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FHS Last Tour: Corridors and Student Art Work - part 10 (photos)

Let's continue the walk through the corridors of Franklin High School on the 'last tour.' I'll share photos of student art work and other significant items of interest picking up from where we left off last time.

For the inquiring minds, how many more posts will there be with photos? Probably about three or four.

student art - 1
student art - 1

student art - 2
student art - 2

student art - 3
student art - 3

student art - 4
student art - 4

student art - 5
student art - 5

student art - 6
student art - 6

student art - 7
student art - 7

student art - 8
student art - 8

Photos shared earlier can be found here:

Note: all the photos will be posted to Facebook and to Flickr for anyone to view in a single place. The locations are already established and photos will be added to them over time.

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summertime bookworm buzz

Summertime, school is out. What does one teacher do? Read and write!
The book-a-day challenge continues and I have read 55 books over the past 27 days. My goal is to reach 68 books to mark the 68 days of summer AND to review them all on Goodreads and here, on the blog. How is your summer reading going so far?
Mrs Williams is a 4th grade teacher here in Franklin and very busy reading and writing this summer.

front page of The Shiny Red Apple
front page of The Shiny Red Apple

For those parents with 4th graders looking for books for their young readers, check out Mrs Williams blog The Shiny Red Apple,

and her book list and reviews on Goodreads

Library Book Sale - Saturday; Bag Sale - Sunday

The monthly Library Book Sale is scheduled for this weekend. Individual books are available for purchase today. Books by the bag are available on Sunday.

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturday
9:00 AM to noon on Sunday

Franklin Public Library
Franklin Public Library

In the News: arrested on drug charges

The Milford daily News reports:
Police arrested three Franklin residents on heroin charges Thursday after an extensive drug investigation and surveillance operation involving more than 10 officers. 
A little after 1 p.m. Thursday, investigators used a warrant to search the Sunset Road home of a suspected heroin dealer. Patrolmen and undercover detectives had been monitoring the home for drug dealing, police said. 
Dylan J. Sullivan, 21, of 25 Sunset Road, was charged with possession of a Class A substance with intent to distribute, distribution of a Class A substance and conspiracy to violate state drug laws, police said.

You can continue reading the article in the Milford Daily News here

Friday, July 18, 2014

Upcoming Events in Franklin, MA Area: FRI 7/18/14 - THU 7/24/14

FRI 7/18  12-6pm   Farmers Market at Franklin Common
FRI 7/18   6:30pm   Art Night Uncorked at Franklin Art Center
FRI 7/18  8:00am   Gianetti's U-Pick Blueberries opening day

SAT 7/19  9am-4pm   Book Sale at Franklin Public Library

SUN 7/20   9am-12pm   Bag Sale at Franklin Public Library

MON 7/21   4-7pm   Farmer’s Market at Whole Foods Plaza in Bellingham
MON 7/21   6pm   Franklin Senior Center: Free Concert and Social
MON 7/21   6:30pm   Family PJ Storytime at Franklin Public Library.

TUE 7/22   2:30pm   Hunger Games Survival Course, grades 6-12, Franklin Public Library
TUE 7/22   2-7pm   Franklin Community Blood Drive at LDS Church, 61 Jordan Rd. Franklin   
TUE 7/22   4pm   Lego Club and Games, Franklin Public Library

WED 7/23   1pm   Swimmy/Swimmer Shadow Puppet Show, Franklin Public Library
WED 7/23   6pm   Concerts on the Common - Ethan Rossiter and the Jamberries with Sharon Concert Band
WED 7/23   8pm   One Acts - Franklin Performing Arts Company

THU 7/24   8pm   Midsummer Night’s Dream by FSPA at Franklin Town Common

For all the Town of Franklin Public Meetings click HERE.

For event details click HERE.

*If you have any suggestions or events for the calendar, please email

FHS Last Tour: Corridors and Student Art Work - part 9 (photos)

Let's continue the walk through the corridors of Franklin High School on the 'last tour.' I'll share photos of student art work and other significant items of interest picking up from where we left off last time.

student art 1
student art 1

student art 2
student art 2

student art 3
student art 3

student art 4
student art 4

student art 5
student art 5

student art 6
student art 6

student art 7
student art 7

student art 8
student art 8

Photos shared earlier can be found here:

Note: all the photos will be posted to Facebook and to Flickr for anyone to view in a single place. The locations are already established and photos will be added to them over time.

