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The rain will clear for the PMC Franklin Kids Ride - Jun 9

The 7th Annual PMC Franklin Kids Ride will be held on Sunday, June 9, at Jefferson Elementary School, 628 Washington St., Franklin, 8 a.m.-12 p.m.

PMC Franklin Kids Ride
PMC Franklin - Kids Ride

To contribute to this worthy cause, you can visit the event Facebook page

or their website

MassBudget: Comparing Health Care Proposals from the House and Senate Proposal

MassBudget    Information.
 Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center    Democracy.
Health Care in the House and Senate Budgets
A new fact sheet, Health Care in the House and Senate Budget Proposals, summarizes the House and Senate Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 proposals for MassHealth (Medicaid) and other subsidized health coverage programs.

The House's budget bill allocates $13.38 billion to these health care programs while the Senate bill allocates $13.45 billion. Both proposals are less than the Governor's proposal of $13.6 billion. The House and Senate bills both reflect the significant changes to health care programs that will occur midway through the fiscal year, when central provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act take effect.

This budget brief is the third in a series of FY 2014 reports describing the effect of various budget proposals on Health Care programs in Massachusetts. The briefs are produced by the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center in partnership with the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute--and published by the Massachusetts Medicaid Policy Institute (MMPI).

The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center (MassBudget) produces policy research, analysis, and data-driven recommendations focused on improving the lives of low- and middle-income children and adults, strengthening our state's economy, and enhancing the quality of life in Massachusetts.

BOSTON, MA 02108
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Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center | 15 Court Square | Suite 700 | Boston | MA | 02108

In the News: FHS graduation

Franklin High School graduated more than 300 seniors on Friday evening.
Principal Peter Light told the graduates that the building, as much as it may mean to them, did not create their memories of high school. 
"Our memories aren’t formed by walls, floors, ceilings, desks and chairs; they’re formed by the events that take place, the people we meet and the relationships we forge throughout our entire lives," Light said. 
"Franklin High School is not a building: It’s you," he added.

Read more:

 These are the Franklin High 2013 graduates.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Don't bother braving the rain for the Farmers Market today

Just found out today's farmers market will not be open, their first day will be next Friday, Jun 14th!

Grateful Farm
Grateful Farm
So what is a little rain when there is good food and produce to purchase on the Town Common?

Did rain ever stop you from getting a bargain?

The Farmers Market is scheduled to be open Friday from noon to 6:00 PM

Franklin Interfaith Council Concert - Jun 9

The Franklin Interfaith Council invites all to join us as we celebrate music in faith. Choirs, soloists, instrumentalists from our houses of worship will perform in addition to the Interfaith Choir.

Refreshments will be served afterwards and all are welcome regardless of any faith affiliations. Please join us!

date: Sunday, June 9th
time: 6:00 PM
venue: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
address: 91 Jordan Street, Franklin

Franklin 5K - recap and results

Kris and Kayla Biagiotti, referred to by many as the “K Girls”, recently entered Boston Marathon’s 117-year history – as first ever mother-daughter team to complete the race. Following two years of training, Kris succeeded in pushing her 18-year-old disabled daughter, Kayla, in a wheelchair all 26.2 miles. This is an astonishing fact because Kayla in her chair weighs more than Kris, compounding the rigorous fitness standards already expected of anyone undertaking this challenge.  
Rep Jeff Roy with citation for K girls
Kris Biagiotti has long been an inspiration to many. “One of our goals was when Kayla turned 18 was to be able to run Boston together,” explained Kris. “It’s been part of her life growing up.” Kayla, who was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease at the age of three, has enjoyed watching the Marathon each year since she joined the Boston Children’s Hospital Patient Partner Program in 2000. In the program, a patient gets teamed up with a runner who participates on her behalf. This year, Biagiotti raised about $15,500 for the hospital. 
Another way Kris gives back is through the Franklin 5K, an event she started to remember her husband and Kayla’s father, Bob, who died from a heart attack in 2005. Throughout its 9 year history, the event has raised $85,000 for the Hockomock Area YMCA’s Reach Out for Youth and Families financial assistance program and the Y’s Integration Initiative. Kris is a champion of inclusion. She supports the Hockomock Area YMCA because their Integration Initiative gives children with special needs the opportunity to participate alongside their typically developing peers in social and recreational programs and activities. As summer approaches, more children than ever will enroll in New Horizons, the Y’s fully inclusive camp setting. 
Reflecting on their run in the Boston Marathon, Kris says, “It seems impossible. All these years I’ve watched the Hoyts run, and been amazed with everything they’ve done. But to think no other mother-daughter team has ever done it, it’s overwhelming in some respects.” 
K girls finish at Franklin 5K
K girls finish at Franklin 5K
Because Kris and Kayla were 50 yards from the finish line when a bomb went off, forcing them to shield themselves from flying shrapnel, they did not celebrate the way they had expected. So, just three weeks later, the May 4th race in Franklin became their much-deserved celebration. On a sunny morning, Kris and Kayla got back to doing what they love, running. And when they approached the finish of The Franklin 5K, they were flocked by hundreds of runners and community members, many having jumped back on the course to be close to the duo.

