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Circle of Friends CoffeeHouse: Joe Jencks, January 13, 8:00 PM

Joe Jencks

Joe Jencks
January 13
8:00 PM -  $25
Joe Jencks is an international touring musician, award-winning songwriter and celebrated vocalist, known for his performances of musical beauty, social consciousness and spiritual exploration. Having penned several #1 Folk-songs including the ever relevant Lady of The Harbor, Jencks has become a fan favorite throughout North America and a Circle of Friends favorite as well.

The Circle of Friends Coffeehouse is a non-profit organization affiliated with Franklin's First Universalist Society. Concerts are presented in a smoke free and alcohol free environment at the Society's handicapped accessible Meetinghouse, 262 Chestnut St. in Franklin, and begin at 8:00 PM; doors open at 7:30 PM. Tickets for this show are $25. Beverages and gourmet desserts will be available. Please visit to purchase tickets or for more information

Upcoming Shows
The Nields, Matt Nakoa, Garnet Rogers and Susan Werner!
Circle of Friends CoffeeHouse: Joe Jencks, January 13, 8:00 PM

Circle of Friends Coffeehouse · First Universalist Society · 262 Chestnut St · Franklin, MA 02038 · USA

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Franklin, MA: Town Council Agenda for Meeting - January 3, 2024

Agenda & Meeting Packet
January 3, 2024 7:00 PM

Meeting will be held at the Municipal Building
2nd floor, Council Chambers
355 East Central Street

a. This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV and shown on Comcast channel 9 and Verizon Channel 29. This meeting may be recorded by others.
b. Chair to identify members participating remotely.
c. Upcoming Town Sponsored Community Events
a. Citizens are welcome to express their views for up to three minutes on a matter that is not on the agenda. The Council will not engage in a dialogue or comment on a matter raised during Citizen Comments. The Town Council will give remarks appropriate consideration and may ask
the Town Administrator to review the matter.
3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES - None Scheduled

a. New Section 12 Restaurant Common Victualer All Alcohol License and Approval of Lisa Ann Truax as the Manager - L Truax King Street Cafe Inc. d/b/a King Street Cafe, Located at 390 King Street
i. See License Transactions #7a.
a. New Section 12 Restaurant Common Victualer All Alcohol License and Approval of Lisa Ann Truax as the Manager - L Truax King Street Cafe Inc. d/b/a King Street Cafe, Located at 390 King Street
a. Discussion: 2024-2025 Town Council & Town Administration Work Plan
i. See Legislation for Action #9b.
a. Bylaw Amendment 24-904: A Bylaw to Amend the Code of the Town of Franklin at Chapter 82, Fees, Municipal Service - First Reading
(Motion to Move Bylaw Amendment 24-904 to a Second Reading - Majority Vote)
b. Resolution 24-01: Adoption of 2024-2025 Town Council and Town Administration Work Plan (Motion to Approve Resolution 24-01 - Majority Vote)
c. Resolution 24-02: Acceptance of Parcel A, Drainage Lot, on Westerly Side of Maple Street (Motion to Approve Resolution 24-02 - Majority Vote)

a. Capital Budget Subcommittee
b. Economic Development Subcommittee
c. Budget Subcommittee
d. Master Plan Committee
e. Davis-Thayer Reuse Advisory Committee
f. Police Station Building Committee
g. GATRA Advisory Board


a. Considering the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property, because an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the negotiating position of the Public Body.

Note: Two-Thirds Vote: requires 6 votes
Majority Vote: requires majority of members present and voting

The agenda doc contains supporting documentation as well as remote participation info ->

Franklin TV: Putter Day - 2024

Celebrating the 1st Decade of Puttering

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 12/31/2023

New Year’s Day (often spent recovering from New Year’s Eve) is less holiday and more hangover for some – a day of rest, recuperation (regret?). For me, 2024 marks The Tenth Anniversary of my unflagging effort since 2014 to transmogrify the empty aftermath of New Year’s Eve – Jan 1, and set it apart to become – Putter Day.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s on Monday – Ugh! Srsly? But, it’s a holiday. We’re supposed to celebrate Putter Day by puttering – by doing useful stuff? Really?

