Friday, November 9, 2007

Where in Franklin?

As part of the refocusing of my writing here, I am starting a new feature.

As you have seen, I have been posting some pictures of the local scenes in and around Franklin. On Wednesdays and Sundays, I'll post a picture and ask for your participation to identify where it is in Franklin.

Who can play:
Anyone can play but realistically, I understand that this will limit participation to those readers who are Franklin area residents (or at least local neighbors). Don't worry, we'll do something else for those of you who are outside Franklin.

What kind of picture:
The picture will be of something seen from the sidewalk or road while walking, or riding a bike or car. All pictures will be found within the confines of geographical Franklin. The picture should be something of beauty, specialness, architectural, natural or the like that is found within Franklin.

How to play:
If you recognize the picture, send me an email or leave a comment on the post identifying where the picture is or what it is of. Cross streets, street addresses, or significant defining descriptions accepted. In case of a tie in identification, the time stamp on the entry (to indicate the first correct answer) will determine the winner.

I'll post a new picture each Sunday and Wednesday morning. I'll announce the winner of the previous picture at the same time.

All entries for Sunday's picture will close at midnight on Tuesday.
All entries for Wednesday's picture will close at midnight on Saturday.

The glory and honor for identification of the picture. I'll publish as much of your name or identification as you will allow me to.

Why am I doing this?
To help us all explore the real beauty of what we have here. Sure there are great sites to see when we travel but "there is no place like home". If this effort does just a little to help us better see, understand, and appreciate our own Franklin area, then it will have succeeded. This will unite my desire for "life long learning", my passion for the good customer experience, and of course, my home town: Franklin.

Where in Franklin? - Part 2:
You can also send me a picture to post. You'll get credit for the picture and assist in judging the winner. Contributions should be emailed to shersteve at gmail dot com. If the picture is not something I am comfortable in posting safely, I'll let you know via email.

This is meant to be a fun thing to do.
If this gets to be not fun, well, I'll give notice and stop.

Oh, and the residents of my immediate household are not eligible to play.

Did I miss anything?
Please, let me know.

Updated 11/9/07 with the move from Steve's 2 Cents to Franklin Matters
Updated 8/26/07 to change from once per week to twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday)
Updated 10/4/07 to change from "Where am I?" to "Where in Franklin?"

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