In an emotion-filled moment, State Representative Jeffrey Roy presented to them their Boston Marathon medals, along with a citation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, commending the K Girls for their achievement.

The K Girls enjoyed the fanfare, with Kayla giving out dozens of hugs to those present. Reflecting on the day, Kris pointed out that The Franklin 5K is more than a race. “I do this every year because I get so much back and because of all the great things the Y does for our community.”

The event was presented by Iron Mountain. Runners placed as follows:

Alissa Nelson, 6place, 19:36.75
Nicole Brown, 15place, 21:30.28
Violet Wolejszo, 28place, 23:10.78

David Constantino, 1place, 17:39.07
Eric Taraeh, 2place, 18:41.52
Justin Bates, 3place, 18:49.53

10 & Under
Sydney Hawkins, 69 place, 26:42.77
Alice Rose Taddeo, 136 place, 32:29.56
Linnea Remillard, 137 place, 32:30.58

11 to 14
Ellie Chouinard, 167place, 39:08.15

15 to 19
Kimberly Hiss, 81place, 27:35.92
Melanie Lemay, 130place, 32:13.06 10:23
Kayla Biagiotti, 148place, 33:48.09 10:53

20 to 29
Lindsay Roberson, 29place, 23:16.01
Christine Walsh, 43place, 24:54.63
Lisa Stearns, 56place, 25:58.35

30 to 39
Gretchen McAuley, 47place, 25:15.79
Kelly Boucher, 53place, 25:45.59
Corrine Giordani, 57place, 26:00.50

40 to 49
Isabel Devincentis, 36place, 24:19.20
Kathleen Ford, 50place, 25:33.70
Lisa Chaffee, 54place, 25:47.46

50 to 59
Mary McNulty, 32place, 23:34.83
Nancy Robertson, 37place, 24:19.72
Elizabeth Surette, 68place, 26:37.43

60 to 69
Susan Phillips, 33place, 23:39.14
Suzanne Rice, 109place, 30:31.86
Linda Fahy, 170place, 39:26.26

10 & Under
Ryan Taddeo, 48place, 22:43.29
Braden Kennedy, 132place, 32:22.99
Benjamin Powell, 143place, 33:12.22

11 to 14
Liam Pek, 21place, 22:29.75
Aidan Nickerson, 27place, 22:46.90
Devin Ming, 35place, 24:18.48

15 to 19
Ian Schopf, 8place, 19:47.42
Kyle Pandiscio, 17place, 21:53.08
Jack Laplante, 34place, 24:14.74

20 to 29
Ryan Craig, 7place, 19:40.98
Chuck Sherwin, 14place, 21:19.95
Pavol Liska, 22place, 22:36.41

30 to 39
Jeffrey Bears, 10place, 20:38.45
Mark Anderson, 13place, 21:06.40
Jim Wrobel, 16place, 21:40.85

40 to 49
Bob Trejo, 4place, 18:55.06
Jeffrey Leplante, 5place, 19:09.94
Kevin Uniacke, 9place, 19:57.02

50 to 59
Conor Creedon, 19place, 22:01.09
John Robertson, 24place, 22:42.44
Max Schopf, 31place, 23:30.86

60 to 69
Ray Phillips, 49place, 25:27.44

To find out more about the Hockomock Area YMCA’s Reach Out for Youth and Families program or the Integration Initiative, contact Laura Murphy at 508.643.5285 or

About Hockomock Area YMCA:
The Hockomock Area YMCA is an organization of men, women, and children sharing a commitment to nurture the potential of kids, promote healthy living, and foster a sense of social responsibility. With over 31,000 members, half under the age of 18, the YMCA is committed to partnering and collaborating with others to create and deliver lasting personal and social change in the 15 communities they are privileged to serve.

The Y is for Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.

'money isn’t the most important thing'

As reported during the Town Council meeting on Wednesday night, the anaerobic digestion proposal was tabled.
The questions about anaerobic digestion, a biological process that converts organic waste into energy, overshadowed the positives of the burgeoning technology. 
With support from the Economic Development Committee, Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting and officials in the Department of Planning and Community Development had hoped to tweak the zoning to allow for an anaerobic digester facility on the former Pond Street sewer bed.
Read more from the Milford Daily News article here

Franklin Library: Krafty Mondays - Father's Day Gifts!