In a word – Yes. That’s the point.

Want a strong new year? A strong new year deserves a strong start. Putter Day! After New Year’s Eve is over and done, Putter Day is that affirming, actionable start. Putter Day is our industrial strength holiday; propelling us on to the New Year.

Dictionaries describe to putter (verb) as a perfunctory engagement in a desultory, yet pleasant activity. ( I say, ‘No.’ Putter Day is purposeful, deliberate, delightful. )

For me there is nothing perfunctory nor desultory about a full-on, earnest puttering that leads to accomplishment, an abiding sense of self-satisfaction, total control of my manifest destiny, a good reason to feel smug, and yes – all of the myriad laurels, distinctions and accolades that freely flow therefrom. ( - Too much? Over the top? )

Regarding our other major national holidays, the most meaningful among them have clear purpose and a palpable sensibility. July Fourth is without question a biggie. Each of us knows in some personal, almost visceral way what it means to celebrate our hard-fought, precious freedoms. Our Spirit of Independence runs deep, and we have great empathy for those still fighting for their own freedoms. The patriotic music – ‘Star Spangled Banner’, ‘America the Beautiful’ and others fortify our depth of feeling and understanding. Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veteran’s Day are all tied to July Fourth. These holidays share the gravitas and solemn gratitude reflected in their ceremony and sentiment. Music? We add ‘Taps’. These other patriotic days also share our flag and its colors. Red, White and Blue swags and bunting adorn podiums and stages – the visual paradigm for patriotic days.

President’s Day tries to tag along, but meaning? Gravitas? Ceremony? Nothing. All that President’s Day conjures in our collective – is ‘Fantastic Savings on Car Deals’ – with Red/White/Blue balloons all over the showroom. Music? ‘Yankee Doodle’.
Thanksgiving is a big day with its deep roots in family and a tradition of gratitude. Like the patriotic holidays, Turkey Day has a clear raison d'être. It’s the capstone event of fall and the harvest. A bountiful table set with autumnal golds, browns and a cornucopia make up a warm visual backdrop. Then comes –

Christmas! Wowwerz! As holidays go, this one’s the biggie. From its origin story, add ‘Rudolph/Frosty’ lore, a zillion ‘TV Specials’ for the kiddies, Mom, Dad, the whole family – the Red/Green thematic colors, the sparkling lights, the gifts and carols – Christmas commandeers the entire month after Turkey Day. Then –

New Year’s Eve happens to us. Partypartyparty – confetti, streamers, noise makers, sparklers and sparkly beverage toasts to our future, the countdown, a midnight smooch – and for those among us of a certain age, bedtime (Yawn! - Nighty-nigh-z-z-z-z-z- - )

Title Card: – Sooo – here we are. January First, the vaguely circumspect start of all things new deserves better. It’s too important to be propped up against the tail end of ‘The Holiday Season’ like a bookend. Hence, Putter Day. After a decade of enthusiastic Puttering on New Year’s Day I wish only to share the grand opportunity to enjoy Putter Day with you, good reader. You can do it. In fact, together, you and I can work to make the ‘can-do’ spirit of Putter Day go viral across the nation – perhaps even around the globe. Putter with a pal. Just imagine all those fun projects that you could plan, organize, design, install, fix and/or improve.

To further clarify the Constructive Spirit of Putter Day – It’s about taking action. Putter Day is not someone else’s responsibility. Owning the Day means owning the opportunity to make progress, big or small, real or abstract, on Day One of the New Year. Day Two? Doesn’t cut it. There’s no putting off Putter Day. The new New Year holiday needs you, my friend. So, grab that duct tape and get puttering. Put your good shoulder into it. On Jan 2nd with accomplishment and self-satisfaction, you’ll know you got it right ( all other failed New Year’s resolutions notwithstanding ).

