Monday, August 1, 2011

Election 2011 - Summary

Election results

Election results (Town Clerk sheet with counts by precinct)

Election Time Line and info

Offer to Candidates

Candidate questions

_Election Sign - Nov 8

Candidate Interviews
Rich Aucoin answers 3 questions

Deborah Bartlett answers 3 questions

Ed Cafasso answers 3 questions

Sean Donahue answers 3 questions

Glenn Jones answers 3 questions

Tina Powderly answers 3 questions

Jeffrey Roy answers 3 questions

Candidate Night Summary

Candidate Night Video clips (each link takes you to that section)

Town Clerk                     Treasurer/Collector

Board of Health                Town Council

School Committee

Note: the Forum was only for the contested positions. The candidates for Constable declined to appear.

Town Council Attendance Chart

Election sign collection (captured with my phone camera while running around town)

Milford Daily News articles

"I feel, why change this now?"

"It isn't something you can do overnight"

The Nov 8th line up confirmed

The line up gets closer

Vote Tuesday

Milford Daily News candidate profiles

Profile of Phillip Brunelli

Profile of Charles Delfino

Planning Board
Profile of Greg Ballarino

Profile of William David

Town Council
Profile of Judith Pond Pfeffer

Profile of Robert Dellorco

Profile of Joseph McGann

Profile of Thomas Mercer

Profile of Ronald Calabrese

Profile of Juan Ramon Rivera

Profile of Jeffrey Roy

Profile of Tina Powderly

Profile of Andrew Bissanti

Profile of Matt Kelly

Profile on Robert Vallee

Board of Health
Profile on Phillip Brunelli

Profile on Richard Aucoin

Profile on Donald Ranieri, Jr

Town Clerk
Profile on Deborah Bartlett

Profile on Deborah Pellegri

Board of Assessors
Profile on Ken Norman

Profile on Vincent Debaggis

Profile on Mark Denommee

Profile on Jim Dacey

School Committee
Profile on John Jewell

Profile on Pamela McIntyre

Profile on Cindy Douglas

Profile on Susan Rohrbach

Profile on Paula Mullen

Profile on Sean Donahue

Profile on Roberta Trahan

Profile on Ed Cafasso

Candidate websites
(if you know of a candidate website not listed here, please let me know)

Deb Bartlett  -

Mark Denommee -  and

Sean Donahue - and

John Jewell -

Glenn Jones - and

Tina Powderly - and

Jeffrey Roy -


  1. Steve, great blog and informative and don't find that too often these days. Mark Denommee also has a website:

  2. Steve, great blog. Informative and don't find that too often. Mark Denommee also has a website: