Saturday, November 10, 2007

Poor sidewalk planning

Poor sidewalk planning, originally uploaded by shersteve.

The nice sidewalk laid down Friday afternoon was marked off with some traffic dividers. That's ok for the auto traffic. The foot traffic (yes, this is West Central and heavily trafficked) was not blocked off with anything so folks just walked on.

Some as they realized what they were doing got off. Some were more opportunistic and wrote their name. This could easily have been avoided with some more effective blocking. Where is the "Don Not Cross" tape when you need it?

Note that the sidewalk on East Street does not have the same foot or name markings. It is less heavily traveled.

Franklin: Good planning

Franklin: Good planning, originally uploaded by shersteve.

An example of good planning. To lay the bricks straight and even, there are guidelines on each corner. Three of those guidelines are pictured here.

Too bad the folks who just put in the sidewalk near the new fire station did not take similar planning precautions. Now they have some re-work to do.

Franklin: All the flowers are gone!

It is that time of year. The flowers, so colorful and welcoming, are now gone for the season.

The memories remain.

Thanks to the volunteers who helped to create these flower boxes and keep them watered and maintained during the growing season.

Friday, November 9, 2007

How not to spend Community Preservation Act dollars

More taxdollars are on the line in Wareham, where some political activists are fuming over some $1.1-million given to a property owner for her beachfront land. The money is coming from Community Preservation Act funds, but the larger issue is how residents and towns spend tax increase revenue.
Read more about this in the Boston Globe posting here.

As I read this article and more importantly, read between the lines (with all due respect to my newspaper contacts, news papers are out to be sold and headlines help) this is not so much an issue with CPA as it is an issue with apparent collusion amongst the town officials in Wareham who found a way to do what they wanted, period. If they had enough money in the coffee fund, they would have used that.

For Franklin voters and tax payers, this is message of diligence on how the town handles its affairs and not a condemnation of CPA. CPA while recently rejected, is a good thing. Maybe not yet for Franklin but someday.

Amesbury rejects "under" ride

Yes, Amesbury voters have voted down a proposal to reduce their taxes.
By a 2-1 margin, voters in Amesbury on Tuesday rejected a proposed $1 million Proposition 2 1/2 ‘‘underride,’’ or tax cut, that had been strongly opposed by Amesbury Mayor Thatcher W. Kezer III.
Read the Boston Globe Override Central posting here.

Franklin: Grand Opening

Franklin: Grand Opening, originally uploaded by shersteve.

I think Dolores and I will stop by to visit on our walk Saturday.

Franklin: Holiday Bazaar

Franklin: Holiday Bazaar, originally uploaded by shersteve.

While the sign is posted in front of the current Senior Center, with the new one celebrating the grand opening on Sunday the 11th, the bazaar will be held at the new facility off Oak/Beaver Streets.

Franklin: Center Commons building brickwork

Brick by brick, the somewhat tedious but artful process of bricklaying creates a building of structure.

Local Scenes from Steve's 2 Cents

To view the local scenes from Steve's 2 Cents follow this link

To view the local scenes as posted here, you can click on the Label in the right column for "local scenes"

Where in Franklin?

As part of the refocusing of my writing here, I am starting a new feature.

As you have seen, I have been posting some pictures of the local scenes in and around Franklin. On Wednesdays and Sundays, I'll post a picture and ask for your participation to identify where it is in Franklin.

Who can play:
Anyone can play but realistically, I understand that this will limit participation to those readers who are Franklin area residents (or at least local neighbors). Don't worry, we'll do something else for those of you who are outside Franklin.

What kind of picture:
The picture will be of something seen from the sidewalk or road while walking, or riding a bike or car. All pictures will be found within the confines of geographical Franklin. The picture should be something of beauty, specialness, architectural, natural or the like that is found within Franklin.

How to play:
If you recognize the picture, send me an email or leave a comment on the post identifying where the picture is or what it is of. Cross streets, street addresses, or significant defining descriptions accepted. In case of a tie in identification, the time stamp on the entry (to indicate the first correct answer) will determine the winner.