May 2024 smile warmly, kindly upon us all. (If we puttered on Putter Day, we deserve it.)
Franklin TV: Putter Day - 2024
Franklin TV: Putter Day - 2024
Thanks for listening to 102.9 wfpr●fm. 
And – as always – 
thanks for watching.

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FHS girls hockey team posts a 2-0 win on Saturday

Boys Hockey = Franklin, 4 @ Newburyport, 5 – Final

Girls Hockey = Franklin, 2 @ Weymouth, 0 - Final
Julia Flynn chips it off the boards and drives to the net 🚨. Panthers up by 1. 
Flynn punches it up to Wernig for the empty netter. Panthers up 2-0 with 1 min to go. 
Panthers take the 2-0 win. 
Flynn 1 goal, 1 assist
Wernig 1 goal, 1 assist
Great pressure all night.

Wrestling = Franklin Duals (Foxboro, Franklin, Canton, Stoughton), 10:00AM
A lot of fun at the Franklin holiday tournament, Franklin finishes in 3rd with a win against Weymouth 45-25 to end the day. Undefeated performances from Jack Sauer and Riley Carlucci. Congrats to Jack Rosenberg on OW

Curbside tree collection scheduled for the week of Jan 8, 2024

When is the curbside tree collection scheduled?

On your normal pickup day during the week of Jan 8 through 12, 2024

Curbside tree collection scheduled for the week of Jan 8, 2024
Curbside tree collection scheduled for the week of Jan 8, 2024

Franklin Rotary Club President Diane Padula talks about "service before self" and Rotary events (audio)

FM #1121 = This is the Franklin Matters radio show, number 1121 in the series. 

This shares my interview and discussion with Franklin Rotary Club President Diane Padula. Our discussion was conducted in the Franklin TV & Radio studio.

Diane calls herself a “Rotary kid” as she grew up with her father as a member for many years.

We talk about the Rotary Club as “service before self”, meeting twice a month at the Rome Restaurant in Franklin. The annual pasta dinner for seniors in June, the Valentine’s Brunch for seniors coming up in February, and other events they host in Franklin. This “small but mighty” group is always looking for new members.

The recording runs about 22 minutes, so let’s listen to my conversation with Diane as we talk about what the Rotary does for Franklin. Audio link ->


Franklin Rotary Club page 

Prior Interview (Nov 2020) 

Interact Club efforts (August 2020) 


We are now producing this in collaboration with Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio ( or 102.9 on the Franklin area radio dial.  

This podcast is my public service effort for Franklin but we can't do it alone. We can always use your help.


How can you help?

  • If you can use the information that you find here, please tell your friends and neighbors

  • If you don't like something here, please let me know

Through this feedback loop we can continue to make improvements. I thank you for listening.

For additional information, please visit or

If you have questions or comments you can reach me directly at shersteve @ gmail dot com

The music for the intro and exit was provided by Michael Clark and the group "East of Shirley". The piece is titled "Ernesto, manana"  c. Michael Clark & Tintype Tunes, 2008 and used with their permission.

I hope you enjoy!


You can also subscribe and listen to Franklin Matters audio on iTunes or your favorite podcast app; search in "podcasts" for "Franklin Matters"

Franklin Rotary Club President Diane Padula talks about "service before self" and Rotary events (audio)
Franklin Rotary Club President Diane Padula talks about "service before self" and Rotary events (audio)

MBTA offers Free travel on New Year's Eve

"Free travel on all modes after 8 PM New Year's Eve

All subway lines will also be operating with additional service after
3 PM on Sunday, December 31.

Commuter Rail lines will provide late-night service with last trains held at North and South Stations until after midnight. 

See more details here ->


MBTA offers Free travel  on New Year's Eve
MBTA offers Free travel  on New Year's Eve

Several events for job seekers in January 2024

** Our new in-person networking group--the Metrowest Networkers Group meets for the first time next week Friday January 5th.

The group shall meet 10 am to Noon on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of a month at the SMOC headquarters -- 7 Bishop St.  Framingham, MA

Lots of events for you this month!!

