Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chestnut Street Revue - Nov 15, 7:00 PM

Call the neighbors, wake the kids - it's soon time once again for FUSF's Chestnut Street Revue, where the many talented members of our congregation showcase their musical abilities for all to see.

This year, it's on Saturday, November 15 and our goal is to make it the best show yet. And for that, we need YOU! 
If you haven't taken the stage in a while - or have never taken the stage - it's time to clear your throat and step into the spotlight. We're hoping to bring plenty of new (or not-seen-in-a-while) talent to the show.

Chestnut Street Review
Chestnut Street Review
First Universalist Society Franklin (FUSF) is located at 262 Chestnut St

The Facebook event page can be found here

The Climate Minute Podcast: Breakthrough in China

massclimateaction posted: "The US and China set targets for carbon emissions. This is a big deal, since it boosts the international negotiations already in progress, put political pressure on other nations and undercuts the arguments against US action. Here are some links: "
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Climate Minute Podcast

Breakthrough in China-The Climate Minute Podcast

by massclimateaction
The US and China set targets for carbon emissions. This is a big deal, since it boosts the international negotiations already in progress, put political pressure on other nations and undercuts the arguments against US action.
Here are some links:
Because we recognize the necessity of personal accountability for our actions, because we accept responsibility for building a durable future and because we believe it is our patriotic duty as citizens to speak out, we must insist that the United States put a price on carbon.
Thanks for listening.
…Ted McIntyre
massclimateaction | November 14, 2014 at 7:15 am | Tags: china, Climate Change, global warming, President Obama | Categories: Climate Action | URL:
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You can listen to the podcast by following the links above or listen here

FHS News Round up

Several quick items with Franklin High School in the news today.

Girls play for the Championship

The Franklin High School girls soccer team plays in the D1 South Championship today. The game is scheduled for Braintree High School at 2:00 PM

Boys play in Charity All Star event

Members of the boys soccer team will be playing in the Hockomock Charity All Star game today. The boys All Star game is scheduled for 3:00 PM. Go for 1:00 PM and see the other Hockomock All Star girls play (of course, the Franklin girls will miss this as they have their own championship game today).

Charity Soccer All Star Event
Charity Soccer All Star Event
Additional details on the charity event being held at Attleboro High can be found here

Sophie reports on Nashville

From Pantherbook, an interview with Sophie Addi on her trip to Nashville for the National Honors Concert Band.

Sophie on left with two other musicians in Nashville
Sophie on left with two other musicians in Nashville (Pantherbook photo)

read the full interview in Pantherbook here:

Spirit Week events at FHS

Also from Pantherbook, spirit week begins on Monday and the schedule of activities has been published

MassBudget: Increasing Learning Time to Expand Opportunity

  MASSBudget     roadmap to expanding opportunity

Beyond the Bell:
Options for Increased Learning Time 
All children can benefit from important academic and enrichment opportunities beyond the traditional six hour school day. Higher income families often spend close to $10,000 a year on such enrichment for their children. However, many of our children - and particularly those who face the greatest challenges and might benefit the most - don't have these opportunities.  

Increased learning time can be an effective tool for providing more of our young people with improved, more well-rounded education - but only if it's done right. Beyond the Bell: Options for Increased Learning Time examines which strategies have proven most effective in implementing longer school days, quality after school services, and summer learning opportunities. 

Effective programs are most often designed in partnership with teachers, parents and outside partners and are used to provide both additional academic support and other forms of enrichment. They often also provide additional planning time for teachers, bring in community partners, and sometimes create hands-on learning opportunities to provide variety and engagement for kids. Beyond the Bell concludes by estimating what it costs to provide programs with these effective elements.

To read the full paper, please go HERE.

The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center (MassBudget) produces policy research, analysis, and data-driven recommendations focused on improving the lives of low- and middle-income children and adults, strengthening our state's economy, and enhancing the quality of life in Massachusetts.

BOSTON, MA 02108

Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center | 15 Court Square | Suite 700 | Boston | MA | 02108

STUDENT Holidays SPECIALS from Team Fitness and CrossFit Franklin!

