Friday, November 9, 2007

How not to spend Community Preservation Act dollars

More taxdollars are on the line in Wareham, where some political activists are fuming over some $1.1-million given to a property owner for her beachfront land. The money is coming from Community Preservation Act funds, but the larger issue is how residents and towns spend tax increase revenue.
Read more about this in the Boston Globe posting here.

As I read this article and more importantly, read between the lines (with all due respect to my newspaper contacts, news papers are out to be sold and headlines help) this is not so much an issue with CPA as it is an issue with apparent collusion amongst the town officials in Wareham who found a way to do what they wanted, period. If they had enough money in the coffee fund, they would have used that.

For Franklin voters and tax payers, this is message of diligence on how the town handles its affairs and not a condemnation of CPA. CPA while recently rejected, is a good thing. Maybe not yet for Franklin but someday.

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