Krafty Mondays - Father's Day Gifts!

franklin library
Father's Day gifts

Franklin Public Library - 118 Main Street Franklin MA 02038 - 508.520.4940

Sen Karen Spilka: Announces her candidacy for 5th Congressional District

Dear Steve,
I have some very exciting news to share with you: when Ed Markey becomes our next U.S. Senator this month, I will be a candidate for Congress from the 5th Congressional District. 
You and I have worked hard and achieved some great victories together for Massachusetts over the past 12 years. Now, I'm asking for your support again. 
I'm running for Congress because I have never been afraid to fight for what I believe in—and I know how to turn that fight into real results. In a time of cynical sound bites and the promise of quick fixes, I always follow one simple formula: lead with your heart and back it up with a lot of hard work. It's the reason why we now have public bus service in MetroWest, a statewide system of mental health services that keeps our teens out of the criminal justice system, and a cost containment measure in our healthcare reform that will save us $1B over 10 years—all things that someone, somewhere, said could never be done.  
Our country faces seemingly insurmountable challenges, including creating good jobs at every skill level, putting middle class families back on the solid foundation we deserve, and rebuilding our infrastructure so our economy can get humming again. Someone, somewhere, is saying that these things can't be done.  
Together, we can prove them wrong. 
Volunteer to knock on doors, make phone calls or write a post card to your neighbor, and together we can ensure more funding for our kids' education. Donate $3, $12, $25 or more today, and together we can fight for good jobs for middle class families. Invest in our campaign today, and I will invest my heart and hard work in creating a brighter future for all of us. 
I hope you will join me. Regards,Karen

P.S. Sign up today to join our volunteer team, and we will be in touch very soon with opportunities to get involved!
Paid for by Karen Spilka for Congress
Karen Spilka for Congress
PO Box 5178
Framingham, MA 01701
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Franklin Town Council sends BMAC Down Under!

As reported earlier Brittany MacLeod, also known as 'BMAC', is on a campaign to be selected as the "Chief Funster" of Australia. She created a social media campaign that got her out of the pack of 600,000 to be one of three finalists. On Wednesday, Rep Jeff Roy hosted her at the State House where they gave her a royal send off.

The city known as the Town of Franklin was not going to be upstaged by folks in Boston, so the Town Council gathered to pose with Brittany.

BMAC and the Franklin Town Council

From left to right, Brittany MacLeod, Judy Pfeffer, Tina Powderly, Robert Dellorco, Bob Vallee, Tom Mercer, Andy Bissanti, Matt Kelly, Jeff Roy, and Glenn Jones

The Town Council presented with Brittany with a proclamation wishing her all the best in her quest to become the Chief Funster.

Rep Jeff Roy, BMAC, Council Chair Bob Vallee

I don't think there could be another candidate to be more qualified than BMAC to be the 'Chief Funster',

Best of luck to you Brittany, may your travels be safe, full of fun and rewards!

To continue to follow the exploits of BMAC as she goes to Australia Jun 10th and then finds out Jun 20th, there are a number of social media links in this post:

Anaerobic digestion tabled in Franklin

The Town Council heard from more residents than the Planning Board did and decided to 'table' the proposal to bring an anaerobic digestion plant to town owned land on Pond St. The former sewer property has sat unused since 1978 when Franklin joined with the neighboring communities in the Charles River Pollution Control District sending its sewerage to the plant in Medway.

Development efforts over the years have come and gone and the land seemed to be a good spot for the anaerobic digestion plant. Franklin officials had performed some due diligence in visiting a couple of sites one in MA and one in MI. They coordinated with MA DEP who would also be involved in the permitting process. The MA DEP folks were present for the Planning Board meeting but their lack of presence at the Town Council meeting on Weds did not help the matter.

The due diligence prepared to answer a number of questions and the intent was to get to the RFP stage where additional questions would be better answered. The bottom line benefit of approximately 500,000 to $1 million dollars was not sufficient to overcome the unanswered questions and concerns.

  • How safe is this technology really?
  • Is our fire department prepared to handle a fire or explosion?
  • Adding the truck traffic to the intersection will make a bad situation even worse
  • What guarantees are there about the air quality?
  • Do you expect us to trust the EPA and DEP on air quality standards?

In the end, Councilor Glenn Jones made the motion to table the proposal rather than have it be brought up and voted down. This does allow the Economic Development Committee to do the additional work to answer the questions if they want. Given the amount of hurdles to be overcome I think it is not likely to make much further progress. Granted Franklin needs to expand its revenue base,  (long time readers may recall I have mentioned almost yearly about "expanding the pie"), the consensus seems to be we can do much better than this.