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Gianetti's U-Pick Blueberries - Opening Weekend!

IT'S BLUEBERRY TIME! We are opening for our regular picking season on Friday July 18th.

sign at entrance to Gianetti's U-Pick Blueberries
sign at entrance to Gianetti's U-Pick Blueberries
We are so happy to announce that Gianetti's U-Pick Blueberries will be opening for the regular picking season on Friday July 18th and Saturday July 19th at 8 a.m.. If at all possible, please arrive after 8 a.m. to ease the traffic jam during the morning commute, and to prevent a back-up on the street. So mark your calendars, tell all of your friends, grab your favorite picking pail and join us for a tasty time.

As usual will be open every Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. throughout the months of July and August. If there happens to be inclement weather on either a Friday or Saturday, please call 508-528-9430 ahead of time to make sure that we are open. A message will be posted on the machine by 7 a.m..

If you happen to forget to bring your own picking container, don't worry, we have containers for you to use.

Please use the link below to forward this e-mail to your family and friends. We don't want anyone to miss out on this year's great picking season!

The hot weather the last week and the rain this week has been great for the berries, they are ripening nicely.. U-Pick Blueberries will be open for 2014 picking season Friday July 18th and Saturday July 19th!

It looks to be a great picking season this year; the branches are laden with berries. Of course our tender loving care over the past 10 months didn't hurt either. Do you know that each and every one of our bushes are hand pruned every year to help promote new growth and lots of blueberries? We also make sure we have enough honeybees on the property in the spring to ensure proper pollination.

We have 5 varieties of blueberries on our farm. Collins are the earliest variety of the season. Our mid-season varieties are Blueray, Bluecrop, and Berkley. Finally, our late season variety is Coville. With these five varieties we are able to provide our customers with lots of big, sweet, and tasty blueberries for about 6-8 weeks each year.

Through a proclamation of the United States Department of Agriculture, July is National Blueberry Month, and what a wonderful time to celebrate these little berries by picking your own at our farm!

Remember we usually pick through the middle of August so if you can't make it on our opening weekend, don't worry there will be more next weekend.

Blueberries and Your Health
Did you know that blueberries are the second most commonly eaten berry in the U.S.? (Strawberries are the first). They are also one of the few fruits native to North America, blueberries have been enjoyed by Native Americans for hundreds of years.

Blueberries are renowned not only for their flavor but for their impact on health. The USDA recommends adults enjoy two cups of fruit a day - all year round. Fresh blueberries can help you fulfill that recommendation. A half-cup of blueberries has just 40 calories and contributes to our daily intake of dietary fiber and vitamin C.

After many years of research on blueberry antioxidants and their potential benefits for the nervous system and for brain health, there is exciting new evidence from researchers at the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center that blueberries can help improve memory. Also, scientific studies show that blueberries contain antioxidants that may be beneficial to good health. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals, which are linked to the development of a number of diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease and other age-related conditions such as Alzheimer's.

New studies also make it clear that we can freeze blueberries without doing damage to their delicate anthocyanin antioxidants.


How much does a pint weigh?

A pint of blueberries weighs approximately 3/4 of a pound.

What's the best way to store fresh blueberries?

Fresh blueberries should be stored uncovered in the refrigerator. They will last for up to 10 days. Remember that they need to be completely dry when stored.

Do you have handicapped parking?

We try our best to accommodate our handicapped customers with allowing them to park as close to the field as possible. However, since this is a working farm some walking on uneven ground is required.

Can I bring my dog along?

Unfortunately due to health reasons, dogs (except service dogs of course) are not allowed in the field. Please be kind to your pet and leave them at home to rest, while you enjoy your picking experience, it's really too hot to leave them in your car in the middle of the summer.

Do you take credit cards?

We do not have electricity out in the field, and therefore do not accept credit cards. Cash and personal checks are always more than happily accepted.

Do you advertise?

