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Pick your Flight for the Progressive Dinner - Sept. 27

The Franklin Downtown Partnership would like to invite you out to dinner. Instead of choosing just one restaurant, why not go to four different eateries? You can by joining us for the inaugural Progressive Dinner on Sunday, September 27, in downtown Franklin. 
Your culinary exploration will begin with appetizers at one restaurant, soup at another, an entrĂ©e at a third, and then dessert. You can choose from two different flights, with each flight featuring four downtown restaurants. Flights will be staggered to begin every half hour starting at 5:30 p.m. The evening will end on a sweet note with dessert at The Black Box while you’re entertained by Franklin School for the Performing Arts students. 
“We created the Progressive Dinner to remind the community that our businesses are open during the road construction project. What better way than to have people walking through downtown, enjoying local restaurants and entertainment with friends?” says event organizer Jane Curran, owner of Jane’s Frames. 
"The Rome Flight" includes Crab Rangoon at Hang Tai, Tofu with Vegetable Soup at Bamboo House, Chicken Parmesan with Penne at The Rome, and a Chocolate Whoopie Pie from Making Whoopie. 
Franklin Downtown Partnership's Progressive Dinner - Sep 27
Franklin Downtown Partnership's Progressive Dinner - Sep 27

"The Artistry Kitchen Flight" includes an Assorted Sushi and Appetizer Plate at Maguro House, Manchow Soup with Vegetables at Chinese Mirch, Butternut Squash Flatbread with Arugula at Artistry Kitchen, and a Sticky Toffee Cupcake from The Cake Bar. 
Tickets are $50 per person, including tips and taxes. Beverages are not included. Choose your flight when you purchase tickets, which are on sale now through September 16 online at the Partnership’s Progressive Dinner page. You can access the page on the FDP website, and its Facebook page. 
Thank you to the Franklin Historical Museum, NHS Print, Pour Richard’s Wine & Spirits, Simon’s Furniture and The Mac Deli for sponsoring this event. Sponsorships are still available. Contact FDP event co-chairperson Jane Curran at for more information or with questions.

For convenience, you can get your progressive 'dinner flight' tickets here

MassBudget: Labor Day 2015: Important Gains, Many Challenges for MA Workers

MassBudget  Information.
 Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center  Democracy.

Labor Day 2015:
Important Gains, Many Challenges for MA Workers

By Kurt Wise, Senior Policy Analyst

Labor Day will arrive again this Monday, offering all of us a chance to remember and to celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers. While Massachusetts workers have seen some improvements recently - including lower unemployment, a higher minimum wage and earned paid sick time - unfortunately, since the late 1970s, our national and state economies have not given workers much cause for celebration.

The fact is, we have a problem.
Both our national and our state economies are unbalanced: Since the late 1970s, wages and incomes for most working families have stagnated. By contrast, for the highest income households, incomes have grown at ten times the rate of income growth for the bottom 90% of the population. (MassBudget report on the State of Working Massachusetts)

This trend has harmed our state's ability to make important investments that can make life better for working people. (MassBudget factsheet on tax cuts)

The highest income residents in Massachusetts, who have captured so much of the gains from our state's economic growth over the last several decades, actually pay a smaller share of their income in state and local taxes than the rest of the population. (MassBudget factsheet on tax fairness)

If the highest income households paid the same share of their income in state and local taxes as the rest of us, this would allow for increased investments in key drivers of economic prosperity, like high-quality public education and efficient transportation systems. (MassBudget report on the benefits of a well-educated workforce)
The good news is there are solutions.

One federal-level solution is to reform outdated rules for determining which workers qualify for overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours in a given week. Currently, hourly workers are entitled to be paid 1.5 times their regular hourly rate when they work more than 40 hours.

For workers who are salaried (i.e., instead paid a fixed amount for a year's employment), guaranteed overtime pay depends on both their salary level and on the nature of their work duties. Salaried workers who currently earn more than $23,660 per year AND are classified as managers or supervisors are not guaranteed overtime pay. The current overtime salary threshold of $23,660 per year, however, is less than half of what it was in 1975, when adjusted for inflation.

As a consequence, many salaried workers classified by their employers as "managers" or "supervisors" today are not guaranteed overtime pay even if they often perform duties no different from ordinary rank-and-file workers. In 1975, 60 percent of salaried workers nationwide were guaranteed time-and-half pay when working overtime, but today less than 10 percent enjoy the same guarantee.