Welcome home students.  The holidays are an important time to reconnect with family and friends and enjoy lots of good food and drink. Below are the specials we are running for college students for keeping you fit and strong while at home. We look forward to welcoming you back to the club and helping you to reconnect with the friends you haven't seen in a while. 

Team Fitness/CrossFit Franklin Student Thanksgiving/Holiday/Winter/Spring/Summer Specials

                        TFF Regular     Special Price        CFF Regular    Special
Thanksgiving**     $10                 Included                  $29.95            Included
Holiday/Winter**   $29.95           Included                  $59                  Included
Spring                    $10                 Included                  $29.95            Included
Summer                $104               Included                  $297               Included
Total                     $153.95        $119.95*             $415.90        $299*

*Special price available ONLY 11/17/14-12/31/14.
**Must be paid in full during time period indicated.     

If you join either at Thanksgiving or at winter holiday break, AND pay in full at sign up, you can receive the special pricing that will include membership through next summer.       

$119 for Team Fitness membership and 
$299 for CrossFit Franklin membership.  

We look forward to seeing you soon. 
The Team at Team Fitness and CrossFit Franklin

Forward this email

Team Fitness Franklin | 100 Franklin Village Drive | Franklin | MA | 02038

Friday, November 14, 2014

Upcoming Events in Franklin, MA Area: FRI 11/14/14 - THU 11/20/14

FRI 11/14   6:30pm   Art Night Uncorked at Franklin Art Center
FRI 11/14   8pm   Black Box Cabaret at The Black Box, Franklin

SAT 11/15   9am-4pm   Book Sale at Franklin Public Library
SAT 11/15   12-8pm   Franklin Art Association’s Art Exhibit: “Enhanced” at Tri-County HS, Franklin
SAT 11/15   2pm   FHS Girls Soccer D1 South Finals vs. Whitman-Hanson at Braintree HS

SUN 11/16   9am-12pm   Bag Sale at Franklin Public Library
SUN 11/16   12-3pm   Franklin Art Association’s Art Exhibit: “Enhanced” at Tri-County HS, Franklin
SUN 11/16   3:30pm   LiveARTS Concert: Anton Belov, baritone and Janice Weber, piano and colleagues at FUSF, Chestnut St., Franklin

WED 11/19   6:30pm   Doggie Tales at Franklin Public Library, registration required

THU 11/20   3:30pm   Lego Club at Franklin Public Library

For all the Town of Franklin Public Meetings click HERE.

For event details click HERE.

*If you have any suggestions or events for the calendar, please email

"The Diaries of Adam and Eve"

Franklin Performing Arts Company (FPAC) presents The Diaries of Adam and Eve, a compelling exploration of the relationship between men and women as told through the lens of the world’s first love story. The light-hearted dramatic comedy play by David Birney is an adaptation of the book by America’s great humorist, Mark Twain. 
The Diaries of Adam and Eve
The Diaries of Adam and Eve

FPAC’s production is directed by Nick Paone and stars Franklin’s Charley and Mireille Eastman in the title roles. Performances are Friday and Saturday, November 21 and 22 at 7:30 p.m., with a Sunday matinee on November 23 at 2 p.m. at THE BLACK BOX, FPAC’s new home and theater, located at 15 West Central Street in downtown Franklin. 
Tickets are $24 for adults, with student rush tickets available for $15 at the door. For tickets and more information visit or call (508) 528-3370.

FHS Boys Soccer All Stars

Hockomock Sports reports that
Tim LaRowe, Ben LaBelle, Adam Moessing, and James Frederick were named to the 2014 Hockomock League Boys Soccer All Stars in a vote by the league coaches. Bill Dorion received Honorable Mention.

You can find the full listing of the Soccer All Stars here

FHS Panthers
FHS Panthers

Franklin Public Schools: Inclement Weather Update

The Franklin Public Schools have issued this seasonal reminder on how they handle inclement weather. The notification also went out to parents via the ConnectEd service and is posted to the Schools webpage.

FHS under construction in he snow in 2012
FHS under construction in the snow in 2012


The Superintendent, school administrators and public safety personnel, carefully monitor the weather conditions during the snow season. Our intention is to open schools, however the timing of snow is unpredictable and weather is changeable.