For the full set of notes reported live from the Town Council meeting, you can check these:

Special Flag Ceremony - Jun 14 - Lance Corporal Shayne Cabino

On June 14, at the Hockomock Area YMCA’s Bernon Family Branch in Franklin, there will be a special flag dedication ceremony to honor the memory of Lance Corporal Shayne Cabino of the United States Marine Corps and a lifelong Franklin resident. The ceremony, which will be held on National Flag Day, will feature the unveiling of a memorial on the Y’s camp grounds in his honor. At age 19, Shayne lost his life serving our country in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005.

After Shayne was killed and his family was planning his funeral services, his mother Jodi Cabino Cipriano, had a wish to honor her son in a special way. “I was driving in Bellingham one day and saw a wood carved eagle in front of a business,” recalls Jodi. “I inquired about it and was given Jesse Green’s information.” Realizing that the loss of Shayne had come to a seven-year mark, his mother Jodi Cabino Cipriano, knew that it was time to have something at the cemetery representing her son besides his plaque. Recognizing that still she was unable to finalize his death in her heart, Jodi decided to have something on a temporary basis placed there as she wrestles with the loss of her son. “I was driving through Bellingham one day and I saw this carved eagle in front of someone’s house, “ recalls Jodi. “ I pulled in the driveway and asked if anyone knew who made the eagle. I was given Jesse Green’s information.” Jesse Green, often referred to as ‘The Machine’ is a master chainsaw sculptor and is the star of the National Geographic Channel’s hit show American Chainsaw. Green is also a Medway resident.
Lance Corporal Shayne Cabino
Lance Corporal Shayne Cabino

Jodi Cabino Cipriano wrote to Green, asking him if he would make a battlefield cross to memorialize her son. Cabino Cipriano and Green began corresponding via email right before July 4, 2012. In an email one day, Jodi shared with Jesse her son’s story. “I felt Jesse had every right to know who my boy was, especially because he was honoring him in this special way,” said Jodi humbly and describes Jesse as a man who is kind to the core.

Jodi was unable to place the cross where Shayne is buried due to regulations. Board member of Mount Hope Cemetery Steve Clapp, also a Hockomock Area YMCA Board of Director called Jodi. She recalls, “Steve said that he knew the perfect place for Shayne’s battlefield cross. He said Hockomock Area YMCA President Ed Hurley would be honored to do a memorial for Shayne, and if I was willing, incorporate the battlefield cross in it,” states Cabino Cipriano. Seeing as her entire family had ties to the Bernon Family Branch of the Hockomock Area YMCA, it was a good fit, and she agreed.

Jesse recalls, “I have a deep admiration for our troops and I just thought; here's a mom who's young son has made the ultimate sacrifice so that my family and I can live on and continue to enjoy the American Dream,” adds Jesse proudly. “I ended up pushing aside my wait list and spent that July 4th carving Shayne's battlefield cross. It was a powerful experience,” says Green.

Green and Cabino Cipriano will meet for the first time at the unveiling of the battlefield cross – a gift from Jesse to Jodi and her family. “This moment is very important to me,” Jodi says in anticipation of the unveiling. The dedication will feature a military ceremony, a flag presentation to the Cabino Cipriano family, a pledge of allegiance, and a memorial dedication to Lance Corporal Shayne Cabino. Jesse Green will personally unveil the battlefield cross memorial. “Creating anyone’s memorial sculpture is a really meaningful thing and I've done many,” says Green. “This one was something even greater than that. Shayne deserves every honor there is. It’s a token of gratitude to him and all like him,” says Jesse.

The origins of the battlefield cross date back to the American Civil War when fallen soldiers were buried where they lay, placing the soldier’s rifle with bayonet fixed into the ground and his helmet on top to indicate the remains of an American serviceman. Over time, this image was associated with military loss. During Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, the battlefield cross began to attract popular attention, with numerous units erecting battle crosses to commemorate their comrades. Since they could not attend the funerals of their fellow soldiers, some units made a habit of paying tribute at the battlefield cross. The battlefield cross is a visible reminder of the fallen soldier.

Shayne Cabino’s memorial will be placed at the Y’s camp grounds. Beginning June 17, Bernon Family Branch Summer Camp will commence and every camper will come to the memorial, which includes a flag and flagpole, to say the Pledge of Allegiance and learn about sacrifice and dedication through Shayne’s story. “Children will learn what a battlefield cross is and learn about freedom and honor. They’ll learn all of this on the same field my Shayne and his siblings played and had fun on,” recalls Jodi fondly.

