Saturday, June 23, 2012

Franklin Fluoride Council

The Franklin Fluoride Council has posted a new article on "Dental Fluorosis Alert"

What is the Franklin Fluoride Council? From the About Us page we find:
Franklin Fluoride Council is an alliance of 1,463 Town of Franklin residents who withheld their consent in 2011 to being medicated with uncontrolled dosages of sodium fluoride through the town's drinking water.

This website is your free community portal to all the latest mainstream fluoride news and information, important facts you won't hear from local officials. 
In spite of our very real concerns about artificial fluoridation and our declaration of nonconsent, Franklin's health officials voted to remain part of a minority in Massachusetts who still practice medicine through the drinking water without a license and without patients' consent. 
If our neighbors in Milford, Bellingham and Blackstone and many others are allowed to choose this drug, then why not us? 
Industrial-grade Sodium fluoride is a toxic chemical by-product of the phosphate-mining industry. No one should be forced to take it, particularly in uncontrolled dosages. 
Please join us. Contact the Franklin Board of Health and let them know you also don't consent to being medicated with artificial industrial fluoride through the drinking water.

For additional information you can visit the Franklin Fluoride Council web site

Road Construction: Washington St

Road surface treatment work is being done
On Washington Street from South Street
To the Bellingham line- beginning on
June 25th to June 29th
Expect delays

To subscribe to receive your own alert visit the Franklin website

Friday, June 22, 2012

Franklin, MA: Farmers Market - noon to 6:00 PM

Friday, time for the Farmers Market on the Franklin Town Common from noon to 6:00 PM.

Franklin, MA: Farmers Market

"save the town money and improve efficiency"

As reported by the Milford Daily News, the Council did approve the regionalization proposal for a public safety dispatch center at the Council meeting on Wednesday.
The district — a public entity with the power to borrow money and form contracts for the purchase of supplies and services — would be set up as an independent agency. 
Town administrators from Franklin, Norfolk, Plainville and Wrentham would manage the district as a board of directors. 
The towns are working on an agreement should the Legislature failed to approve the measure. The agreement, like the petition, would allow the towns to set up a board of directors to oversee the dispatch center. 
In that case, however, the regional dispatch center would not act as an independent entity, so the four towns would have to manage it separately.

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Franklin Public Library: Violet the Clown

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via Franklin Public Library by Franklin Public Library on 6/21/12

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Be wary of the heat

Stay cool today!

Fountain in spring time

Take of your pets and plants too!

Sons of Italy in Franklin start bocce league


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To celebrate its new bocce court installed earlier this month, the local Sons of Italy will be starting a bocce league for both members of the club and the public.


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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Harvesting already

Produce is already being harvested from the Community Garden. These strawberries are ready:

Franklin, MA: Community Garden

Having planted the peas during the "Give Peas a Chance" session earlier this year, these are growing nicely:

Franklin, MA: Community Garden

This bed is full of peas!

Franklin, MA: Community Garden

Attorney general puts Open Meeting Law rulings online

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Attorney General Martha Coakley has posted all Open Meeting Law rulings by  the Division of Open Government on an interactive online database.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Harmonize Family Fitness - Act now to save!

motherchildracev3 2
Your 2012 YMCA Race Series

NEWS  Last call, Run for Bob sign ups!
We are excited to announce the return of 3 of our most popular races ever, with improvements based on your feedback.  Designed to support your family's healthy and active lifestyle, we ensure you will have a great time at any or all of these events.  Develop family memories with your YMCA!

Each race provides 100% of proceeds to the YMCA's Reach Out for Youth and Families financial assistance program.  So, you can feel good about doing what matters.

Each registration we receive today (6/19) or tomorrow (6/20, before 9pm), will be entered into a drawing.  Winners will receive FREE registration to participate in the popular
Harvard Pilgirim Finish at the 50 5K & 10K.  This upbeat event through Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place includes a thrilling finish at the 50-yard line! World class Fireworks at night! A $40 value!


Team KaylaRun for Bob Family 5K this Sat June 23!

Triathlon at Lake PearlSun July 22

Foxboro YMCA 5KSun Sept 23

For more information or to volunteer,
please contact
Jeanne Sherlock,

For additional information, please visit our website:     

Run for Bob 5K  | Triathlon at Lake Pearl  
Please note, the flyer for the Foxboro YMCA 5K is being edited at this time.  The Kids Fun Run on 9/23 will happen at 12pm on YMCA fields.  The information shown when registering, above, incorrectly states 10am.

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Hockomock Area YMCA
300 Elmwood St.
N. Attleboro, 02760

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"produces an optimal growing condition"

Indeed, the 30-acre farm, owners Diane, Chuck, and son C.J. Koshivas say, has entered the next generation of farming, cutting labor costs and boosting produce yields, thanks to the hydro-stackers, used in a type of growing called hydroponics. 
“We were losing money,” said C.J. Koshivas in describing the state of the farm before hydroponics. “We were only going to survive another couple of years.” 
Hydroponics is growing plants with mineral nutrients in water instead of soil. The Koshivas first heard about the hydro-stackers two years ago from inventor Chester Bullock, who owns a farm in Tampa, Fla

Read more:

Visit the Fairmount Fruit Farm online or at the Farmers Market on the Town Common each Friday from noon to 6:00 PM

In the News: Dean College, heat safety

Dean College offers discount for Franklin High students

In the News: 10th Norfolk candidates

Eustis to hold Meet the Candidate Night on Tuesday

Monday, June 18, 2012

Franklin Community Garden: Diatomaceous earth

The word for the day is "Diatomaceous earth". This was one of the discussion points Saturday morning at the Community Garden as Chris Clay and Amy Acevedo shared their insights on healthy alternatives to pesticides.

