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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

2 FHS Senior Project Profiles & 2 Student Profiles

Franklin High School is out this week on spring break so we'll catch to share a couple of student profiles posted by Pantherbook as well as a couple of Senior Project profiles.

  • Erica Bain: Senior Project Profile
Senior, Erica Bain will be working with the author of the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series, Jeff Kinney, at his Unlikely Story bookstore in Plainville.


FHS Panthers
FHS Panthers

Monday, April 11, 2022

Pantherbook: interviews with DECA students reveal insights on the business program

Grace Tucceri writes on her interview with Aradhya Garg, elected to a state office for DECA:

"DECA at FHS has reached a new height this year. 87 exceptional students went to States, with 27 state finalists and an additional 24 of them placing in the Top 5, qualifying for the International Career Development Conference. Even more impressive, Aradhya Garg, a junior at FHS, got elected as a state officer for Action Team 64. I interviewed him about the experience and his future goals."
Continue reading the article ->

FHS’s very own Aradhya Garg was elected to Mass DECA’s State Action Team 64 this year!
FHS’s very own Aradhya Garg was elected to Mass DECA’s State Action Team 64 this year!

Sofia Smith interviews Abby Auerr and Maya Sankaran to get more info about the DECA State competition: 

"The DECA States competition took place on March 11th this year, with almost 90 Massachusetts teens attending the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

Abby Auerr and Maya Sankaran are two seniors at Franklin High School who attended the competition. The two students both joined DECA this year, and have been quite successful despite having less than a year of experience.

DECA is a non-profit student organization that prepares emerging adults and entrepreneurs in marketing and finance. "

Continue reading the article ->

DECA States: Teens Experiencing the Business World
DECA States: Teens Experiencing the Business World

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Pantherbook highlights: Unified music; Geography night; Players perspective - boys basketball

Making Music Matter With Franklin High School Unified Music - Kate Rudolph, Writer
"Ever hear a concert in the band room after school on a Friday afternoon? That is the FHS Unified Music Club jamming out together, and making memories.   

FHS Unified Music was started in 2018 by Franklin Alumni Max Allard, who wanted to bring FHS students of all abilities together, and share their love of music. The Club’s slogan, M3, stands for “Making Music Matter.” This phrase was adapted to emphasize the idea of inclusion coming in various forms. The club goes beyond just singing and playing instruments, by supporting each other in solo performances, or whole group karaoke.  "

FHS Diversity Awareness Club Hosts Geography Night -  Hailey Michenzie, Writer

"Franklin High School (FHS) traveled the world recently! FHS Diversity Awareness club hosted a Geography Night in the school cafeteria on Tuesday, March 1 from 5-8 p.m. On this night, students and community members came together to learn about each other’s culture, heritage, and sample some delicious food. 

Students shared fun facts, historical figures, music, and food that represented their culture. The night allowed FHS and the community to learn more about different cultures and heritages that make up our world."

The Player Perspective: FHS Basketball Captains Reflect on Final Season - Ryan Martin, Writer

"The courts are cleared, jerseys hung up, and laces untied – Another successful season is officially in the books for FHS Boys Basketball. After a year where the Panthers barely broke a .500 record and graduated their entire starting lineup, this inexperienced team came together and shocked many Hockomock opponents. A streaky group all year, the Panthers rallied off both seven and eight-game winning streaks this season before a 2nd round playoff loss to Catholic Memorial in the MIAA Playoffs two weeks ago today. To reflect on Franklin’s season, and look ahead to what could be next for the Panthers next season, I caught up with the team’s two Senior Captains: Sean Vinson and Will Tracey"

Continue reading the article

Pantherbook highlights: Unified music; Geography night; Players perspective - boys basketball
Pantherbook highlights: Unified music; Geography night; Players perspective - boys basketball

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Pantherbook Sports Highlights this week

From Pantherbook, we share these two articles. One on the hot streak the boys hockey team is on, and two, an interview with teacher and track coach Mr. Bailey.

The Player Perspective: FHS Boys Hockey Continues Their Hot Streak

"FHS Boys Hockey is back on the ice with a new-look team. Besides the sweet, new, baby-blue uniforms, these Panthers look fresh, thanks to almost an entirely new group of players on the Varsity team. Following last year’s COVID-altered, 10-2 season that saw 16 seniors graduate(!!), This winter, Franklin has found their chemistry posting a 11-5 record, including wins in 8 of their last 9. To see how the boys have meshed so successfully as of late, I caught up with FHS Boy’s Hockey Captains Ryan Sicchio (Jr.) and Aiden Hunt (Sr.):"

Teacher, Director, Track Coach: Meet Mr. Bailey
"Whether you know him as Coach Bailey or Mr. Bailey, get ready for an interview with one of FHS’s favorite staff members. Check out this video interview with our resident track coach and video production teacher!"