Lance Corporal Shayne Cabino grew up “on the hill” of Forge Hill Road where the Bernon Family Branch is located in Franklin. Shayne’s mother, a resident of Franklin for the past 33 years, recalls her children’s experiences at the Y. “My kids took part in the day programs as toddlers and the afterschool care program and summer camp as youngsters. Before we were married, my husband Tony Cipriano and I worked at the construction company that helped build the Bernon Family Branch. When I asked my boys, Justin, Billy, Zachary, and my daughter Brandi what they remember about growing up at the Y, they shared going on nature walks, doing arts & crafts, and having fun playing kickball, tetherball, four square, capture the flag, and swimming in the first pool built there. Their favorite was manhunt which they brought into the community and played almost every night,” says Jodi. Shayne was part of the Hockomock Area YMCA family and the Y is proud to honor his memory at this dedication and in the years to come.

The ceremony will be held outdoors on Friday, June 14, 2013 from 9:30am – 10:30am at the Hockomock Area YMCA Bernon Family Branch located at 45 Forge Hill Road in Franklin, MA. All in the community

Updated information from Team Fitness and CrossFit Franklin

Team Fitness
Latest Happenings- looks what's going on!!

 Happy Spring!

We have new happenings at Team Fitness and CrossFit Franklin that you may be interested in... Please see below for details and we hope you can join us.

Bruins Party!
This Friday, June 7 from 6:30-9:00 PM. Come join us at Team Fitness Franklin for an evening of workouts and demonstrations.
Finish it off with the Bruins VS. Penguins Game 4.
6:30 - 7:30 workouts and demos given by the trainers.
7:30 -8:00 break to clean up
8:00 - 9:00 Watch the first period on our NEW 160 inch HD projector screen!!


$10 for one person, $15 for two
Children 12 and under FREE!

Refreshments will be served.
Smoothies, waters, fruit and vegetable platters, popcorn
Come and wear your favorite team jersey!! Black and Gold would be a good choice!

This Saturday, June 8, 2013, we will be holding our second Team Fitness and CrossFit Franklin American Red Cross Blood Drive. The first drive was very successful!
Schedule for the day:
"RETRO" CrossFit Class in the garage space at 8:00 AM
THE BOX itself will be closed- this is where the donations will
be. ALL OTHER TEAM FITNESS GROUP Classes and club useage will be as usual from 7 am- 3 pm.  If you donate blood to our drive, you will receive a FREE SMOOTHIE!! 
Thank you EVERYONE for your participation. Blood is always needed!!
Please call the club to sign up: 508-541-8330 or stop by the desk
Walk ins accepted but there may be a wait. The wait was up to 90 min last time. 
at Team Fitness Franklin.
Click student athlete link above for details.
A GREAT summer training program to bring your athlete to the next level in all sports!
Please review the steam room rules and benefits. We have had a few issues over the past (the most recent being the worst) regarding excessive usage resulting in flooded floor/rug and burning out of the system. 
Click the link below for the direct link to our website. Thank you.
The 3rd annual Memorial Day "Murph showed an incredible sense of community in the CrossFit Franklin box. Close to $600 was delivered to the Moving Wall (memorial for all those who sacrificed it all in the Vietnam War) by Head Coach Lee. Thank you everyone!  

Team Fitness Franklin
CrossFit Franklin
100 Franklin Village Drive
Franklin, MA 02038

Copyright © 20XX. All Rights Reserved.

Team Fitness Franklin | 100 Franklin Village Drive | Franklin | MA | 02038

In the News: Senior Center parking, mayor question

Money approved for second Franklin senior center parking lot

Town Council on Wednesday authorized free cash to buy a Beaver Street property to serve as another parking lot for the Franklin Senior Center.

Franklin Town Council reviews question about mayor for Nov. 5 ballot vote
Would you be in favor of electing a mayor to govern the town of Franklin?

Note; Considering that the MDN reporter was present at the Town Council meeting and that the anaerobic digestion discussion/decision was left off the web articles, I would expect that the article on this topic would be one of the 'print edition' only topics that MDN frequently does with Franklin news.

Franklin Library: Norfolk County Sheriff's Office

Norfolk County Sheriff's Office
Norfolk County Sheriff's Office
Norfolk County Sheriff's Office

Franklin Public Library - 118 Main Street Franklin MA 02038 - 508.520.4940

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Live reporting - closing

letter from a citizen regarding work by fire and police dept

wishing Jim Roche well, he is stepping down from the FinCom after many years
if anyone is interested, there is an opening, send information to the Town Administrator

Strawberry Stroll - next Thursday

Thanks to Bob Jarvis, all his neighbors will reap the benefits of his hard work
the work redoing the streets around East, West is finished

Work put out to bid came in under bid, avoid Lincoln/Daniels street during the work water line this year and road next year

