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Lifelong Learning Institute: Fall Sessions - Open for Registration

Franklin Public Schools - Lifelong Learning Institute
The Center For Adult Education 
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Fall Newsletter
September 2015


Learn the art of traditional Italian winemaking - and bring home your own case of wine!    
The Center for Adult Education and Community Learning at Franklin, in conjunction with La Cantina Winery, is pleased to offer its another in its series of Winemaking Partnership Seminars. This is a multi-week course designed to introduce you to the pleasures and satisfaction of winemaking.

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Dear Reader...........The Fall Semester is open for registration. Be sure to check out our complete interactive online catalog for new and returning programs and a whole lot more. Happy reading! Remember to register!   Click here
                              Brenda Reed, Director
      The Center for Adult Education and Community Learning


Floral Design Partnership with Hillside Nurseries 
A series of five individual weekly classes 
The Center for Adult Education and Community Learning at Franklin, in conjunction with Hillside Nurseries, is pleased to offer another in its series of Floral Design Partnership Seminars, this five week program developed to introduce you to the pleasures, satisfaction and financial opportunities of exploring the art of floral design. Whether you are interested in floral design for your own personal occasions or the various seasons of the year or you are considering a floral design career of your own, this series will give you the opportunity to explore.

This 8-week course will assess your entry-level careers in biotechnology. You will gain an understanding of the industry and opportunities of employment in various sectors of biotechnology, including diagnostics, research, manufacturing, and forensics. You will acquire basic skills needed to be successful in a biotech lab and learn fundamental techniques such as chromatography, gel electrophoresis and PCR. An overview of the educational requirements needed to pursue employment will also be provided. Guest speakers will bring the real-world of biotechnology into the classroom and provide networking opportunities.
An Overview of Forensic Science 
- a fun one-night class
The evidence found at a crime scene will help lay the foundations of guilt or innocence.  The ability to locate, identify and process this evidence rests upon those at the crime scene and in the forensics lab.  Come use our new, state of the art Forensics Lab as we work to solve "crimes", bring about justice, and enjoy the journey along the way. 
Develop Your Brand and Message through Print and Online
Do you have a new or existing business for which you want to develop a stronger name recognition and brand? In this introductory one-night class we will review different ways to develop a brand, establish consistency, and carry your image through all print and social media platforms. The class will investigate basic marketing techniques and the use of social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. If you have an existing company logo you are welcome to bring it to this class for discussion.
  so much more
Watercolor, Pastels, More Exercise and Sports than ever...., Knitting, Cooking Demonstrations, Digital Photography, Language.

There's so much planned for this Fall. Check us out online and take a look at the Adult Education Fall Semester Interactive Catalog.  Click here.
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