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Pantherbook: Community shows support for Nick Gaspar

The past few years have been crazy for everyone. But the past months have been even crazier for FHS Freshman Nick Gaspar. Diagnosed with a Brain Tumor last year, Nick has been undergoing treatment for it ever since it was removed. A common theme one might find with him is that he is a “fighter”.

Announcer Kevin Papa read off a letter from Nick’s parents describing their journey through Nick’s treatment and how grateful they are for the Franklin Community support. Afterward, the FHS boys team honored the Freshman Basketball and Lacrosse player with his own custom jersey. All of the fans from Franklin and Milford were on their feet cheering for Nick."

Continue reading the article online at Pantherbook

Sport for Nick and his family a be provided via the web page

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Pantherbook: Watch AP 3D Art Students Create Pottery in a Homemade Kiln (video)

Watch AP 3D Art Students Create Pottery in a Homemade Kiln
"AP 3D Art goes on a field trip outside! Using a special kind of clay called Raku, we were able to fire our glazed piece in a homemade kiln, something that we had been looking forward to doing since last year. 

The whole class agreed that they had a great time and thought that it was a good experience where we learned more about ceramics and each other. 

We are looking forward to hopefully doing another Raku fire in the spring as well!"

Check out a video of the experience below:

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Panther TV: News for Dec 17, 2021

"On this week's show, we've got a sports update, winter concert reviews, and a surprise visitor from the north pole! 
@FHSPantherbook @FranklinPSNews @FranklinMatters @FranklinHS @MusicBoostersFr @fhsmusicdept"  or

Shared via Twitter:

Monday, December 13, 2021

Pantherbook: LoveFranklin Open Mic Night - Dec 8, 2021


"From the cast of Franklin High School’s Mamma Mia! to a Dean College faculty member, Franklin community members from all backgrounds were able to express themselves on stage on December 8th, 2021. Mackenzie Atwood, FHS senior, had the emcee position for the first half of the night and, expectedly, provided a very entertaining experience for the audience members. She kept the audience constantly engaged through small anecdotes about the participants and subtle quips. (Notable audience members included Steve Sherlock and Dr. Sara Ahern). Atwood started the night off by highlighting her recent experience at the October school committee meeting and emphasized the importance of “speaking up for people who can’t speak up for themselves.” She later conveyed her experiences as an openly gay student through an original poem– a beautiful one, might I add. Participants in the latter portion of the night were introduced by Jamele Adams, the leader of the Franklin Freedom Team. "

"An Accepting Community – Meghan Whitmore

For those of you who don’t know, Meghan Whitmore is a transgender woman who delivered a heartfelt speech on Open Mic Night about her experience transitioning and the reception she received afterward. Her moving words illustrated the importance of inclusivity, and Whitmore even stressed how touching it was to have people accept her as a woman."


"Love One Another, Stand for Change – Jamele Adams

Needing no introduction due to his large impact on Franklin, Jamele Adams immediately captivated his listeners when he began to recite his poem. Although he was a participant in the event, Adams also played a significant role in organizing Open Mic Night, so when I broached the idea of making it an annual show, he enthusiastically replied, “More than once a year, hopefully, this could happen once a week!“, elaborating on the fact that “the Open Mic affected everyone in this space […] Folks shared that they were absolutely moved and then at the end when people were asked to write about how they were inspired, they shared how they were inspired […] People were moved in the space. People shared their narrative because they trusted in the space, and the energy was powerful and welcoming, and warm, supportive, and filled with advocacy for love. “
Pantherbook: LoveFranklin Open Mic Night - Dec 8, 2021

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Pantherbook: "Response to Hate Crimes - A Student Perspective"

"As the start of the ’21-’22 school year kicked off with the return of fully in-person classes, it has also brought many disruptive challenges: hate crimes, discriminatory actions, and destructive behaviors. To combat these harmful actions, the administration has partnered with many students to form an organization called “No Place for Hate,” collecting signatures to declare Franklin High School as intolerant to any form of hate.

We interviewed two members of ADL’s ‘No Place for Hate,’ Lily Eattimo and Nihara Lijan, in order to receive more information about the goals of this organization."

Continue reading the article online ->
The recent Tik Tok trend ‘devious licks’ has motivated the vandalism of many FHS boys’ bathrooms. (Bella DeCrescenzo)
The recent Tik Tok trend ‘devious licks’ has motivated the vandalism of many FHS boys’ bathrooms. (Bella DeCrescenzo) 

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Pantherbook: Articles worth reading - Downtown Franklin, mask mandate, climate change

"History of Franklin: Downtown Franklin"
Nihara Lijan, Writer

"Many of us have either been to or driven through downtown Franklin, but do we really know the significance or history behind each building located there? There are seven main sections of downtown Franklin that are important to the history of how Franklin developed. Let’s look at each one of them in depth!"

