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Franklin 5K - recap and results

Kris and Kayla Biagiotti, referred to by many as the “K Girls”, recently entered Boston Marathon’s 117-year history – as first ever mother-daughter team to complete the race. Following two years of training, Kris succeeded in pushing her 18-year-old disabled daughter, Kayla, in a wheelchair all 26.2 miles. This is an astonishing fact because Kayla in her chair weighs more than Kris, compounding the rigorous fitness standards already expected of anyone undertaking this challenge.  
Rep Jeff Roy with citation for K girls
Kris Biagiotti has long been an inspiration to many. “One of our goals was when Kayla turned 18 was to be able to run Boston together,” explained Kris. “It’s been part of her life growing up.” Kayla, who was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease at the age of three, has enjoyed watching the Marathon each year since she joined the Boston Children’s Hospital Patient Partner Program in 2000. In the program, a patient gets teamed up with a runner who participates on her behalf. This year, Biagiotti raised about $15,500 for the hospital. 
Another way Kris gives back is through the Franklin 5K, an event she started to remember her husband and Kayla’s father, Bob, who died from a heart attack in 2005. Throughout its 9 year history, the event has raised $85,000 for the Hockomock Area YMCA’s Reach Out for Youth and Families financial assistance program and the Y’s Integration Initiative. Kris is a champion of inclusion. She supports the Hockomock Area YMCA because their Integration Initiative gives children with special needs the opportunity to participate alongside their typically developing peers in social and recreational programs and activities. As summer approaches, more children than ever will enroll in New Horizons, the Y’s fully inclusive camp setting. 
Reflecting on their run in the Boston Marathon, Kris says, “It seems impossible. All these years I’ve watched the Hoyts run, and been amazed with everything they’ve done. But to think no other mother-daughter team has ever done it, it’s overwhelming in some respects.” 
K girls finish at Franklin 5K
K girls finish at Franklin 5K
Because Kris and Kayla were 50 yards from the finish line when a bomb went off, forcing them to shield themselves from flying shrapnel, they did not celebrate the way they had expected. So, just three weeks later, the May 4th race in Franklin became their much-deserved celebration. On a sunny morning, Kris and Kayla got back to doing what they love, running. And when they approached the finish of The Franklin 5K, they were flocked by hundreds of runners and community members, many having jumped back on the course to be close to the duo.

In an emotion-filled moment, State Representative Jeffrey Roy presented to them their Boston Marathon medals, along with a citation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, commending the K Girls for their achievement.

The K Girls enjoyed the fanfare, with Kayla giving out dozens of hugs to those present. Reflecting on the day, Kris pointed out that The Franklin 5K is more than a race. “I do this every year because I get so much back and because of all the great things the Y does for our community.”

The event was presented by Iron Mountain. Runners placed as follows:

Alissa Nelson, 6place, 19:36.75
Nicole Brown, 15place, 21:30.28
Violet Wolejszo, 28place, 23:10.78

David Constantino, 1place, 17:39.07
Eric Taraeh, 2place, 18:41.52
Justin Bates, 3place, 18:49.53

10 & Under
Sydney Hawkins, 69 place, 26:42.77
Alice Rose Taddeo, 136 place, 32:29.56
Linnea Remillard, 137 place, 32:30.58

11 to 14
Ellie Chouinard, 167place, 39:08.15

15 to 19
Kimberly Hiss, 81place, 27:35.92
Melanie Lemay, 130place, 32:13.06 10:23
Kayla Biagiotti, 148place, 33:48.09 10:53

20 to 29
Lindsay Roberson, 29place, 23:16.01
Christine Walsh, 43place, 24:54.63
Lisa Stearns, 56place, 25:58.35

30 to 39
Gretchen McAuley, 47place, 25:15.79
Kelly Boucher, 53place, 25:45.59
Corrine Giordani, 57place, 26:00.50

40 to 49
Isabel Devincentis, 36place, 24:19.20
Kathleen Ford, 50place, 25:33.70
Lisa Chaffee, 54place, 25:47.46

50 to 59
Mary McNulty, 32place, 23:34.83
Nancy Robertson, 37place, 24:19.72
Elizabeth Surette, 68place, 26:37.43

60 to 69
Susan Phillips, 33place, 23:39.14
Suzanne Rice, 109place, 30:31.86
Linda Fahy, 170place, 39:26.26

10 & Under
Ryan Taddeo, 48place, 22:43.29
Braden Kennedy, 132place, 32:22.99
Benjamin Powell, 143place, 33:12.22

11 to 14
Liam Pek, 21place, 22:29.75
Aidan Nickerson, 27place, 22:46.90
Devin Ming, 35place, 24:18.48

15 to 19
Ian Schopf, 8place, 19:47.42
Kyle Pandiscio, 17place, 21:53.08
Jack Laplante, 34place, 24:14.74

20 to 29
Ryan Craig, 7place, 19:40.98
Chuck Sherwin, 14place, 21:19.95
Pavol Liska, 22place, 22:36.41

30 to 39
Jeffrey Bears, 10place, 20:38.45
Mark Anderson, 13place, 21:06.40
Jim Wrobel, 16place, 21:40.85

40 to 49
Bob Trejo, 4place, 18:55.06
Jeffrey Leplante, 5place, 19:09.94
Kevin Uniacke, 9place, 19:57.02

50 to 59
Conor Creedon, 19place, 22:01.09
John Robertson, 24place, 22:42.44
Max Schopf, 31place, 23:30.86

60 to 69
Ray Phillips, 49place, 25:27.44

To find out more about the Hockomock Area YMCA’s Reach Out for Youth and Families program or the Integration Initiative, contact Laura Murphy at 508.643.5285 or

About Hockomock Area YMCA:
The Hockomock Area YMCA is an organization of men, women, and children sharing a commitment to nurture the potential of kids, promote healthy living, and foster a sense of social responsibility. With over 31,000 members, half under the age of 18, the YMCA is committed to partnering and collaborating with others to create and deliver lasting personal and social change in the 15 communities they are privileged to serve.

The Y is for Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.

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