Saturday, June 11, 2011

Relay for Life - slideshow

I was at the Relay for Life opening Friday evening. Here is a collections of photos:

Hopefully the rain today won't hinder the walkers effort too much!

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"We're playing Russian roulette"

"This was my sixth budget year and in each of those six years we've made cuts," Town Council Chairman Scott Mason said. "The budget that we just approved (Thursday) night stinks, just like the others before it. It's like we're crawling down a well and it's going to be very difficult for us to climb back out." 
The fiscal 2012 budget represents a 1.3 percent increase over this year's $88.1 million budget. It cuts about 31 positions, including two firefighters, two police officers, 5.5 library jobs and four Public Works jobs. 
Mason worried the cuts will make it harder to fix roads, could lead to a reactive police force and may increase firefighters' reaction time and reliance on mutual aid. 
"There's only so much we can do with less people," Town Councilor Tina Powderly said, noting the budget has remained relatively flat since fiscal 2009 despite rising energy, salt and insurance costs. "I think the budget was the best we could do but I don't sleep well at night. ... I'm very concerned about this town."

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In the News - Arts Academy, Woodshed Gallery, Partridge St

Franklin Arts Academy arts festival set

Woodshed Gallery featuring Franklin artist’s work

Franklin street will partially open after collapse

Friday, June 10, 2011

Go beyond the headline

Two headlines appeared in my RSS Reader at the same time, at first glance they seemed to be polar opposites. Reading beyond the headline, yes into the details of both articles one realizes that they were effectively saying the same thing.

Price Changes & Temperatures Soar in Franklin, MA

Consensus: MA home prices will fall in 2011, rise in 2012

What should you take away from this?
Don't depend on the headline to tell you what is in the article. The headlines are designed to catch your attention.

Feel free to click through to read Kathy Standard's article showing the amount of change in prices recently (and all prices heading down) and then Warren Reynolds' article referencing research predicting the downward trend in prices this year and recovery next year.

Franklin, MA

Farmers Market: noon to 6:00 PM

Reminder, the Farmers Market opens today on the Town Common from noon to 6:00 PM.

Franklin: Farmers Market

Relay for Life starts 6:00 PM Friday 6/10/11

The Relay for Life starts on the Franklin High School track at 6:00 PM Friday, June 10.

According to the website this morning, there are 35 team registered to walk. About 400 people will take part in this event that has already raised over $72,000.

For more information and to donate online, visit the Relay for Life website here

"the ability of the town to respond to emergencies"

The budget cuts about 31 positions, including two firefighters, two police officers, 5.5 library jobs, four Public Works jobs and more than 14 school positions. It represents a 1.3 percent increase over this year's $88.1 million budget. 
Cuts are needed because of decreased state aid, local revenue and $2 million less in federal school stimulus money. Increased contractual obligations and health insurance costs have led to a rise in the school budget, administrators have said. 
Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting said on Wednesday that there would be three to four layoffs on the town hall side. The rest of the positions are already vacant or will be by the start of the fiscal year next month.

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FHS and HMMS students visit the US Army Natick Labs

“This is the U.S. Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center. I know it’s a long name, but the most important word here is Soldier,” said Bulger, NSRDEC workforce development manager. “Everything we do here is to support the Soldier.” 
That is how Bulger greeted the 65 students assembled May 16 in Hunter Auditorium from Franklin (Mass.) High School and Franklin’s Horace Mann Middle School. About 40 high school students and 25 middle school students, accompanied by nine chaperones, divided into small groups to tour facilities on the installation. 
At each destination, an expert walked them through the lab, explained the basics of his or her job, answered questions, and provided a demonstration. Middle school children visited the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Lab, Sensory Lab, and Prototype Shop while high school students saw the Thermal Test Facility, Doriot Climatic Chambers, and Fiber Facility. 
The middle school kids really enjoyed the science experiments; one seventh grade student in particular was amazed by the MREs: “We had three-year-old cake! But it tasted the same as the other fresh cakes!” A fellow student commented: “The food stuff was really cool. I had never thought of doing this kind of job, but this visit definitely sparked my interest.” 
That’s what STEM visits are designed to do. Students are afforded the opportunity to glimpse what they could do in the future should they choose to pursue degrees in science, mathematics, education or technology. Students became scientists when they experimented here, while at the STEM Lab, students created mini bottle rockets, tested fabrics that repelled water, made silly putty, and performed chromatography tests.