What is causing these holes in the leaves?

Franklin, MA: Community Garden

Ah, this is the little culprit!

Franklin, MA: Community Garden

You can lift the leaves, pick off these guys one at a time, and crush them with some soil in your hand, or just pinch them hard with your fingers. To help control the number that get to the plants is where the diatomaceous earth comes in.

Franklin, MA: Community Garden

You can by it by the bag at Agway (for example). The bag should last for multiple seasons. Put some in an empty paramsen cheese container and shake it on the roots, along the bottom of the plant, and along the leaves. The particles will cut the bugs as they crawl up the plant.

Franklin, MA: Community Garden

It won't prevent every bug from getting to the plant but it should keep the overall population of bugs down to avoid too much damage to the plant that it would affect the produce.

"People don’t even realize it’s there"

Cusack remembers not long ago looking out at the 11-acre pond behind the club’s Florence Street headquarters and seeing it packed with children kayaking, fishing or swimming during annual public events. 
“The pond would be filled with boats, just packed with people,” he said. 
Now, he said, he’s more likely to see still water and an empty beach. 
“It is the lack of interest in the outdoors,” Cusack said. “It’s about getting out there and seeing what there is. You can look down, see the pond, and see how beautiful it is. Get out there and get interested. Turn your phone off, sit there, relax, and listen to the birds.”

Read more:

The Franklin Rod and Gun Club website is

View Larger Map

"incentives to sweeten the deal"

The Milford Daily News writes about the use of the TIF by local communities to help businesses:
... Tax Increment Financing agreements, commonly called TIFs. 
The deals, agreed upon between a municipality and a business, give companies a break on property taxes on new value they add to a property. 
The tax breaks start off larger at the beginning of a deal, then decrease over the life of the agreement, until the company is paying 100 percent of the taxes on the property. 
The tax breaks do not apply to already existing value — only to whatever value a company may add to a property.

Read more:

Franklin has used the TIF to help with local businesses:
Hamilton Storage Technology received a TIF as approved by the Town Council in Sep 2011

The TIF was discussed during the Economic Development Summit

Franklin created the Economic Development Area and the TIF back in 2008

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Parmenter car wash - 6/16/12

Saturday was a grand day for a car wash. The students at Parmenter Elementary School spent some time washing cars in a fund raising effort.

Parmenter Car Wash

There were a couple of cars in front of me and some lined up behind as I got my car washed.

Parmenter Car Wash

Nothing wrong with getting a little wet or soapy on a day like Saturday!

Parmenter Car Wash

Part of the washing crew stopped for a moment to pose!

Parmenter Car Wash

Franklin, MA: Town Council - Agenda - Jun 20, 2012

A. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – May 23 and 24 Budget Hearings

B. ANNOUNCEMENTS – This meeting is being recorded by Verizon, Comcast, and Franklin Matters



Annual Committee Appointments
Design Review Appointment

Zoning Bylaw Amendment 12-685: Amendment to Chapter 185, §24. Floodplain District – 7:10 PM


Presentation of Boston Post Cane to oldest resident-Helen Carberry
Recycling Committee
Town Administrator’s Update


1. Resolution 12-51: Appropriation: Street Acceptance
2. Resolution 12-52: Appropriation: Fire Salaries
3. Resolution 12-53: Unemployment Trust Fund
4. Resolution 12-54 Request for Legislation: Towns of Franklin, Norfolk, Plainville, and Wrentham Regional Public Safety Communications and Dispatch Center
5. Resolution 12-55: Acceptance of Gift – Council on Aging
6. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 12-685: Amendment to Chapter 185, §24. Floodplain District- 1st Reading
7. Bylaw Amendment 12-688: Amendment to Chapter 82, Appendix A, Amendment of Service Fee Rates: Board of Health, Department of Public Works, Recreation, Council on Aging – 1st Reading





O. EXECUTIVE SESSION – Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required


The full set of documents associated with this published agenda can be found here

"the person who grew the product"

The Milford Daily News writes about the expansion of farmers markets. Franklin's market operates on Fridays from noon to 6:00 PM on the Town Common.
With demand high for local food, the number of farmers markets in the state has doubled in five years and the number of small farms has also grown significantly, farm and market federations say. 
“The trend is that more and more people are caring about where their food comes from and interested in trying to sustain themselves a little bit more locally,” said Martha Sweet, operations manager at the Waltham-based Federation of Massachusetts Farmers Markets. 
Residents of MetroWest and the Milford area don’t have to go far to find pitched tents and fresh produce.

Farmers market photo taken Friday, Jun 15 at the Grateful Farm tent.
Visit Grateful Farm on their website

Read more:

"vital to their self-assessment"

The Milford Daily News has an article on the annual police staffing ratio released by the FBI. A survey of the communities in the MetroWest region shows the following: (Bold added for emphasis)
Marlborough and Framingham’s ratios come in at just under 1.7, while Shrewsbury was the lowest department surveyed at 1.2. 
Many chiefs noted they had not received a new position in years, including Northborough (1998), Holliston (2007), Hudson (2001) and Sudbury (2001). 
Marlborough Chief Mark Leonard said the city hasn’t increased its number of sworn officers since 1988. 
The most well-staffed Milford-area town is Mendon, with just more than two officers per thousand residents, while the lowest was Franklin with 1.39.

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