School-district staff monitor state and local weather forecasts. The Town Department of Public Works (DPW) and Police Department officials test the road conditions and report that information to facilities staff. We must give careful consideration to the most dangerous bus routes in the district. So, even if it looks clear on your street, dangerous conditions may exist in other parts of our town or on highways. We are also using AccuWeather, a service tailored to give us real-time data on conditions in Franklin.


The safety of all district children is our primary concern in making our decision. In deciding whether children will be safe, we look at the following factors:

  • Information on road conditions from the town’s superintendent of roads and from the police
  • Time snow starts to accumulate, and the amount of snow expected
  • Weather predictions as to what is expected later in the day
  • Building conditions (e.g. whether we have power and heat)
  • Parking lot conditions
  • Temperature and wind-chill
  • The Department of Public Works prediction as to when roads, walkways and parking lots will be cleared

Parents retain the right to not send a child to school if they feel road conditions are not safe.


The Superintendent of Schools, in consultation with DPW, the Highway Department, police and the Director of Facilities will make the decision.


The Superintendent must make the decision at the earliest possible time so that radio and TV stations can be notified. Many times the most important information is given at the 5:30 A.M. newscasts, since conditions could have changed overnight. The Superintendent will start the notification process of parents and staff as soon as possible with a target time of 5:30 A.M.


We use Blackboard Connect as our inclement weather notification system. Parents and school district staff will receive messages via phones and/or email about the status of school opening/closing during inclement weather situations. Phone calls will be made beginning at 5:30 A.M. If you do not wish to receive a phone call early in the morning, please contact your child’s school to remove your number from our Blackboard Connect system. Tune to the following stations for up-to-date information on school closings. Do not call the school unless it is an emergency.

  • Television: Channels 25(Fox), 4 (WBZ), 5 (WCVB), 7(WHDH) and 10 (WJAR NBC)-RI
  • Radio Stations: WBZ (1030 AM), WMRC (1490 AM)
  • Blackboard Connect: Please keep your contact information current at your child’s school


The safety of your child is first and foremost! The Franklin Public Schools cover a large amount of geography with terrain variations. Conditions can change suddenly. On days when the weather is questionable but the schools are open, please feel free to exercise your parental discretion to keep your child home.

Teachers will be flexible in accepting late work under such conditions. Parents of young drivers please reinforce inclement weather driving skills with your child:

  • Leave earlier
  • Reduce speed
  • Leave extra car lengths
  • Do not worry about being late

Parents of drivers can choose to drive their child or they may take a school bus. (Bus routes are on the district web site under “I Want” “Transportation Info”)

Also, please be advised that emails to our office are public records. We want feedback, but in a respectful manner. We realize that our decisions will disappoint some of our community members and please understand that our concern is safety.


During and after any snowstorm, clearing the roads and parking lots are the town’s first priority. Second in priority is the clearing of the sidewalks. Ideally, both roads and sidewalks will be sufficiently clear of snow before we will open. However, please be aware that schools may be open before sidewalks are clear. There may, however, be some days when sidewalks will have snow cover that students will have to walk through on their way to school. Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the DPW and due to the large number of sidewalks; it may take up to a week to clear them. Parents must exercise their discretion on how students will arrive/depart from school.


The decision to hold or cancel school on a day of inclement weather is always a difficult one. When we cancel school on a winter snow day, it means our students rejoice but parents may have childcare issues and ultimately, we have to add another day of school onto our June calendar. If we hold school on a difficult weather day, that may cause some students to miss school or to slip on snow and ice and get hurt on their way
to or from school.

Weather prediction is an uncertain science when you live in New England. However, getting snow in winter is almost guaranteed. Since we will let the safety of our children guide our decision-making with regard to snow days, we ask all parents to make emergency alternative childcare arrangements should the day come when the children have no school or school is delayed.


As per school attendance regulations, students must attend school for a minimum of 180 days and the school year must end by June 30th. If snow days exceed these days, we will adjust the school calendar to use school vacation time to make up days.


Snowstorms, Nor’easters and Hurricanes may negatively impact the ability of utility companies to restore power in a timely manner. If all schools have power, we endeavor to open school. However, other factors also influence the decision. Debris (trees, downed lines and safe routes to school) are impacted by road conditions.

