Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Live reporting - closing

letter from a citizen regarding work by fire and police dept

wishing Jim Roche well, he is stepping down from the FinCom after many years
if anyone is interested, there is an opening, send information to the Town Administrator

Strawberry Stroll - next Thursday

Thanks to Bob Jarvis, all his neighbors will reap the benefits of his hard work
the work redoing the streets around East, West is finished

Work put out to bid came in under bid, avoid Lincoln/Daniels street during the work water line this year and road next year

Pfeffer - status, condition and maintenance of the town buildings
Nutting- all you were sent were closed work orders, we'll be happy to give you the open ones as of a certain date

Vallee - work around Beaver St?
Nutting - trees won't be until the fall, we'll do the guard rail when the paving guy will be here
we got them to admit that they actually own the property, whether he has actually gone there yet is open
Roy - now that we know he knows and acknowledges ownership, we'll continue to follow up
Nutting - CSX owns the property, not MBTA

Vallee - what is up with the depot?
Nutting- the roof is out to bid, the bids are back, processing the paperwork will take time. they'll do something one at a time

Kelly - could we get Brutus in with what he has done and what his plans are?
Nutting - there are no plans, it will remain as is, until DEP decides. We can do a presentation

Vallee - what is the status of the street near the town common?
Nutting - it is on the schedule for the HPP project along main st, it really needs to be re-done totally

Vallee - tress on the common, we could cut a few more that shouldn't be there
Nutting - I'd suggest putting a subcommmittee together with the Tree warden and the outside study

Jones - there was supposed to be an annual review of the trees

Roy - thank you for acknowledging Brittany tonight, one of 3 out of 600,000
She leaves for Australia on the 10th and she'll find out the 20th

Jones- thanks to everyone who came out to the Planning Board and tonight

Pfeffer - there has been a lot of buzz and discussion about the flag pole, it was rotten and replaced
it is wooden and still functioning,

Powderly - there is a lot of work here and I'd like to recognize those efforts. Thanks to Jim for all his efforts, I worked on the FinCom and learned a lot from him. He will  be missed

Kelly - it is sad that the fireworks were canceled, it is sad that while the question as asked in Mar, they didn't find out until May that it was canceled. We need to do better

Mercer - building committee walk through of the new high school, Monday night at 6:00
State Treasurer visit at 6/20 at 4:00 Pm

motion to adjourn, passed

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