Pfeffer - status, condition and maintenance of the town buildings
Nutting- all you were sent were closed work orders, we'll be happy to give you the open ones as of a certain date

Vallee - work around Beaver St?
Nutting - trees won't be until the fall, we'll do the guard rail when the paving guy will be here
we got them to admit that they actually own the property, whether he has actually gone there yet is open
Roy - now that we know he knows and acknowledges ownership, we'll continue to follow up
Nutting - CSX owns the property, not MBTA

Vallee - what is up with the depot?
Nutting- the roof is out to bid, the bids are back, processing the paperwork will take time. they'll do something one at a time

Kelly - could we get Brutus in with what he has done and what his plans are?
Nutting - there are no plans, it will remain as is, until DEP decides. We can do a presentation

Vallee - what is the status of the street near the town common?
Nutting - it is on the schedule for the HPP project along main st, it really needs to be re-done totally

Vallee - tress on the common, we could cut a few more that shouldn't be there
Nutting - I'd suggest putting a subcommmittee together with the Tree warden and the outside study

Jones - there was supposed to be an annual review of the trees

Roy - thank you for acknowledging Brittany tonight, one of 3 out of 600,000
She leaves for Australia on the 10th and she'll find out the 20th

Jones- thanks to everyone who came out to the Planning Board and tonight

Pfeffer - there has been a lot of buzz and discussion about the flag pole, it was rotten and replaced
it is wooden and still functioning,

Powderly - there is a lot of work here and I'd like to recognize those efforts. Thanks to Jim for all his efforts, I worked on the FinCom and learned a lot from him. He will  be missed

Kelly - it is sad that the fireworks were canceled, it is sad that while the question as asked in Mar, they didn't find out until May that it was canceled. We need to do better

Mercer - building committee walk through of the new high school, Monday night at 6:00
State Treasurer visit at 6/20 at 4:00 Pm

motion to adjourn, passed

Live reporting - legislation continued (medical marijuana zoning)

20.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-706: Changes to Chapter 185-5. Zoning Map, Adult Use Overlay District – 2nd Reading
notion to waive reading, motion to move amendment, passed 9-0 via roll call

21.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-707: Changes to Chapter 185-47. Adult Entertainment Establishment Districts – 2nd Reading
notion to waive reading, motion to move amendment, passed 9-0 via roll call

22.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-708: Changes to Chapter 185-3. Definitions – 2nd Reading
notion to waive reading, motion to move amendment, passed 9-0 via roll call

23.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-709: Changes to Chapter 185-4. Districts Enumerated – 2nd Reading
notion to waive reading, motion to move amendment, passed 9-0 via roll call

24.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-710: Changes to Chapter 185-5. Zoning Map, Medical Marijuana Use Overlay District – 2nd Reading
notion to waive reading, motion to move amendment, passed 9-0 via roll call

25.Zoning Amendment 13-711: Changes to Chapter 185-7. Compliance Required – 2nd Reading
notion to waive reading, motion to move amendment, passed 9-0 via roll call

26.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-712: Changes to Chapter 185-49. Medical Marijuana Use Overlay District – 2nd Reading
notion to waive reading, motion to move amendment, passed 9-0 via roll call

Live reporting - Legislation continued (anaerobic digestion dies a quick death)

14.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-702: Changes to Chapter 185, Section 36. Impervious Surfaces – 1st Reading
motion to waive reading, motion to move to second reading
both passed 9-0

15.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-703: Changes to Chapter 185, Section 40. Water Resource District – 1st Reading
motion to waive reading, motion to move to second reading
both passed 9-0

16.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-716: Changes to Chapter 185, Section 3. Definitions – 1st Reading
motion to waive reading, motion to move to second reading
both passed 9-0

17.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-717: Changes to Chapter 185, Attachment 9, Schedule of Lot, Area, Frontage, Yard and Height Requirements – 1st Reading
motion to waive reading, motion to move to second reading
both passed 9-0

18.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-714: Changes to Chapter 185-3. Definitions – 1st Reading
motion to table, not debatable, passed 9-0

19.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-715: Changes to Chapter 185-7. Compliance Required – 1st Reading
motion to table, not debatable, passed 9-0

Live reporting - Legislation

1. Resolution 13-38: Acceptance of Grant of Right of Access Over Land at 828 West Central Street
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

2. Resolution 13-39: Appropriation: Appraiser for Downtown HPP Project and Compensation for Permanent and Temporary Easements
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

background provided aFinance Committee meeting Tues 6/4/13
150 total easements required, 75% have been achieved, some permanent easements around Dean and other areas, but we haven't gotten them back

Citizens committee meeting next week
means approx $1.4M, about $500K more than last year