Also, a number of homes without power may influence the decision to open or close schools. As with all our decision making, school officials consult with Public Safety leaders to make the best decision within the framework of the information available.

Thank you for planning in advance.

Maureen Sabolinski
Superintendent of Schools

This can also be found on the Franklin Schools page here

HMEA Annual Awards Night celebrates milestones of achievements

GivingTuesday is December 2nd. Make a gift on this day to HMEA in support of the great work our staff does. Make a difference today Donate to HMEA

"THANK YOU" Donors...Your donations make a REAL difference! 

TopAUTUMN 2014
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In This Issue

Sign-up at, choose HMEA as your preferred charity, and a portion of your retail purchase goes to support HMEA! 

Making a difference 
this way will help 
in so many ways! 

Quick Links


 Annual Awards Night 2014
The 25th Anniversary of HMEA's Annual Awards night was recently held at the Doubletree Hotel and Conference Center in Milford, MA. Over 360 friends, family members, supported individuals, community citizens and staff attended the celebration and they heard some amazing stories of accomplishments and achievements that were quite awe inspiring.
  • Larry Tummino, retiring Deputy Director of DDS, was given the
Larry Tummino addresses the crowd as he accepts this Lifetime Achievement Award
Achievement Award for his more than 40 years of helping steer the developmental disabilities community out of the dark era and into the light.
  • David Hanwell, who has served on the Franklin HMEA Human Rights committee for 26 years, was given the Dr. Francis White Human Rights Award for his untiring advocacy for people with disabilities. Dr. White was the parent of a supported individual at HMEA and a steadfast contributing member of the Worcester area HMEA Human Rights Committee.
  • Debra Ristaino and Ethel Wescott from the Rhode Island State Council of the Walmart Foundation accepted the Corporate Foundation Award for the $40,000 grant given to TechACCESS of RI for materials and equipment to modernize their facility and increase capacity.
  • Michael Webb, head pharmacist at Family Pharmacy in Ashburnham, the staff at East Celebrity Elite Gym in Tewksbury, Thomas Houle, Food Service Director at Nashoba Regional School District and the staff at Kuehne & Nagel, Inc. of Franklin all received the Good Citizen Award for their support of individuals at HMEA.
  • Tara Tocci and Scott McKay, supported individuals at HMEA and Marita Street, from HMEA's IFFS program all received the Eric Rogers Memorial Award for achieving significant personal accomplishments by overcoming barriers and challenges with courage and determination.
  • Kari Dunlop, head teacher at the Darnell School and Patricia Lynch, IFFS Program case manager, both received the HMEA Award for their consistent outstanding contributions and commitment to high standards.
  • Gary Reid and Ron Campbell, both supported individuals in HMEA's Shared Living program and Hannah Carlson, former TechACCESS staff all received the Volunteer Award for their volunteer contributions to HMEA or the wider community.
  • Nicole Heidenheim, a teacher at the Darnell School, won the Board of Directors Award for significantly enriching the lives of the students she supports.
  • Brenda Diesso, Kathy Garland, Fern Masse and Carole Gaw, all Administrative Assistants in the Day Services programs, won the Team Award for effectively working together for the benefit of everyone supported.
  • Matthew Dunn and Shirley Chauvin, both with HMEA's Residential division, were presented with the Kevin McMullen Memorial Award for their 100% commitment to the people they support and seeing the best in every person and every situation.
  • James Mukundi from the TRACS program and Ricky Cavallini from the Hopedale employment program received the Outstanding Employee Award for their exemplary work efforts and ethics.
  • Valerie Berard received the Shared Living Provider Award.
  • Craig Marandola from Children's Services received the Kathy Gilchrist Memorial Award for his unyielding devotion to children and their families.
Also being recognized were two 30 year employees, Sue DeBlois, a Residential Coordinator and Luanne Sherman, a Residential Manager, as well as two 25 year employees, Bonnie Norton, a Behavorial Clinician and Morlu Marvie a Direct Care provider in an HMEA residence. Additionally, HMEA acknowledged 53 individuals it has supported for 25 or more years. 