Word of mouth is our best form of advertisement. We rely on our customers to spread the word to their family, friends, and neighbors. So we appreciate it when you do your part! Our main means of communication is through our email list and on Facebook. Check us out on Facebook!

Do you have restroom facilities?

Unfortunately, we do not have restroom facilities on-site. However, if Mother Nature calls, there is a gas station or Dunkin Donuts 1/10th of a mile down the street.

Thank you for your continued patronage. It is loyal customers like you that make all of our hard work enjoyable. We hope you enjoy our blueberries and your picking experience at our farm.

Gianettis' U Pick Blueberries (508) 528-9430
557 Union St | Franklin | MA | 02038

Young Professionals Send A Deserving Child To Camp This Summer At The YMCA

The United Regional Young Professionals Organization (“YPO”) successfully achieved its goal set earlier this year to send a deserving child to summer camp at the Hockomock Area YMCA. This accomplishment was a group effort of many local professionals who gave donations at YPO events held from April through June.
Young Professionals Organization

Tom Dunn, YPO Secretary, commented: “Raising the funds to send a child to camp at the North Attleboro Hockomock Y was a great way to end our year before we take some time off this summer. The Y has an important and special place in our community. As a North Attleboro resident who gets great use out of the Y, especially with my young children, I am very happy I could help the YPO achieve its goal.”

“Our charity drives are gaining greater momentum each time we do one,” explains YPO President, Sean Chrobak. He further commented: “It is rewarding to help our local charities such as Project Smile, Julia Cekala Foundation, and YMCA. There has been a strong interest amongst our attendees to contribute and I am optimistic that it will also lead to future giving outside the YPO’s involvement.” 
YPO President Sean Chrobak presents fundraising gift to Hockomock Area YMCA campers
During July and August, the YPO Board Members will plan for the next year. The board is represented by individuals that live and work locally and consists of the following members: Sean Chrobak, Business Development Director at Cloud Construct; Ronald Groves, Financial Services Professional with New York Life; Tom Dunn, Partner at Pierce Atwood LLP; Jenny Wilson, co-owner of Cruise Planners; Vicky Faunce, Mortgage Consultant at Bristol County Savings Bank and Jason Allegretti, Senior Associate at Allegretti Major & Co. 
The YPO is an affiliate of the United Regional Chamber of Commerce. There is no membership fee to engage in YPO events and educational workshops. The mission of the YPO is to engage, connect and empower career-minded young professionals to evolve professionally while also engaging in fun and stress-free networking. Representing diverse backgrounds, perspectives and professions, we are united by our energy, drive and passion within our careers and communities. The YPO serves 16 communities in our region (Attleboro, Bellingham, Blackstone, Foxboro, Franklin, Mansfield, Medway, Medfield, Millis, Norfolk, North Attleboro, Norton, Plainville, Rehoboth, Seekonk and Wrentham, Massachusetts).

For those who are interested in learning more or getting further engaged with the YPO, visit, call 508-488-YPO1 (9761), or e-mail the YPO at

Thursday, July 17, 2014

FHS Last Tour: Corridors and Student Art Work - part 8 (photos)

Let's continue the walk through the corridors of Franklin High School on the 'last tour.' I'll share photos of student art work and other significant items of interest picking up from where we left off last time.

student art - mural
student art - mural

student art - mural
student art - mural 1

student art - mural 2
student art - mural 2

student art - mural 2  - detail bottom right
student art - mural 2  - detail bottom right

student art - mural 2  - detail center
student art - mural 2  - detail center

student art - mural 2  - detail bottom left
student art - mural 2  - detail bottom left

student art - mural 3
student art - mural 3

Photos shared earlier can be found here:

Note: all the photos will be posted to Facebook and to Flickr for anyone to view in a single place. The locations are already established and photos will be added to them over time.