I'll post a new picture each Sunday and Wednesday morning. I'll announce the winner of the previous picture at the same time.

All entries for Sunday's picture will close at midnight on Tuesday.
All entries for Wednesday's picture will close at midnight on Saturday.

The glory and honor for identification of the picture. I'll publish as much of your name or identification as you will allow me to.

Why am I doing this?
To help us all explore the real beauty of what we have here. Sure there are great sites to see when we travel but "there is no place like home". If this effort does just a little to help us better see, understand, and appreciate our own Franklin area, then it will have succeeded. This will unite my desire for "life long learning", my passion for the good customer experience, and of course, my home town: Franklin.

Where in Franklin? - Part 2:
You can also send me a picture to post. You'll get credit for the picture and assist in judging the winner. Contributions should be emailed to shersteve at gmail dot com. If the picture is not something I am comfortable in posting safely, I'll let you know via email.

This is meant to be a fun thing to do.
If this gets to be not fun, well, I'll give notice and stop.

Oh, and the residents of my immediate household are not eligible to play.

Did I miss anything?
Please, let me know.

Updated 11/9/07 with the move from Steve's 2 Cents to Franklin Matters
Updated 8/26/07 to change from once per week to twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday)
Updated 10/4/07 to change from "Where am I?" to "Where in Franklin?"

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Where in Franklin? Summary

The 2013 edition of Where in Franklin? guidelines can be found here

2013 - 01 Nature trail behind the Parmenter School

2013 - 02  Lamp on outside of 44 Main St

2013 - 03  marker at Fletcher Field

2013 - 04  Panther Way, new sidewalk

2013 - 05  bench at Ben Franklin statue at Library

2013 - 06  Jefferson Elementary School playground

2013 - 07  water trough on downtown triangle

2013 - 08

The guidelines to play Where in Franklin? can be found here (2007 edition)

Picture 17, Answer 17 The Rome Restaurant

Picture 18, Answer 18 Four Feathers Farm on Mount St

Picture 19, Answer 19 Stop & Shop

Picture 20, Answer 20 Four Corners Building

Picture 21, Answer 21 Municipal Building

Picture 22, Answer 22 Montessori Sunrise School

Picture 23, Answer 23 open pit by Chestnut Ridge, along RT 140

Picture 24, Pix 2 - 24, Answer 24, Horace Mann Plaza entrance

Picture 25, Answer 25 Davis Thayer Elementary School

Picture 26, Pix 2 - 26, Answer 26 St Mary's Church

Picture 27
, Answer 27 East Central Car Wash

Picture 28
, Answer 28, better photo Ginley Funeral Home

Picture 29, Pic 2, Answer 29 Franklin Federated Church

Picture 30, Answer 30 Franklin Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Picture 31, Answer 31 Glen Meadow Apartments & Condominiums

Picture 32, Answer 32 Ficco's Bowladrome

Picture 33, Answer 33 Franklin Common

Picture 34, Answer 34 Keigan Chevrolet

Picture 35, Answer 35 Ben Franklin Statue at Library

Picture 36, Answer 36 Ben Franklin Banking branch office

Picture 37, Answer 37 Water Tower, Upper Union St

Picture 38, Answer 38 Stobbart's Nurseries

Picture 39, Answer 39 Horace Mann Museum

Picture 40, Answer 40 Best Deli

Picture 41, Answer 41 Hayward Estate carriage house

Picture 42, Answer 42 Franklin Country Club - golf driving range netting

Picture 43, Answer 43 former Thompson Printing Press, Dean Ave

Picture 44, Answer 44 the well on Jordan Road

Picture 45, Answer 45 Verizon building on Main St.

Picture 46, Answer 46 Adirondack Club

Picture 47, Answer 47, Church of the Latter Day Saints, Jordan Road

Picture 48, Answer 48, Bullukian Oil on Alpine Row

Picture 49, Answer 49 Open space off Lincoln St

Picture 50, Answer 50 Franklin Lumber Company

Picture 51, Answer 51 - Parmenter School on Wachusett St

Where in Franklin? was posted prior to November 9, 2007 on Steve's 2 Cents

The summary of the first 16 photos can be found here