Saturday, November 15, 2014

MassBudget: Increasing Learning Time to Expand Opportunity

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Beyond the Bell:
Options for Increased Learning Time 
All children can benefit from important academic and enrichment opportunities beyond the traditional six hour school day. Higher income families often spend close to $10,000 a year on such enrichment for their children. However, many of our children - and particularly those who face the greatest challenges and might benefit the most - don't have these opportunities.  

Increased learning time can be an effective tool for providing more of our young people with improved, more well-rounded education - but only if it's done right. Beyond the Bell: Options for Increased Learning Time examines which strategies have proven most effective in implementing longer school days, quality after school services, and summer learning opportunities. 

Effective programs are most often designed in partnership with teachers, parents and outside partners and are used to provide both additional academic support and other forms of enrichment. They often also provide additional planning time for teachers, bring in community partners, and sometimes create hands-on learning opportunities to provide variety and engagement for kids. Beyond the Bell concludes by estimating what it costs to provide programs with these effective elements.

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