Facebook album       Flickr album

Franklin Community Blood Drive - July 22

Boy Scout Troop #112 is sponsoring a blood drive on Tuesday, July 12, 2014. It will be held at the LDS Church, 91 Jordan Road from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

blood drive - July 22  2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

2014 Whatever Theater Festival

The Franklin Performing Arts Company (FPAC) presents the 2014 Whatever Theater Festival, running from Wednesday, July 23 to Saturday, July 26 at the Franklin School for the Performing Arts (FSPA) and Franklin Town Common. The 7th annual festival features Shakespeare’s enduringly popular comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream and a presentation of One Acts, an eclectic series of one-act plays. All performances are free of charge, with donations to FPAC gratefully accepted. 
  • One Acts will be performed on July 23 at 8 p.m. and again on July 26 at 7 p.m. at FSPA, located at 38 Main Street in downtown Franklin. 
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be staged on Franklin Town Common (High Street) on July 24 and 25 at 8 p.m. 
  • Saturday’s performance of One Acts will be followed by the Whatever Theater Festival SoireĆ©, a fun and informal presentation of unusual talents, at FSPA. 
Conceived and directed by Nick Paone, FPAC’s Whatever Theater Festival brings together professional artists, FPAC alumni, students and community performers in a collaborative theatrical experience that showcases an exciting range of dramatic and comedic works. 
FPAC presents the 2014 Whatever Theater Festival from July 23-26, featuring a free presentation of Shakespeare’s beloved comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Franklin Town Common

Festival Music Director Hallie Wetzell noted, “The uniting of old friends, student alumni, community participants and young people is a source of great pride for all of us at FPAC. To belong to an organization that brings together people from many different walks of life to promote theater in our backyard is extremely fulfilling. I hope our community will join us in celebrating the arts this summer!” 
For more information, call the Franklin Performing Arts Company at (508) 528-8668 or visit The Whatever Theater Festival is sponsored by Middlesex Savings Bank, and, in part, by grants from the Franklin, Norfolk and North Attleboro Cultural Councils, local agencies which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Utility short cut

The utility poles are an interesting challenge in these days after deregulation. Who really owns the pole these days? One or more of the power companies? One or more of the phone companies? One or more of the cable companies?

Walking this past weekend, I happened to look up at one of the new poles put in recently along Mount St and found this cool example of a practical 'short cut'.

utility short cut
utility short cut

utility short cut - view 2
utility short cut - view 2

You can find this pole on the corner of Summer and Mount Streets here in Franklin.

Your Brand NEW HMEA Summer Newsletter

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TopSUMMER 2014
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Quick Links

HMEA's 13th Annual Independence 5K Run and Walk, Roll & Stroll, held on Sunday, May 18, 2014 at the EMC2 Manufacturing facility's soccer field saw nearly 300 runners in the early morning run, and over 2,000 walkers stroll through the Franklin Industrial Park at mid-morning.
Two Pawtuxet Rangers shoot muskets to start the Independence 5K Run.
Over 2,000 people participated in the Independence Walk, Roll & Stroll.

Fundraisier Unites Communities
FundraiserThere are all sorts of communities: the HMEA community, the community of people with developmental disabilities, the autism community, the communities of Franklin, Wrentham, Bellingham, Milford, Millis, Mansfield and so many more!! They all came together for one day on May 18th for the 13th Annual Independence 5K Run and Walk, Roll & Stroll at the beautiful field owned by EMC2 in Franklin. 2200 people ranging in age from 1 to 91 came to walk, to run, to volunteer, and to support the programs of HMEA run by 640 caring and competent staff for over 3800 individuals with disabilities. With some sponsorships still coming in the event is sure to reach over $220,000.

Talented volunteers came from Home Depot in Bellingham, Sodexo Foods at Dean College, Big Y Supermarkets, King Philip High School students and many more. All totaled...221 volunteers tallied up 774 volunteer hours and you couldn't miss them - dressed in bright fluorescent green volunteer shirts donated by EMC2.

The event was a family oriented fun day with kids' activities, such as touch a truck - a Franklin fire truck, police vehicle displays, and National Guard vehicles - free food, parking, tee shirts, entertainment, and fun games. Special guests included the mascots Finz from the Worcester Sharks, and the Cardi Brothers, NiRoPe. In addition there was a Dog Obedience Show from, a Hot Rod exhibition, the Music Bubbleman, face painting, raffles, caricature artists, dress-up photo booth, a superb giant cookout and a whole lot more. The Massachusetts National Guard and the Pawtuxet Rangers participated in the opening ceremonies by providing a special tribute to America's Armed Forces.