3. Resolution 13-40: Appropriation: 37 Beaver Street
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

also as reviewed during FinCom meeting 6/4/13
property next to the Senior Center, available for purchase from bank, property is empty, to purchase and demolish the property, would come back later to do the work to expand the parking lot

4. Resolution 13-41: Appropriation: Fire Department Salaries
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

also as reviewed during FinCom meeting 6/4/13
to cover overtime at the Fire Dept due to injuries and training, up to almost a full compliment during June

5. Resolution 13-42: Appropriation: Capital FY 2013
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

also as reviewed during FinCom meeting 6/4/13
part 2 of the capital budget

6. Resolution 13-43: Appropriation: Other Post-Employment Benefits Stabilization Fund
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0 via roll call

also as reviewed during FinCom meeting 6/4/13
requires a 2/3 vote to put funds into the stabilization fund as well as a 2/3 vote to take the funds out
essentially an accounting move to increase return on investment while it is being saved

7. Resolution 13-44: Appropriation: Senior Center Capital Improvement
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0 via roll call

also as reviewed during FinCom meeting 6/4/13
essentially an accounting move to increase return on investment while it is being saved
Roy - I have been a frequent visitor to the Senior Center, it is heavily used
Jones - I think this is a great thing to do for the seniors

8. Resolution 13-45: Appropriation: Fire Truck Stabilization Fund
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0 via roll call

also as reviewed during FinCom meeting 6/4/13
continues putting money aside for replacement of a fire truck and maintain the truck rotation process

9. Resolution 13-46: Appropriation: Athletic Fields Capital Improvement Stabilization Fund
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0 via roll call

also as reviewed during FinCom meeting 6/4/13
to put money aside to eventually replace the turf fields at Beaver St and the high school

10.Resolution 13-47: Appropriation: Operating Budget Stabilization Fund
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0 via roll call

also as reviewed during FinCom meeting 6/4/13
another fiscal planning tool, have $750K there, this would add $250K to bring it to  $1M

11.Resolution 13-48: Appropriation: Other Post-Employment Benefits Stabilization Fund
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0 via roll call

also as reviewed during FinCom meeting 6/4/13
in Franklin case, we should be putting away $3M per year to fund this, we only have about $2M income which doesn't cover our operations, this is a good faith effort

Kelly - we could use this elsewhere is something magic happened?
Nutting - wellsely did pass an override to fund their requirements, and yes we could

12.Resolution 13-49: Appropriation: Other Post-Employment Benefits Stabilization Fund
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0 via roll call

also as reviewed during FinCom meeting 6/4/13
similar to above already appropriated, just moving it into the fund

13.Bylaw Amendment 13-713: Amendment to Chapter 25, Appendix A - Classification Plan and Appendix B-Compensation Plan – 2nd Reading

doesn't affect individual salaries but sets the scale which would be used as needed.

Live reporting - mayor question

- Form of Non-Binding Ballot Question, re: Adoption of Mayoral Form of Government

discussion on which question is favored

Powderly - have as much detail as necessary. Most cities that have mayor lose other officials, they sit ex-offico on the School Committee and that would change that dynamic. It needs to be thought about.

Dellorco - Wayne changed in 1999, Weymouth recently changed, we could talk to them.

Nutting - there are many forms of government in MA at the local level, if we did we should go via a Charter Commission

Pfeffer - if the answer is no, it simply stops, the question should be as simple as possible

Vallee - it is a very simple question, floating around town for years, let's ask

Roy - I am looking for a little more direction that we are asking of the voters

Bissanti - candidly

Jones - the current form of government has been very progressive and forward thinking, I have an will support asking the citizens what they want

Pfeffer - we haven't always had this form of government, we had selectmen at one point, and a council with 17 members

Kelly - we should keep it simple, it is an important decision for the community to make. And if necessary form the charter commission to do the real work.

Mercer - I'll go on record as the current form of government is the right form of government. It is my concern as well (akin to what (Councilor Roy) was asking. If you are not specific enough, you won't get the true feeling of the town.

Nutting- this is for discussion, you can put it on the agenda for the next election

Carel - only has to be before the Town Clerk 45 days before the election

Live reporting: anaerobic digestion plant presentation

the four zoning bylaws for impervious surfaces are being heard together

  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-702: Changes to Chapter 185, Section 36. Impervious Surfaces – Continued from May 15th
  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-703: Changes to Chapter 185, Section 40. Water Resource District – Continued from May 15
  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-716: Changes to Chapter 185, Section 3. Definitions
  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-717: Amendment to Chapter 185, Attachment 9. Schedule of Lot, Area, Frontage, Yard and Height Requirements

no audience comments

hearing closed


  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-714: Changes to Chapter 185-3. Definitions
  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-715: Changes to Chapter 185-7. Compliance Required.