The Department of Labor has proposed a plan to raise the salary threshold to $50,440 annually, close to its inflation-adjusted 1975 level. Under this proposed update, an additional 260,000 Massachusetts workers would be guaranteed time-and-a-half pay when working more than 40 hours in a week. (Economic Policy Institute & Center for American Progress factsheets on updating and improving overtime rules)

There are many other federal policies that could help to restore wage growth (Economic Policy Institute report on How to Raise Wages)

At the state-level, Massachusetts could invest more in high-quality public education and in transportation systems that get people to work and get customers to businesses. One proposal would generate new funds for such investments by applying a higher tax rate to income above $1 million, also making our tax system fairer. High income taxpayers currently pay a smaller share of their income in state and local taxes. (MassBudget factsheet on tax fairness)

Massachusetts also could raise wages for big box retail and fast food franchise workers. (National Employment Law Project report on the Growing Movement for $15)

Happily, in the last year, Massachusetts has taken some important steps to help boost wages and improve working conditions, including raising our statewide minimum wage, requiring most employers to provide earned paid sick time, and increasing the value of our state Earned Income Tax Credit.

There are meaningful steps that could be taken at the state and national levels, to reverse the negative trends of recent decades, improving working conditions and raising wages and incomes for millions of working families. Significant progress towards creating an economy that supports broadly shared prosperity is possible. This would give us all something to celebrate, not just on Labor Day, but every day of the year. (See also U.S. Department of Labor website for more on the history of Labor Day)

The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center (MassBudget) produces policy research, analysis, and data-driven recommendations focused on improving the lives of low- and middle-income children and adults, strengthening our state's economy, and enhancing the quality of life in Massachusetts.

BOSTON, MA 02108

Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center | 15 Court Square | Suite 700 | Boston | MA | 02108

Lifelong Learning Institute: Fall Sessions - Open for Registration

Franklin Public Schools - Lifelong Learning Institute
The Center For Adult Education 
and Community Learning 
Fall Newsletter
September 2015


Learn the art of traditional Italian winemaking - and bring home your own case of wine!    
The Center for Adult Education and Community Learning at Franklin, in conjunction with La Cantina Winery, is pleased to offer its another in its series of Winemaking Partnership Seminars. This is a multi-week course designed to introduce you to the pleasures and satisfaction of winemaking.

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Dear Reader...........The Fall Semester is open for registration. Be sure to check out our complete interactive online catalog for new and returning programs and a whole lot more. Happy reading! Remember to register!   Click here
                              Brenda Reed, Director
      The Center for Adult Education and Community Learning


Floral Design Partnership with Hillside Nurseries 
A series of five individual weekly classes 
The Center for Adult Education and Community Learning at Franklin, in conjunction with Hillside Nurseries, is pleased to offer another in its series of Floral Design Partnership Seminars, this five week program developed to introduce you to the pleasures, satisfaction and financial opportunities of exploring the art of floral design. Whether you are interested in floral design for your own personal occasions or the various seasons of the year or you are considering a floral design career of your own, this series will give you the opportunity to explore.

This 8-week course will assess your entry-level careers in biotechnology. You will gain an understanding of the industry and opportunities of employment in various sectors of biotechnology, including diagnostics, research, manufacturing, and forensics. You will acquire basic skills needed to be successful in a biotech lab and learn fundamental techniques such as chromatography, gel electrophoresis and PCR. An overview of the educational requirements needed to pursue employment will also be provided. Guest speakers will bring the real-world of biotechnology into the classroom and provide networking opportunities.
An Overview of Forensic Science 
- a fun one-night class
The evidence found at a crime scene will help lay the foundations of guilt or innocence.  The ability to locate, identify and process this evidence rests upon those at the crime scene and in the forensics lab.  Come use our new, state of the art Forensics Lab as we work to solve "crimes", bring about justice, and enjoy the journey along the way. 
Develop Your Brand and Message through Print and Online
Do you have a new or existing business for which you want to develop a stronger name recognition and brand? In this introductory one-night class we will review different ways to develop a brand, establish consistency, and carry your image through all print and social media platforms. The class will investigate basic marketing techniques and the use of social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. If you have an existing company logo you are welcome to bring it to this class for discussion.
  so much more
Watercolor, Pastels, More Exercise and Sports than ever...., Knitting, Cooking Demonstrations, Digital Photography, Language.