A special Dream Come True raffle was held with over 60 prizes won, including a Bose SoundLink III and Soundlink Mini system, Red Sox Tickets, stays at Boston Harbor Hotel, the Renaissance at Patriot Place, and Doubletree suites, Abrams Books donated 50 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Workbooks by Jeff Kinney, and a five burner outdoor grill from Home Depot!

See more of the event's activities in pictures throughout this newsletter!

 NewHMEA welcomes Katie Goode who recently joined the Board of Directors. She is an Assistant Vice President, Director, Human Resources, at the HomeGoods division of TJX. In her current role, Katie oversees human resources in the home office for HomeGoods. During her 27 years in human resources, she has provided support in the areas of associate relations, talent development and as a human resources business partner. Katie has a BS from Skidmore College and an MS from Lesley University.



HMEA's own Matt McNellage took home the Gold Medal for his weight class at the Massachusetts Special Olympics summer games held at Harvard University. Matt lifted 185 lbs. dead lift, 140 lbs. squat and
105 lbs. bench press.
CONGRATULATIONS, Matt! We're proud of your accomplishment! 


           For your support of the 13th Annual Independence 5K
                                 Run and Walk, Roll & Stroll
 THANKThis year we had many sponsors and donors of raffle prizes and gifts-in-kind that we would like to thank for their generosity and support of this event. 
  All Pro Cleaners...Big Blue Bug Solutions...Bren Tuning... Cloud4Causes...Dean Bank...DeMoulas Market...Eagle Stainless
Hudson Seating & Mobility...JACO...KGA...McFee Auto Center
Met Life Insurance...Andrew & Marilyn Moore...Neighborhood Insurance Co.
New Corr Packaging...Owens & Minor...Park Development
Plansee USA...Selective...Sentinal Benefits & Financial
T&J Heating, AC & Plumbing...Team Cross Fitness/Franklin...
 The Landing...The Plaza at Bellingham Commons
 Todson, Inc.... United Benefits...UPS


Abrams Publishing...Applebee's Restaurant...Barett Distribution Center
Big Blue Bug Solutions...Big Y Supermarkets... Bose Corporation
Boston Harbor Hotel Franklin/Boston...Boston Sports Club
Cardi's Furniture...Carol Barry...CBIZ Tofias...Children's Services
Dansko Shoes/Becky Smith... Deb Monaghan...Double Tree Hotel of Milford
Doug MacPherson...Ficco's Bowladrome... Franklin DDS
Home Depot...Jean Cahill Social Recreational Club...Joan Mikalauskas
Judy Davis...Jump Trax...Linda Conley...Liz Bird...Luis Jorge
Marriott Residence Inn...Michelle Donohue...Nancy Moloney
North Bowl Lanes...Pauline Santoro...Quality Beverage...Ride Away
 Ron Barnes...The Biagioni's...The Darnell School
The Marriott Renaissance at Patriot Place...Veronica Rich
Walmart Stores...Waste Management...WMRC Radio



Individuals from one of HMEA's residences thank DCU for their
support of the Independence 5K Run and Walk, Roll & Stroll. 




HMEAHMEA's Autism Resource Center
2014 5K & Walk for Autism Awareness
raised $200,000!
Here's a peak at the day in pictures...
 While the weather on April 27, 204 was anything buy sunny, the spirits of  all those who participated in this annual event was not dampened at all...EVERYONE had a great time! the money raised at this event allows   the ARCCM to continue to provide valuable resources, supports and service to many families whose children have been diagnosed with autism. Thank you all for supporting this great program and helping children and families living with autism.

Ona Bouchie (center) from Open Door Yoga in No. Attleboro and
Yoga instructor for several HMEA programs was this year's
50/50 raffle prize winner at the Run/Walk. Here she shares her joy
with friends from HMEA's Hopedale program.


LocalLocal Politicians standing with The Caring FORCE
HMEA CEO Michael Moloney introduces Representative Jeff Roy,
who addressed close to 700 Caring Force Human Service
Workers at a rally at the Massachusetts State House

Senator Karen Spilka hoists up the Care Bear in solidarity with
The Caring Force of Human Service Workers at the same rally. 


