Saturday, August 6, 2011

In the News - kites, horses

Franklin couple lives to make kites

Franklin woman wants drivers to beware of horses

Headed out to Sturbridge today for the PMC!

An email from Marty Middelmann provides info n the PMC schedule:

Thank you all for contributing to my PMC ride.  So far I have raised over $4,600!

I'm headed out to Sturbridge today for my 3rd Pan Mass Challenge.

If you want to be a part of it you can watch the opening ceremonies at 7:00 pm tonight either on WCVB Channel 5 or, if you don't happen to live in Massachusetts, live streamed  online at

(Don't worry everybody, you'll only miss the first hour of the Yankees/Red Sox game ;-)  )

I will be posting updates throughout the weekend on Twitter and on my FaceBook Page:

Martin Middelmann
Pan-Mass Challenge Rider
Cure Cancer by donating here:


Friday, August 5, 2011

Farmers' Market: noon to 6:00 PM

Franklin Farmers Market,  Friday,  12:00pm to 6:00pm

Located on the Town Common

Franklin: Farmers Market

Reminder that the Farmers' Market now accepts SNAP dollars and can double your purchasing power.

Visit the Food Pantry tent at the Farmers' Market for details.

British Beer Company - ribbon cutting

The United Chamber of Commerce welcomed the British Beer Company (BBC) with a ribbon cutting ceremony this week. The British Beer Company opened in January in the former Applebee's location at the Franklin Village Mall. It is a very popular place with waits up to 90 minutes on Friday's nights.

For more information on the United Regional Chamber of Commerce visit their website

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jane's Frames: You don't want to miss this Inventory Clearance Sale!


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Framed Art sale 2

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Note: This is not a paid advertisement. I have used and paid for framing services from Jane's Frames

Interesting reports on school funding

Two interesting reports for summer reading:

The Design of the Rhode Island School Funding Formula

Measuring Inequity in School Funding

In the News - high school sports

Franklin High fall sports registration slated

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Math can explain Franklin

I had heard that the walking speed of people in cities varies according to the size of the city. The larger the size of the city, the faster the walking speed. Think about it and you can see from your own travels that this is true. Walk around Franklin. Go to Boston. Go to New York. You do need to walk much faster in New York to keep up with the flow on the sidewalk don't you?

The walking speed is one aspect of the theory that is coming together now about how cities and companies grow. Why does this matter? What has Franklin done? The population has tripled since the 1960's.

The problems Franklin faced when it was 10,000 people are different that it is now 30,000 people. The ideas that worked for 10,000 won't necessarily work for 30,000 people. Why? A multitude of reasons but there is one basic and fundamental reason that is now explained by Geoffrey West with this new theory.

Watch the video (18 minutes). More than once to get the information and begin to digest it.

Fascinating stuff. Follow the links to the TED Talk page and find additional information on the studies that have brought this theory to light.

I happen to think that Franklin tends to behave like a teenager. We are in that middle stage of growth trying to remain a kid yet forced to recognize that we have an adult-like body. We still want to play but are being forced to work, and not just 'to work' but 'to work' differently than our parents. It is a new and changing world.

How do you think this applies to Franklin?

Note: email subscribers will need to click through to Franklin Matters to view the video.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Election 2011 - Summary

Election results

Election results (Town Clerk sheet with counts by precinct)

Election Time Line and info

Offer to Candidates

Candidate questions

_Election Sign - Nov 8

Candidate Interviews
Rich Aucoin answers 3 questions

Deborah Bartlett answers 3 questions

Ed Cafasso answers 3 questions

Sean Donahue answers 3 questions

Glenn Jones answers 3 questions

Tina Powderly answers 3 questions

Jeffrey Roy answers 3 questions

Candidate Night Summary

Candidate Night Video clips (each link takes you to that section)

Town Clerk                     Treasurer/Collector

Board of Health                Town Council

School Committee

Note: the Forum was only for the contested positions. The candidates for Constable declined to appear.

Town Council Attendance Chart

Election sign collection (captured with my phone camera while running around town)

Milford Daily News articles

"I feel, why change this now?"