Tuesday, Jan 2, 2:00 - 3:30 pm: in-person MCOA program - Introduction to Neworking…with Ed Lawrence at the Natick Senior & Community Center 

 Friday Jan 5, 10:00 am - Noon: in-person Metrowest Networkers Group - 1st meeting! 7 Bishop St., Framingham, MA (SMOC headquarters)

 Monday, Jan 8,⋅2:00 – 3:30 pm: Ed Presents to Tewksbury Library Networking Group via Zoom - What's Your Plan?

 Tuesday Jan 9, 6:00 - 8 pm: Ed presents in person to Blackstone Public Library - Career Options for Teens

 Wednesday Jan 10, 12 pm: Ed is a panelist for a LinkedIn Live session: Recharge Your Job Search in 2024. Hosted by Faith West. Register at:

Wednesday Jan 10, 3:30 pm: Free practice interview group at the Framingham Public Library on Lexington Street. We meet on the lower level.

 Tuesday, Jan 16, 2:00 - 3:30 pm: In-person MCOA program - Concise Introductions…with Ed Lawrence at the Natick Senior & Community Center 

 Wednesday Jan 17, 11 am - 1 pm: Ed's private Peer to Peer Networking group.(contact Ed for details)

 Friday Jan 19, 10:00 am - Noon: in-person Metrowest Networkers Group - 7 Bishop St., Framingham, MA (SMOC headquarters)

 Monday, Jan 22, 10 - 11:30 am: MCOA Zoom program - Practice Interviewing with Ed Lawrence

 Tuesday Jan 30: 10 - 11:30 am: MCOA Zoom program - STARR Stories

* All library events are free and open to everyone!

* MCOA events are free and for job seekers age 50+. If not already a member of the program, register at

Got questions about the topics or how to sign up? Contact me!

Looking Ahead:

Friday February 2 and February 16, 10 am - Noon - Metrowest Networkers Group

7 Bishop St (SMOC headquarters) Framingham, MA

Happy New Year to all!  Have a great weekend and be safe.


Ed Lawrence
Certified Interview Coach
Authorized DISC Administrator
Member, CPRW Certification Committee

Several events for job seekers in January 2024
Several events for job seekers in January 2024

Saturday, December 30, 2023

#LOVEfranklin // Emergency Shelter Humanitarian Aid UPDATE for Dec 29, 2023

As we role into year's end, we have been busy maintaining programs and beginning to shift our focus from emergency management to long-term sustainability and support for the families in the Emergency Aid (EA) Shelter in Franklin.

The After-School Program continues to offer a weekly outlet for children in elementary, middle, and high school. The program runs weekly on Wednesday afternoons (when there's not a holiday). The program is working with the hotel staff so that the program can run on days when Franklin Public Schools let out early for a half day. If you would like to learn more about the After-School Program or volunteer to help, contact Rev. Kathy McAdams at

Over the last two weeks, we have made major transitions with donation sorting at the Franklin United Methodist Church. Due to construction in the sanctuary and the inability to continue to use that space as additional storage and a walk-thru, all donations have been moved to a new, bigger location within the church on the second floor (the old balcony). This expanded space allows for more storage and a better working environment for volunteers. All volunteers must (still) be able to navigate stairs in order to enter the space.

new, bigger location within the church on the second floor
new, bigger location within the church on the second floor

In addition to moving spaces, volunteers have also been able to pack bags of underwear, socks, and hygiene supplies to all but about 20 families that we have information for. Many thanks to everyone who has donated to the Franklin Interfaith Council's Humanitarian Aid Fund. Your contributions paid for all the socks and underwear! And, many thanks to Stop & Shop for donating the paper bags.

many thanks to Stop & Shop for donating the paper bags
many thanks to Stop & Shop for donating the paper bags

As we move into the new year, the needs at the shelter are shifting. Most of the families are now receiving services that afford them with basic necessities and (in some cases) a modest income. Donations are now being used to supplement the services families are receiving. We are working to figure out what that looks like. We are trying to figure out how donations can be accessed by families in a way that brings some amount of personal agency and choice to the process. We will do our best to keep you up to date as to what those transitions look like as they are happening.