 New Ron Zullo recently joined the HMEA Board in support of HMEA's Finance Committee. His background as a CPA will serve HMEA well in this respect. Ron is the sole proprietor of his own accounting and taxation firm located in Norwood. His firm provides tax consulting and business advisory services to small businesses and their owners. Along with the traditional compliance work (tax return filings), he consults year-round, working closely with small businesses on both planning and compliance.

In 2014, after many years of working in an adjunct role, Ron accepted a full-time position as Lecturer in Taxation & Accounting at Northeastern University. He teaches at both the graduate and undergraduate levels in the areas of taxation and accounting. Ron received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Bentley University. His volunteer work includes involvement in a nonprofit organization which focuses on securing educational rights for children with special needs. He currently resides in Norfolk with his wife and two children.


On a hot summer day in August, 10 employees from EMC in Franklin
generously donated a whole day's work to give our Bellingham Day Hab
a fresh coat of paint. The team was happy to lend a hand and to have
the opportunity to see our mission in action


Grants Awarded
Recently HMEA has received numerous grants for various initiative, such as:
  • $45,000 from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous for a new Handicap Accessible Van to expand HMEA's Meals on Wheels program
  • $5,500 from Harvard Pilgrim Employee Mini Grants programs for home renovations at one of HMEA's residential programs
  • $5,000 from The Corkin Family Foundation to support technology at The Darnell School
  • $5,000 from BankFive for renovations and modernization of an HMEA residence.
  • $800 from Price Chopper Foundation for iPads.


Its#Giving Tuesday is Coming
Make a difference in someone's life.

There's Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now a #Giving Tuesday - a global day of giving on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving dedicated to giving back. On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.

It's a simple idea! Just find a way for your family, your community, your company or your organization to come together to give something more. Then tell everyone you can about how you are giving. Share your stories with us at


HMEAHMEA Conducts Donor Satisfaction Survey
In the Summer 2014 issue of the HMEA Newsletter and on our website a Donor Satisfcation Survey was inserted. We thank the many readers who took the time to complete the survey. The 10 question survey was geared toward how HMEA communicates with its donors, and how often donations are requested. The results below clearly indicate that our supporters feel our donation practices are satisfactory.
The 10 questions asked were:
Q.1  Does HMEA communicate a clear message regarding our mission and the services we provide?
Q.2  Do our communications with you provide you with helpful information?
Q.4  HMEA depends on your financial support throughout the year. HMEA doesn't ask for contributions too often.
Q.5  I was thanked for my contribution(s) in a timely manner.
Q.6  HMEA asks me for appropriate gift amounts.
Q.7  HMEA cares about my needs as a donor.
Q.8  HMEA is in touch with me outside of requests for financial support
Q.9  I would recommend HMEA to my family, friends and associates as an organization to financially support.
Q.10 HMEA effectively informs me about the impact of my gift(s)
The results are:
Question 3 was a "yes" or "no" question and couldn't be tallied in the above graph, however the pie chart below indicates most people who completed the survey do make donations to HMEA.


Kevin Begin, Garelick Farms
GM (seated on right)) listens
as HMEA employees and
individuals share stories.
LocalForming a Partnership with Garelick Farms in Franklin

In the fall, Garelick Farms, located less than 1 mile from HMEA's Franklin office, invited HMEA to attend a social cookout with all of their employees as a "Get to Know You" event. According to Garelick Farms General Manager, Kevin Begin, "as a company we wanted to support a local charity that is doing great work, helping people less fortunate in our communities where our employees live and work - HMEA is a perfect fit."

Garelick Farms has just under 600 employees at their Franklin plant, many of whom are "on the road" day in and day out. The chance to give back is hard but Kevin saw this as a way to start a long lasting relationship. HMEA CEO, Michael Moloney sees it also as a way for HMEA employees to help Garelick employees who have kids or family members with disabilities with resource sharing and referral supports.

Next up? An HMEA winter coat drive, then a holiday food drive, culminating in Team Garelick participating in HMEA's signature event, HMEA's Annual Independence Walk Run Roll & Stroll in May 2015.  


(L-R kneeling) Ethel Wescott and Deb Ristaino
from the RI State Giving Council Walmart presents
a ceremonial check to Kelly Charlebois,
TechACCESS Executive Director
TechACCESS of RI Holds Ribbon Cutting
In celebration of the work completed at TechACCESS of Rhode Island with the $40,000 grant received from the Rhode Island State Giving Council Walmart* Foundation, staff and individuals hosted a Ribbon Cutting ceremony in the fall.