Continue reading the remainder of the article on the US Army website here

Thursday, June 9, 2011

"it shows fairness, concern and sensitivity"

The Finance Committee has recommended an $89.3 million fiscal 2012 budget that cuts about 31 positions, including two firefighters, two police officers, 5.5 library jobs, four Public Works jobs and more than 14 school positions. It represents a 1.3 percent increase over this year's $88.1 million budget. 
Cuts are needed because of decreased state aid, local revenue and $2 million less in federal school stimulus money. Increased contractual obligations and health insurance costs have led to a rise in the school budget, administrators have said. 
Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting told the council there would be three to four layoffs on the town side. 
"That is very regrettable ... but is necessary to make ends meet," Nutting said. "I think we will be able to provide critical services with this budget because we have great employees and great department heads."

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Note: there would be more layoffs on the Town side if the Town had not already chosen to NOT fill positions as people left. Leaving the positions open in anticipation of these cuts was a wise move under the circumstances.

The FY 2012 budget page can be found here

In the News - jogger, schools, summer jobs, fire

Franklin jogger spooked by shirtless man

from The Milford Daily News News RSS 

Franklin students end year with early release days

Franklin Recreation offers summer jobs

Firefighters douse camper fire in Franklin

Budget Monitor: The Senate Fiscal Year 2012 Budget

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Budget Monitor:
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June 8, 2011 

With the House and Senate budget debate complete, conferees from the two branches are now meeting to resolve differences.  This Budget Monitor describes amendments adopted by the Senate, the differences between the Senate and House proposals, and how the recommendations in these proposals compare to current spending and, in some cases, to historic spending levels.

The full Senate did not make major changes to the Senate Ways and Means budget proposal.  Among the more significant amendments adopted were ones that modestly reduced cuts in certain education and youth jobs programs, in services for people with developmental disabilities, and in the clothing allowance for children who receive public assistance.

This Monitor also describes the major areas of difference between the House and Senate budgets.  Among the areas where the Senate proposes more funding than the House are health care for legal immigrants in the Commonwealth Care Bridge program, early intervention programs and other public health programs.  Major differences where the House is higher include child care for low-income working families and reimbursements for school districts with students in high need of high cost special education services.  

The report is available at or by clicking here.   

MassBudget's online Budget Browser has also been updated to include the Senate Fiscal Year 2012 budget.  

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MassBudget provides independent research and analysis of state budget and tax policies, as well as economic issues, with particular attention to the effects on low- and moderate-income people.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Franklin Arts Academy Arts Celebration - Jun 15

Franklin Arts Academy Arts Celebration, opens to the public June 15th.

The initiative to teach students with, by, and through the arts has exceeded expectations evidenced by the self motivation and vigor of the students. The night is to allow the public to see, and celebrate with us, the successful first year of this small learning community dedicated to fostering engagement a fully developed art based academic education. Please come, bring your friends and your camera!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
at Franklin High School on Oak St

Franklin, MA


From an email:


If you would like to support STATE SENATOR KAREN SPILKA
Senate Chair Economic Development & Emerging Technologies Committee

Monday, June 20th – 5:30-7:00 PM
Ken’s Steak House, 95 Worcester Road (Route 9 West), Framingham

Great conversation, great food and great company!

Suggested Contribution: $50 - $100 - $200- but all are welcome!
Contribute online:
Contribute by mail: Committee to Elect Karen Spilka, PO Box 2323, Framingham, MA 01703
Hope to see you Monday, June 20th!

