon, 4 @ Franklin, 1 – Final
Boys Outdoor Track = Franklin @ Milford, 5:00   FHS wins, score not available
Girls Outdoor Track = Franklin @ Milford, 5:00   FHS wins, score not available
  • Congrats to both boys and girls teams for defeating Milford!  @FHSPanthersTF @FHS_girlsXC
  • PRs today-  @emilyreilly783  @sofiechouinard  @darby317  @AlexisHalet  @kenzie_peters2  (also- Happy Birthday Kenzie!), @sburnsy9   @ConnorVeilleux  @zacharyaddii  , & Derrick Halet.  Great job!
  • In girls discus- @Kate22Taylor  takes another win and @lilydeforge11  takes second and 3 PRs.
  • In Girls shot put.  Congrats to @Kate22Taylor  for another win and @sofiechouinard  for a huge PR and taking second.  7 PRs for the girls!
  • In girls javelin congrats to @lilydeforge11  for taking second in her first meet throwing the javelin!
  • In boys Javelin.  Congrats to Colman Flynn for taking second and @AndrewJ52949175 for taking third
  • Boys also Broom Broom Broom the discus!  Congrats to @ConnorVeilleux  for taking first, @AndrewJ52949175  for coming in second and @declanwalmsley0  for taking third.  2 PRs for the boys
  • In boys shot put-  FHS Broom Broom Broom!! Congratulations to @JacobBowser7  for winning @karl_gruseck  for coming in second and @zacharyaddii  for taking 3rd.  Also 3 PRs!
Thanks for the Track updates via the FHS Throwers Twitter account

Memorial Day Ceremony - May 31, noon

Memorial Day Ceremony

Monday, May 31, 2021 at Noon on the Town Common

All are welcome to join us as we honor our departed veterans.

Please note: There will not be a Memorial Day Breakfast or Parade

this year due to COVID-19.


Memorial Day Ceremony - May 31, noon
Memorial Day Ceremony - May 31, noon