There's so much planned for this Fall. Check us out online and take a look at the Adult Education Fall Semester Interactive Catalog.  Click here.
                         Lifelong Learning Institute
The Center For Adult Education & Community Learning

     Proud to be part of the Franklin Public Schools

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FPS- Life Long Learning | 355 East Central Street | Franklin | MA | 02038

Franklin Art Association - Meeting - Oct 7th

The Franklin Art Association will meet Wednesday, October 7th, from 6:30 - 9:00 pm at the Franklin Senior Center, 10 Daniel McCahill Street. 
Refreshments and socialization will begin at 6:30. 
The program will feature artist Colleen Vandeventer who will do an oil painting demo
Franklin Art Association
Franklin Art Association
Meetings are free and opened to the public. 
For more information, please visit or

Friday, September 4, 2015

Upcoming Events in Franklin, MA Area: FRI 9/4/15 - THU 9/10/15

FRIDAY 9/4/15
10am-12pm   Open House at Dean College Children’s Center Preschool
12-6pm   Franklin Farmers Market at The Town Common
6:30pm   Art Night Uncorked at Franklin Art Center
8-9:50pm   Frozen Friday DJ Public Skate at Pirelli Arena

9-10am   Helping Hands Knit and Crochet Group Meet at The Cake Bar

TUESDAY 9/8/15
7:30pm   Franklin and Bellingham Rail Trail Committee Meeting at the Franklin YMCA (new members welcome)

7:30pm   Franklin Newcomers and Friends Meeting at the “3” Restaurant (new members welcome)

For all the Town of Franklin Public Meetings click HERE.

For event details click HERE.

*If you have any suggestions or events for the calendar, please email

Well said by the Holliston Police Dept

Their Facebook post on the Millis news:

We are saddened to hear the updated information reported today as it relates to yesterday's incident in Millis. Keeping...
Posted by Holliston Police Department on Thursday, September 3, 2015

And if you don't have Facebook, here is the text of the message:
"We are saddened to hear the updated information reported today as it relates to yesterday's incident in Millis. Keeping that information in mind, we would like to share a few thoughts: 
Not one Officer hesitated, delayed, or questioned their opportunity to assist yesterday afternoon in what began as a hectic and chaotic incident. Officers from Local, State, and Federal agencies dropped what they were doing and responded without a second thought. Some left their shifts to respond, some left their homes and families, and others suited up in SWAT gear and responded to the scene. All prepared for the unknown. 
Not one of these Officers knew what to expect, where the suspects might be hiding, or the status of the Officer involved. For Police Officers, this is instinctual. We don't second guess, we don't question whether we should help, we don't over analyze. We simply respond to help someone in need. Our families and friends are often left knowing little to no information about the scene we are headed to. 
So why do we selflessly put ourselves in the way of unknown danger? Why risk everything of our own for someone else? 
Because we are the police. We are here to serve and protect the citizens of each neighborhood, town, and city across this country. We have always been here and we will always be here. 
We challenge our followers to thank a Police Officer next time you see them. A hand shake, a cup of coffee, or a simple "thank you" shows each one of us that put on the badge that we are appreciated. Because when the time comes again to drop everything and respond to the cries for help, we will be there without hesitation. 
We guarantee that."

Facebook cover photo for Holliston Police Dept
Facebook cover photo for Holliston Police Dept

Follow the Holliston Police Dept on Facebook
or visit their webpage

Franklin's Tegra Medical employees get wet in fund raiser

Tegra Medical
Tegra Medical
From Christine at Tegra Medical, 9 Forge Park, Franklin:

"We had our company picnic Thursday and received an overwhelming amount of donations for the Franklin Food Pantry. 
We also raised over $2,000 for The Tomorrow Fund at Hasbro Children's Hospital of RI. 
The employees bought tickets to dunk their favorite supervisors (pictures also included below)."

Bill C ready for the dunk tank
Bill C ready for the dunk tank

supervisors ready for the dunk tank
Bob and Chris ready for the dunk tank

group photo of Tegra Medical employees
group photo of Tegra Medical employees

Economic Development Meeting Agenda - Sep 9 - 6:00 PM

Via email from Town Administrator Jeff Nutting:

The Economic Development Committee will meet next Wednesday at 6 pm in the Training Room. Items for discussion include marketing, Nu-style and Pond street. 