Shana Moreau, Transportation Coordinator for HMEA and
some folks from the Bellingham program receive the key
to their brand new 2014 Toyota Sienna Mobility van, won by HMEA
in Toyota's 100 car for good 2013 contest!

AA very 'thankful' group
I would like to thank you for awarding the beautiful Toyota van to Bellingham Clinical Day. Nathan Daigneault, George Chapman, Cameron Mackie and staff were thrilled to be a part of the ceremony. Nathan said "I am a celebrity now". Too cute. George said "I feel on top of the world" and Cameron thinks he owns the vehicle. I love it. It is very spacious and will meet the needs of our program. We feel blessed.
Have a wonderful day and again - Thank you!!!!!!

Charmain Thomas, PS
HMEA Bellingham Clinical Day Habilitation"
Senator Richard Ross also commented on HMEA being an award recipient and winner of a brand new Toyota Sienna Mobility van through Toyota's "100 Cars for Good" campaign.


Joanne (left) and her sister Marie visiting after 40 years.

Sisters find each other after being separated for many years 

Thanks to HMEA, and the efforts of Shared Living providers Margarette and Eric Voyard, Joanne, who is supported by HMEA, and her sister Marie were able to be reconnected after 40 years. Marie said she always wondered what happened to her younger sister. But, after some internet investigation and 'people' searching, the sisters found each other, and they were thrilled at the idea of seeing each other again.

Following several phone calls of getting to know each other again, an overnight trip was planned for Joanne to visit Marie in Maine to celebrate her birthday. Marie invited an aunt, a cousin and nephew along with their friends and family for the special occasion. When Joanne arrived, she immediately remembered her sister and said, "that's Marie". The afternoon was filled with tears, hugs, laughter and picture taking.

Joanne received a special card that read:
I've waited a long time to see you!
This is a Special Day!
Lots of Love, Luck and Laughter
Always Your Sister, Marie.


RedSoxBoston Red Sox Honor HMEA at Disability Awareness Night
Making Kids Dreams Come True

Since 2007, HMEA has been the proud recipient of being one of the select groups honored by the Boston Red Sox at a pregame, on field ceremony. Staff, families and individuals supported by HMEA were able to attend the game and sit in specially selected seats chosen by the Red Sox. Two families from HMEA's Autism Resource Center were on the field with their children who were chosen as honorary Bat Boy and Bat Girl, meeting Wally The Green Monster, and being introduced to the sellout crowd of 38,000. In addition Ryan from HMEA's Plainville program was selected to start the game with those two words we all love to hear as he bellowed out to the crowd and the players, "PLAY BAAAAAAAAALL."
A really sweet personal "Thank You" note
acknowledging the great time this family
had being involved with this year's
Red Sox Disabilities Awareness Night.


Rockland Trust Franklin Branch Manager Laurel Katsaros (top left)
presented a grant check to members of HMEA's Hopedale program
and Doug MacPherson, Vice President of Development and PR.
Rich Lehay, President/CEO, Holly Deslauriers, Marketing Mgr. and Sam Bitar,
Foundation Executive Director from the Webster Five Bank with landscaping equipment bought with funds from the foundation for HMEA's Millbury Employment Program


BecomeBecome a member of the HMEA Legacy Society
What will your Legacy be?
7 steps to leave your Legacy...
1. Prepare a will. Without a will you lose control over your property at death.
2. Consult an attorney, accountant or financial advisor about tax-friendly options for making a legacy gift.
3. Contact the organization(s) of your choice to learn about opportunities for legacy giving.
4. Leave a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the assets in your will to a charity of your choice.
5. Name a charity as the beneficiary of your pension or a life insurance policy.
6. Consider using non-cash assets for your legacy gift.
7. Remember that almost everyone has the capacity to leave a legacy.


For more than 50 years HMEA has provided exceptional services and supports to 3800 children and adults with developmental disabilities and intellectual challenges in more than 110 Massachusetts communities.
Doug MacPherson
VP of Development and Public Relations

| 8 Forge Park East | Franklin | MA | 02038