All of that being said, the Franklin Interfaith Council is continuing to solicit donations and regular volunteers to help sort the donations. You can signup to help by going to If you have any questions about the donation sorting or would like to sign up a group at a special time, please contact Pastor Jacob Juncker at

Below is the updated flyer detailing the specific donations we are looking for. As a reminder: all donations should be dropped off inside the main entrance of the Franklin United Methodist Church and NOT at the EA Shelter/Best Western Hotel.

Thank you all for your continued support. The work we have accomplished together is nothing short of monumental and life-changing. Thank you! If you have any questions, please email

#LOVEfranklin // Emergency Shelter Humanitarian Aid UPDATE for Dec 29, 2023
#LOVEfranklin // Emergency Shelter Humanitarian Aid UPDATE for Dec 29, 2023

Prospect St emergency repair requires street closing beginning Jan 3, 2024 for several days

Prospect Street Emergency Repair Update:
After careful evaluation of the existing condition of the old granite culvert and working with Engineering and the contractor it makes sense at this time to completely remove the whole granite culvert and replace it with a new 48" concrete pipe.
In order to do this, Prospect Street will have to be closed for a couple of days. Even though this presents a long significant detour (not kidding no easy away around this work) either through Franklin (think Grove St) or Bellingham (126?) it is the safest and most cost effective way to make the repairs.
It is anticipated at this time Prospect St will be closed the morning of January 3rd and hopefully reopen in seven to ten days, weather permitting.
Prospect St emergency repair requires street closing beginning Jan 3, 2024 for several days
Prospect St emergency repair requires street closing beginning Jan 3, 2024 for several days

FHS Boys Basketball posts win at KSA tournament, FHS Wrestling goes 2-1 at Franklin Duals

Via Twitter and our subscription to, we share the results of the fall sports competition for Franklin High School on Friday, December 29, 2023. 

Boys Basketball = Franklin, 70 vs. Wareham, 69 – Final
Congratulations to the guys going 2-1 in the KSA Holiday Tournament. 
Vs West Orange 56-54 L
Vs Seneca Falls 64-34 W
Vs Wareham 70-69 W

Wrestling = Franklin Duals (Foxboro, Franklin, Canton, Stoughton)
Franklin is 1-1 at the Franklin super duals so far with a loss to central catholic 42-30 and a win against Leominster 48-28. One more match on the day.

Great way to end day 1 with a win against Durfee 54-30. Pins from Cole, Sauer, Carlucci, Griffen, Rosenburg, O’Connell, Large, and Pritoni.

For other results around the Hockomock League (subscription required) 

FHS Panther sports results shared via Twitter & subscription to
FHS Panther sports results shared via Twitter & subscription to

Congressman Auchincloss Summarizes His 3rd Year in Congress representing the 4th District

This year has proved to be turbulent with Republicans taking over the majority and their constant infighting derailing even basic governance. Despite the political theater and GOP-manufactured dysfunction, Congressman Jake Auchincloss was able to achieve results: working to take on special interests to lower healthcare costs; working with the Biden administration to curb gun violence despite Republican control of Congress; establishing an influential voice on U.S. foreign policy regarding China, Ukraine, and Israel; and continuing to deliver top-notch constituent services.       

Legislative Victories and Representing Values

Rep. Auchincloss was appointed to the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party. In this committee he has fought for increased investment in science and education and an emphasis on sustaining U.S. leadership for the rules-based, international order instead of turning towards protectionism and isolationism. 

Unanimously passed legislation, the U.S. Supply Chain Security Review Act, through the House to assess the potential economic security and supply chain risks of foreign ownership of marine terminals at major U.S. ports. 

Led a letter with 67 House Members urging the inclusion of funding for safe firearm storage education in the Labor, Health and Human Services and Related Agencies Appropriations bill.