Note: The Training Room is located on the 3rd floor of the Municipal Building. The meeting should not last more than an hour as the Town Council is scheduled to begin their meeting at 7:00 PM. (The Economic Development Committee is comprised of four Town Councilors - Bissanti, Kelly, Padula, and Vallee.)

Franklin Municipal Building
Franklin Municipal Building

Background information on the Nu-Style property can be found in the 2013 Annual Report

Student's Capstone project to help Medway Food Pantry

This is a flier my son John made for his Capstone project:

In Support of the Medway Village Church food pantry, a donation drive is being held here from September 1 to November 1. 

My name is John Demartinis and I am in 8th grade attending the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School. 

This is my Capstone project, I must complete this project to pass the 8th grade. I am a Medway resident.

Items needed for drive:

  • Shampoo
  • Napkins
  • Soap
  • Napkins
  • Paper Towels
  • Toothpaste
  • Toilet paper
  • Tissues
  • Caned goods
  • Boxed goods.
  • Jelly
  • Tomato sauce, chicken soup, boxed milk.

And anything else that you can donate would be greatly appreciated

If you live in the Medway area please help by bringing donations to Starbucks, Medway yoga, medway cleaners, curves, Anne Market, medway karakate,little gym,the muffin house and to any of the shops at the plaza where ocean state store is. 

If you cannot donate, You can also make a donation by check to the

John DeMartinis
Medway resident
Anything you want to do would be greatly appreciated.

Kelly (John's mom)

Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School
Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School

Blackstone Valley: GO! and September News and Events

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For a complete and detailed listing of events, see our event calendar

Get Ready...Get Set...GO! 

Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc. is promoting a series of events and experiences throughout the Valley during the month of September!

Join us for a kickoff celebration at the Little Red Shop Museum, followed by a Hopedale Walkabout on Thursday, September 3, 2015 from 5-6:30 p.m. 

Location: Little Red Shop Museum
                 12 Hopedale Street
                  Hopedale, MA

For full listing of GO! activities, click 

Greenway Challenge - Registration ends soon!
                                       Volunteers Needed!

On Saturday, September 26, the Blackstone Heritage Corridor's 15th annual Greenway Challenge takes off from Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, MA. The finish line is at Lincoln Woods in Lincoln, RI, followed by a finish line celebration.  (Rain date October 3rd.)

Registration ends soon!  Click here to view our special Greenway Challenge website and sign up your team!

Volunteers are needed throughout the course at the different transition sites. Be part of the "amazing race" that winds through the Blackstone Valley by supporting the event as a volunteer! Make new friends, see new places, and be a VIP for a day.

For more information, contact Barbara Dixon at

GO! To The Uxbridge Antique Fire Museum
Roy Henry and William Martin, both volunteers from the Uxbridge Antique Fire Museum, partnered up to host the first event in Blackstone Heritage Corridor's GO! program on September 1st, offering free tours of the museum. 

Tucked away on Depot Street, across from the former Bernat Mill, is where the museum artfully displays all of its memorabilia, some dating back to          the 1800's. 

Originally located in the boiler room of Bernat Mill, the museum had to move due to a fire in 2006 and mill owners at Capron Corp. donated and renovated space at the Bernat Garage across the street in 2009. 

Today it proudly houses a 1940 Seagrave fire truck and is considered the crown jewel of the museum.Future projects include the restoration of a 1927 Stewart Pumper and an antique alarm box display. The museum will be open every Tuesday throughout September from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and by appointment on other days. For more information, please call 508-278-2014.

For a full calendar of GO! events, click here

Paddle Club's Big Finish for 15th Season! 

Congratulations to the Blackstone Valley Paddle Club on finishing their 15th season. Thank you to the volunteers who have kept this club active for so many years and for supporting the on-the-water exploration of the Blackstone Valley!

There is one more chance to paddle in September! Join Paddle Club volunteers Cheryl Thompson and Julie Riendeau as they lead a leisurely paddle from the Blackstone Gorge to the Millville Lock and        back on Sunday, September 20th. 

This trip is part of the Blackstone Heritage Corridor's GO! program and is a free event. Bring your own kayak or canoe, paddles and life jackets. On this trip you will pass under the historic Triad Bridge and enjoy a close-up look at the remains of the Millville Lock. 

Meet at the Blackstone Gorge at the end of County Street in Blackstone. The trip is 5 miles and will last 2-3 hours. For more information, call 401-647-5887.
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Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor | One Depot Square | Woonsocket | RI | 02895

For a complete and detailed listing of events, see our event calendar.