Saturday, June 23, 2012

Franklin Fluoride Council

The Franklin Fluoride Council has posted a new article on "Dental Fluorosis Alert"

What is the Franklin Fluoride Council? From the About Us page we find:
Franklin Fluoride Council is an alliance of 1,463 Town of Franklin residents who withheld their consent in 2011 to being medicated with uncontrolled dosages of sodium fluoride through the town's drinking water.

This website is your free community portal to all the latest mainstream fluoride news and information, important facts you won't hear from local officials. 
In spite of our very real concerns about artificial fluoridation and our declaration of nonconsent, Franklin's health officials voted to remain part of a minority in Massachusetts who still practice medicine through the drinking water without a license and without patients' consent. 
If our neighbors in Milford, Bellingham and Blackstone and many others are allowed to choose this drug, then why not us? 
Industrial-grade Sodium fluoride is a toxic chemical by-product of the phosphate-mining industry. No one should be forced to take it, particularly in uncontrolled dosages. 
Please join us. Contact the Franklin Board of Health and let them know you also don't consent to being medicated with artificial industrial fluoride through the drinking water.

For additional information you can visit the Franklin Fluoride Council web site

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  1. Have they bothered to actually use science to determine your community is somehow deficient in this non-nutrient? Science based medicine would require them to test the population (infants, children, adults, diabetes, & the elderly) through blood levels, urine, hair, nails, & bone to scientifically determine they needed this. It can't possibly be determined by counting cavities as that would be unscientific. Then they would need to periodically check the same population during specific intervals to be sure you haven't been overexposed to this general protoplasmic poison as too much is clearly toxic. It is a halogen that displaces the halogen, iodine, in the body and thyroid gland which often results in hypothyroidism. (especially in children & women). Hypothyroidism causes elevated cholesterol levels. (hyperthyroidism causes low cholesterol levels). Overexposure to fluoride also causes dental fluorosis which results in mottled, pitted, brittle teeth. Although this is good for the dental industry as it causes dental damage, it isn't good for your teeth. And when fluoride-induced hypothyroidism gets severe enough, it mimics the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease (especially in the elderly). Over 25 studies also show that fluoride compounds reduce the IQ's of children. Fluoride bio-accumulates in the body just like lead and arsenic.

    In 1979 the FDA required the deletion of all government references classifying fluoride as "essential or probably essential", (Federal Register, March 16, 1979, page 16006).