Franklin, MA

Reminder: Franklin library closed this week

Sent to you by Steve Sherlock via Google Reader:

via The Milford Daily News News RSS by GateHouse Media, Inc. on 6/7/11

The Franklin Public Library is closed this week for renovations.

Things you can do from here:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Partridge St: emergency road closure

Hello this is Brutus Cantoreggi, Director of Public Works calling with an important message regarding a road closure and a detour.

Effective immediately, Partridge St is closed to all traffic between Harborwood and Dover Circle due to a culvert collapses.

Please try and avoid the area if at all possible. Detours are presently being set up. We hope to open Partridge St. as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding, further information can be found on the Town's website or by calling the Franklin Department of Public Works @ 508-520-4910

To listen to the above message, you will need audio software and speakers on your computer.
This e-mail has been sent to you by TOWN OF FRANKLIN. To maximize their communication with you, you may be receiving this e-mail in addition to a phone call with the same message. If you wish to discontinue this service, please inform TOWN OF FRANKLIN either IN PERSON, by US MAIL, or by TELEPHONE at (508) 520-4938. THIS E-MAIL ADDRESS IS NOT MONITORED. Please do not reply to this e-mail as we are not able to respond to messages sent to this address.

Where is Partridge St?

View Larger Map

The map shows the stream where it crosses the road. This would be the exact spot where the culvert is.

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In the News - housing proposal, water restrictions,

Rejected Franklin housing proposal coming back again

Franklin lawn watering restrictions start today

Franklin, MA

Monday, June 6, 2011

Parmenter sign

The 'end of school year' events are appearing on the school signs around Franklin.

Parmenter sign: end of school year events


Franklin, MA

Franklin, MA: Town Council - Agenda - Jun 9, 2011

FY 2012 Budget Hearing – 2nd

1. Resolution 10-30: Adoption of FY 2011 Budget


Note: the FY 2012 summary budget document can be found on the Franklin website

Franklin, MA



Lawn watering is restricted to ONE-DAY PER WEEK BY TRASH DAY. Lawn watering not permitted between 9:00 AM thru 5:00 PM.


During the summer months, the Town experiences excessively high demands for water due to lawn watering. There have been 24-hour periods during which water consumption has been more than twice our average daily water usage for the year. Because of the tremendous increase in the demand for water and state restrictions on the amount of water that can be pumped daily, the Town of Franklin must place mandatory water conservation measures in effect for lawn watering during the summer months. 
The summer Water Conservation Measures are needed to limit the daily demand on the water system in order to ensure that adequate water is available to meet the public health and safety needs of the Town. This measure is necessary to maintain the water levels in the tanks for fire protection and normal consumption use. A total of 1-inch of water once per week from rain and watering promotes the healthiest lawns. Non-compliance with these regulations could adversely affect public health and safety. Violators are subject to fines up to $200.

Originally posted on the Franklin, MA website

Franklin, MA

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Franklin, MA: Town Council - Agenda - Jun 8, 2011





Joint Appointment of Member to the Franklin Planning Board
John F. Carroll

Public Hearing – FY 2012 Town of Franklin Budget - 1st




1. Resolution 11-27: Appropriation FY 2010 Allowance for Abatements & Exemptions
2. Resolution 11-28: Appropriation Stabilization Fund
3. Resolution 11-29: Establishment of Elected Officials Salaries





O. EXECUTIVE SESSION – Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required


Note: the full document for the agenda can be found on the Franklin Town Council web page

Franklin, MA

In the News - toys, fire

These toys aren't fun for DPW in Franklin

Fire scorches Franklin home

Franklin, MA

Recycling Center News

Effective 6/3/11 the Franklin Recycling Center will be accepting Visa/Mastercard credit and debit cards. 
FY 2012 stickers are also on sale for $20 which are good now through 6/30/2012. 
Stickers will be affixed to the windshield by the attendant - no exceptions.

Originally posted on the Franklin, MA website

Additional info about recycling in Franklin can be found on the Recycling and Solid Waste page here

Franklin, MA