Worked to lower health care costs and cut out greedy drug-pricing middlemen by co-leading or cosponsoring the following bills: the Drug Price Transparency in Medicaid Act, the Protect Patients Against PBM Abuses Act and the Help Ensure Lower Patient (HELP) Copays Act.

Delivering Results at Home 

  • Visited all 35 cities and towns in the district
  • Visited 47 businesses and nonprofit organizations in person across the district
  • Held 32 in-person or virtual town halls to share legislative updates and hear what’s on constituents’ minds. 
  • Hosted 13 youth-focused events to engage with young people across the district on topics ranging from climate change, mental health/social media, anti-Semitism, career readiness, and more.
  • Engaged 100+ students across the district via the Congressional App Challenge, Congressional Art Competition, and Military Academy nomination process.

  • 1975 casework inquiries completed
  • Casework completed for constituents in every city and town in the district
  • $285,569 of tax refunds returned
  • 740 emergency passports secured
  • Assisted 128 constituents with obtaining Social Security benefits
  • Assisted 339 constituents with navigating the US immigration system

Effectively Communicating and Making a Name for Himself in the Next Generation of Democratic Leaders 

Congressman Auchincloss continued his aggressive “go everywhere” media strategy this year, using his unique voice to meet audiences where they are. Called “as media-friendly as anyone on the Hill these days,” it was noted that “the second-term representative, [is] well, everywhere…[and] maintains a relatively aggressive schedule of cable TV appearances.” Thanks in part to this media strategy, Auchincloss “has emerged as a rising star in Massachusetts politics.” 

During his third year in office he has made over 225 local and national television appearances and penned national and local op-eds appearing in The Boston Globe, The Daily Beast, The Hill, The Economist, Iowa Starting Line, FOX, and Commonwealth Magazine. 

Congressman Auchincloss made headlines for being the first member of Congress to deliver a speech written by AI on the House floor. Auchincloss – who offers a unique perspective on emerging technologies as one of the few millennials in Congress and as someone with a background in the tech sector – helped kickoff one of the most closely watched debates on Capitol Hill, AI regulation. 

Congressman Auchincloss has used his position on the Select Committee on China and military background to become a leading voice in the Democratic Party on foreign policy issues including being an outspoken advocate for defending democracy abroad. He has taken a leading role in advocating for more aid for Ukraine, including during a speaking engagement at the Texas Tribune Festival; has been out front on supporting Israel’s right to defend itself; and calling for the US to stand with Taiwan and Indo-Pacific allies against Chinese aggression.   

Called the “defender in chief,” Auchincloss has taken a leading role in pushing back on bad faith attacks against President Biden and his agenda while in a Republican controlled House. An “outspoken defender of President Biden on foreign policy,” Auchincloss has stood up for Democratic values both locally and nationally – featured in publications such as The New York Times. Auchincloss will continue to be a strong surrogate for the administration as a compelling voice among emerging Democratic leaders who can talk to a diverse audience. 

As we head into another year of Republican control, Congressman Auchincloss will continue to secure local wins despite being in the minority; stand up for Democratic values; and lay the groundwork for legislation that can be adopted when Democrats reclaim the gavel. 

Stormwater utility fee credit timelines for 2024

Stormwater credits will be accepted from April 1 through May 31 (in advance of the updated billing effective July 1, 2024).

Stormwater credit timelines for 2024
Stormwater credit timelines for 2024

More about the stormwater fee can be found on the Town of Franklin page

Quick 4 min video providing overall view of stormwater utility fee ->

Video on the stormwater fee origin and Q&A -> 

Hockomock Area YMCA schedules a new session of "Mindfulness for Kids" in January

Hockomock Area YMCA (@HockomockYMCA) posted
"Join us for a new session of Mindfulness for Kids in January.

Register at

Shared from ->

Hockomock Area YMCA schedules a new session of "Mindfulness for Kids" in January
Hockomock Area YMCA schedules a new session of "Mindfulness for Kids" in January