The presentation was initially posted here

Income to the town potential of $500K to $1M depending upon the amount of power generated.

State mandate coming for large food waste producers (i.e institutions, schools, etc.) would be targeted

Buffer would be maintained around property to help insulate the neighbors from seeing much if anything. That the land slopes down toward i495 also helps to reduce the building or towers from view from other than i495.

Did have smell issues with initial start-up and those were resolved and not reappearing since then.

50 mile radius for food waste draw in MI, anticipated to be less, likely 35 miles or so due to the density of the area around Franklin.

The DEP presentation was not covered in detail as DEP representatives were not present to cover questions. Many communities are looking at the same technology.

What the town is looking to do is to ask the Council for issuance of an RFP to see if there is interest and proceed from there?

There are economic benefits. Issues we see certainly would be with truck traffic coming through the interchange. Other than the general truck traffic, I don't see a real traffic issue.

Compliance with air quality will be EPA and DEP arena

Anthony Dibello, resident, engineer workings for a medical company
I didn't hear about the by-products, I didn't hear about the mitigation for this. I don't want it in my backyard.

Bryan Taberner, while you are producing an RFP you'll be doing additional research to put the protection in place. If you decide to stop the process, you can do so at anytime. Did air quality testing at Edwards Air Force base and the air quality testing and permitting process is intensive.

When things work well they are probably fine, when they don't work well that is a problem

Sandy Rohagen, resident about 3 blocks away
a zoning change would leave us unprotected
Tri-County has 20 buses going in and out of that area, adding trucks to the traffic would not improve the situation
The pre-school right next door would likely go out of business as parents would not want to trust leaving their kids in such a situation.

Selena Cousin, resident on Beech St
had an uncle with the EPA research where the brownfields were and avoided
do the research in this area, with the experts in the field
I am all for the environment and recylcing, I don't think we need to known as the anaerobic power plant
what happens in the case of a fire, in case of an explosion
what will we find years down the road?
The money is not worth the risk

Gail Ward
will be voting tonight?

it is a two step process, zoning bylaw requires two votes
if it is positive tonight, then it would come back

permit going for would only allow for processing the food waste

Rob Baylow, echoing sentiment of my neighbors
we can do better than 11 jobs, especially with putting the day care center out of work
what about the smell? can you put that in the RFP?
if the air quality is fine according to the standard, how do you enforce that?

There isn't a smell, the negative air pressure keeps out the smell, anaerobic means without 'air'

Rob if the visit to MI was in the winter, maybe the smell would be more noticeable if it was summer
what about the trucks?

this was addressed the other night, we can't guarantee it but we can control the quality of the vehicles when they arrive

Tony Padula
I voted not to recommend this, we just changed zoning to make more business in this area, we are already watching more businesses coming into the area. With another 80 trips coming in and out, you're likely to get 4-5 cars through now

do we have a fire dept that can take care of this? can we handle the hazards? we have a day care center, a school? I am on the Planning Board, I think we can do better

Glenn Jones
I have sat through the Planning Board meeting and everything here tonight
I didn;t want having an unattractive commercial business in our backyard
as Chair of the Economic Development Committee, we want to find places and companies to increase revenues. This was proposed as a specific use for this property. It gains revenue for the town/ We are going to be entering into a new age where food waste will be taken out of the landfills, and into something like this. The corner is a tough one, it is a residential neighborhood.
We had been looking forward to getting citizen input for this process.

Taberner - it could be allowed in an industrial zone as a light industrial use
Jones - I think I would move this back to the Economic Development Committee for further review

Bissanti - I grew u playing near the sewer beds, I had no idea this would be coming here. I don't think the money would be right for a sophisticated community like Franklin. I am not totally convinced about air quality. Hydrogen sulfide sounds awfully scary to me. The technology sounds great. We are behind on this development compared to other countries. All the garbage of the Metro areas coming to Franklin. One of the things we would face is the perception of that

Powderly - there are too many unanswered questions in my mind to move forward with this. I support the technology idea but because the property is inconvenient it shouldn't be shoe horned into this space. I am not in favor of this

Mercer - I think there are too many unanswered questions, I would support Councilor Jones efforts to move this back to the EDC

Dellorco - Coming to Franklin would be turn at the silos? No, I don't like the sounds of that.

Roy - there are unanswered questions, my concern is how will we go about getting the answers. My understanding was this vote would get us to the RFP process to explore further. We would visit the question whether we would move forward. I am not in favor of a project of this magnitude. I am in favor of more exploration, whatever advances getting answers to the questions I am in favor.

Kelly - I agree with sending this back to the EDC, I commend Councilor Jones for bringing this forward as we need new sources of revenue.

hearing closed