"It isn't something you can do overnight"

The Nov 8th line up confirmed

The line up gets closer

Vote Tuesday

Milford Daily News candidate profiles

Profile of Phillip Brunelli

Profile of Charles Delfino

Planning Board
Profile of Greg Ballarino

Profile of William David

Town Council
Profile of Judith Pond Pfeffer

Profile of Robert Dellorco

Profile of Joseph McGann

Profile of Thomas Mercer

Profile of Ronald Calabrese

Profile of Juan Ramon Rivera

Profile of Jeffrey Roy

Profile of Tina Powderly

Profile of Andrew Bissanti

Profile of Matt Kelly

Profile on Robert Vallee

Board of Health
Profile on Phillip Brunelli

Profile on Richard Aucoin

Profile on Donald Ranieri, Jr

Town Clerk
Profile on Deborah Bartlett

Profile on Deborah Pellegri

Board of Assessors
Profile on Ken Norman

Profile on Vincent Debaggis

Profile on Mark Denommee

Profile on Jim Dacey

School Committee
Profile on John Jewell

Profile on Pamela McIntyre

Profile on Cindy Douglas

Profile on Susan Rohrbach

Profile on Paula Mullen

Profile on Sean Donahue

Profile on Roberta Trahan

Profile on Ed Cafasso

Candidate websites
(if you know of a candidate website not listed here, please let me know)

Deb Bartlett  -

Mark Denommee -  and

Sean Donahue - and

John Jewell -

Glenn Jones - and

Tina Powderly - and

Jeffrey Roy -

Downtown Project - paving progress

On my walk downtown Sunday morning, I took these photos. Depot St looking toward the Municipal parking lot. The train station is down to the right.

Depot St - paving update

Emmons St at the corner of Main St. Dean College is immediately to the left.

Eamons St - paving update

Additional info on the two downtown projects funded by State and Federal money can be found here

"are there enough people who understand the need for a school?"

The Boston Globe West captures the high school building project in part by writing:
The complexity of the current building would make renovations very invasive to the school day, officials said. With 19 different roof lines and walls primarily lined with cinder block, construction workers couldn’t possibly refurbish the school in a discreet manner. 
“We would literally have to rip apart the walls to get to the plumbing,’’ said Sabolinski. 
As the building committee conducted a feasibility study, it discovered that renovations would also prove very costly. In a budget document released to the public in March, the committee revealed that an extensive renovation would cost $97.9 million before state reimbursement. In the same document, the projection for a model school stood at $91.6 million. But the state allocates an additional 5 percent to the total reimbursement of the model school project, which lowers the final town cost to just under $40 million. 
For years the committee debated the renovation-rebuilding quandary, until the scales tipped decidedly last month when the Massachusetts School Building Authority indicated that it would probably invite Franklin to join its model school program. A quasi-independent government agency, the state authority aims to streamline public school building projects throughout the Commonwealth.
You can read the full article here:

In the News - record destruction

Franklin Public Schools to destroy records

Sunday, July 31, 2011

PanMass Challenge: Franklin riders

To help with the fund raising efforts of the Franklin riders for the PanMass Challenge, here are the links to their individual fund raising pages (in alphabet order by last name):

Tim Brightman

Peter Lounsbury -

Paul Metcalf

Martin Middelmann

Jeff Nutting

Ethan Pearl

Michele Pearl 

Jeff Roy

If there are other Franklin riders, please let me know and I'll add them here.

PanMass Challenge rides through Franklin Saturday

The Remington Jefferson School complex will be busy Saturday morning. The site is a rest stop on the course for the PanMass Challenge. Hundreds of bike riders will roll through, take a quick break, some refreshments, pose for pictures with friends and family and ride on!

Slide show of photos from 2009:

The site lays out the purpose of the PMC in plain words - "When cyclists register for the PMC, they are signing up for a fundraising mission first and a bike ride second. ... Raising money for cancer research and treatment at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is the core of the PMC mission." 
"We're remaining true to the mission," said Starr. 
Riders settle into their own methods of raising money. Most send out letters each year, via email and the Postal Service, but their recipients vary from 50 people who give much, to 200 people who give what they can. Some letters are personalized, some are identical form letters. Some have heart-wrenching stories, while others simply remind loyal followers that it's the time of year to give again. 
To donate to any of the riders or teams in the PMC, check and plug a name or team into the search bar.

Read more:

To help search for Franklin riders, I have a page set up with the links to their individual fund raising pages.

If there are other Franklin riders, please let me know

"The drug containers work like a mailbox"

Medway and 12 other Norfolk County towns are using the drug containers after Morrissey wrote the county police chiefs in May and asked them to participate in the program. 
Franklin and Wrentham also have the boxes, and about 300,000 people will have access to the containers across the county, Morrissey said. 
Franklin Police Chief Stephen Williams said a container has been at the station for about a month. 
"I think prescription drug abuse is endemic almost everywhere," Williams said. "We're seeing many of our young people become involved in it, and where are they getting the drugs from? From their mom and dad's prescriptions and friends."

Read more: