Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Franklin High School’s senior class must patiently wait"

In addition to where to hold the All-Night Party, Pantherbook is reporting that the decision on where to hold the graduation itself is not yet finalized.
Where will Franklin High School’s 2015 Senior Graduation be held? Although this is still a mystery, Lucas Giguere, the school’s Assistant Principal for Student Services, released possible locations that are in the mix for the event. 
Giguere announced that the school’s administration plans to host graduation in the gymnasium, where the gym floor, bleachers, and overhead track would be put to use. When asked if the gymnasium would be able to hold all students and their families, Giguere replied, “Space is definitely a concern.” 
If the gymnasium cannot fit the amount of people attending graduation, the alternative is to have non-direct family watch graduation filmed on a jumbo screen in the school’s auditorium. Giguere was asked if people will oppose this idea, and said, “It’s not live, but we have to stick to the state guidelines for fire and emergency codes.” 
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the gymnasium at the new Franklin High School
the gymnasium at the new Franklin High School

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