Justin packaging cans at HMEA's Plainville Redemption Center
SisterJanice and Jim Harvey have been giving to HMEA for just over 6 years in many different ways; through the annual appeal, the annual HMEA Independence Walk and Run event, donations direct to the program and supporting HMEA events with their presence. Their son Justin attends HMEA's Hopedale program and as Janice puts it "When we give to HMEA, the funds are put to use immediately to enhance Justin's life, and when his life is enhanced, our entire family life is enhanced." Janice admits that it's really not a matter of how much they give - it matters more that they want to give when and how they can. She says "Justin really enjoys his employment through HMEA. He loves the dedicated and caring staff, his co-workers and friends. It is very rewarding to him and therefore to us as well."


RedSoxNOW Open for Business...Custom Floral Arrangments for Your Holidays!

Just in time for the holidays, HMEA's Plainville Employment site opened its new florist shop on October 22nd! The Helping Hands Florist is a full service shop, which will be developing new job opportunties and teaching new skills to people with developmental disabilities. Its mission is dedicated to meeting all the customers floral needs while developing and promoting the creativity of our individuals, one arragment at a time! 

The shop will be open Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (weekend and evening hours available by appointment only). Prices vary and cash, check or credit cards are accepted. Plan to stop between now and December 31st and receive $5.00 off your first order - just by mentioning you read about the shop in the Autumn 2014 issue of HMEA Newsletter! Come on by or call to select your beautiful centerpiece or bouquet for your holiday table!


HMEA staff at the Job Fair (l to r) Rea Kostopulos, Recruiter; Kor Amos, Staff Advocate; Michelle Donohue, VP of Human Resources; Jodie Toure, Hopedale Employment Supervisor; Tara Murphy and Heather Cutler, Millbury Employment and Day Hab Supervisors respectively.
HMEA Job Fair Proved to Be a Success

On Thursday, October 6th 2014, HMEA held a job fair at the Millbury Center location (6 Latti Farm Road). Company-wide positions were advertised as well as the opportunity to win $100 and $25 gas cards. At the end of the evening, close to 50 candidates attended the job fair. Those who attended were able to view a list of available openings, apply and interview on the spot. Many proved to be strong candidates who have continued with the interview process and are on their way to becoming HMEA staff.  

Human Resources Recruiter, Rea Kostopulos reflected on the fair's success by saying "I had never done a job fair at the agency before, so I was anxious to see the outcome.  But, I was relieved to find people flooding through the door at 4 o'clock. A team of five staff, including myself, were busy interviewing people straight through 7 pm. I couldn't be more pleased with the turnout and the quality of applicants we received. I am looking forward to planning HMEA's next job fair for early 2015."   


Governor Deval Patrick signing the Autism Omnibus Bill

Recently, disability advocates gathered at Fenway Park to witness the signing of three historic pieces of legislation by Governor Deval Patrick:   
  • The Autism Omnibus Bill which included a requirement that MassHealth cover medically necessary treatments for children with ASD who are under 21 years old.
  • The Act Relative to Real Lives Bill which enables individuals with disabilities to determine how to spend their allocated dollars on services and supports they need.
  • The third bill, An Act Requiring National Background Checks requires that those working with people with developmental disabilities have national criminal background checks done in order to be employed.


BecomeDid you know?
When you donate to HMEA...   
  • 100% of your donation goes to support children and adults with disabilities at HMEA
  • You are rewarded knowing that your gift "makes a real difference"
  • Staff at HMEA are genuinely appreciative of this extra resource as they support individuals
  • Familes are grateful for your compassion
  • The world is a better place
Please consider giving generously to HMEA's 2015 'Tis the Season of Giving campaign. Visit our website at for details on how you can give! 

"What truly defintes a man is not what he takes in, but what he gives out..."
- Blaze Olamiday     

For more than 50 years HMEA has provided exceptional services and supports to children and adults with developmental disabilities and intellectual challenges in more than 110 Massachusetts communities.
Doug MacPherson
VP of Development and Public Relations

| 8 Forge Park East | Franklin | MA | 02038