Continue reading -> 


"Mask Mandate at Franklin High School"
Anna Hoffmann, Writer

"The 2021 to 2022 school year is well underway. Public schools in the United States are chock-full of students, bustling hallways, and swarming cafeterias. Students and staff alike are no longer separated by six feet. However, unfortunately, the Covid-19 virus is as well underway as the current school year is. Of course, vaccinations have become readily available, treatment for Covid-19 has improved, and cases are falling. Google Meets have become a practically nonexistent area of academic lives. Progress has been made. Still, the virus remains a threat. There is no cure, it can still spread, and we need to be cautious of the new strains and variants. This means mask mandates have become typical for most public schools. Franklin High School students, and public school students in general, have become somewhat fed up with required mask-wearing. As a result, it has become a political, contentious issue in the United States. Overall, the Franklin High School community, school communities in general, have been left to wonder: when will it end? "

Continue reading -> 

"Climate Change: How it is Misunderstood"
Lucia Perkins, Writer

"We have all heard of climate change, but we as world citizens have not heard enough of it. Climate change is happening everywhere. Fluctuations of temperatures in the environment have been and continue to be a worldwide issue. Global issues come with misunderstandings and climate change is no exception. It is never too late to learn them because the more we educate ourselves and the FHS community, the more we can help the world in small, but powerful ways."

Continue reading ->

Pantherbook: Articles worth reading
Pantherbook: Articles worth reading

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Did you miss these stories in Pantherbook?

Registration is open for this year's Food Elves Program
Registration is officially open for the 2021 Food Elf program with the Franklin Food Pantry. The Food Elf program is the Franklin Food Pantry’s largest fundraiser, which was made to help those in need in the Franklin community around the holidays.

History of Franklin: Historical Museum
"The town of Franklin has been around for nearly 250 years since its inception in 1776. Throughout that time, both Franklin and the world around it have shifted in monumental ways to transform into the modern age of today. Since Franklin was founded: electricity has been invented, cars were created, we went to the moon, and over 100,000 people have resided in the town."

FHS' Theater Company produces Mamma Mia!
“Typical, isn’t it?” So here comes the FHS Theatre Company producing yet another iconic production, a fan favorite: Mamma Mia! If you didn’t already know, Mamma Mia overlooks the story of Donna and Sophie, a fun-loving mother-daughter relationship amid Sophie’s wedding. However, as Donna and her friends tirelessly plan the occasion, the bride-to-be has other intentions. On the hunt for her birth father, Sophie invites three men from her mother’s past to the ceremony in hopes that her real dad will be revealed and can walk her down the aisle on the big day!"

Visit Pantherbook for these and other stories about Franklin High School:

Did you miss these stories in Pantherbook?
Did you miss these stories in Pantherbook?

Sunday, October 31, 2021

“there is a lot of education that needs to occur”

Bella DeCrescenzo and Norah Anderson write "Handling Hate at the High School" 

"Our eyes locked in disbelief and shock; our fellow World of Difference members shook their heads along with us in disgust as Mr. Hanna gestured to our advisors for their thoughts as he finished his overview about what had occurred. Our advisor, Mrs. Calcagno, then explained that “having conversations about bias is most important”. So let’s talk about it. 

As students of the Franklin High School community walked around the perimeter of their school, the last thing that they had expected to see was the homophobic message scrawled across the back door. Not only was this message unexpected, but something that these teenagers should never have had to see. They were then faced with the choice of whether or not they should report this discriminatory behavior. The students decided to step forward and report their findings to the administration, who we picture responding with long faces and disappointed shakes of their heads. "

Continue reading ->

The School Committee meeting recap of Sep 28, 2021 can be found here. This meeting had the update on the graffiti incident.

Definitions via ADL
Definitions via ADL

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Pantherbook - series on "History of Franklin"

Pantherbook, is working on a series touting the "History of Franklin":

History of Franklin: America’s First Public Library
"Considered “America’s first public library”, the Franklin Public Library is located in Franklin, MA and was named in honor of Dr. Benjamin Franklin. In exchange for the library being named after Franklin, he was asked to donate a bell for the town’s church. Rather than donating a bell, though, Dr. Franklin decided that in return, he would actually donate books for the citizens of Franklin to use. Later on, there were many disputes over who should be allowed to use those gifts. In 1790, the people of Franklin voted to let the books be free for anyone to borrow. This was the vote that had established the Franklin collection of books as the first public library in the US. "
Continue reading ->

History of Franklin: The Red Brick School
"In the nineteenth century, school was quite different than it is now. Children, flushed red in the cheeks from their wearisome trudge through the fickle New England weather, gathered in a one-room schoolhouse clutching a bundle of wood, a thin slate, and perhaps an apple to slice with their friends over lunch. They relied on the glowing flames of the fireplace, and later the wood-stove, as their heat source. "
Continue reading ->

History of Franklin: The Ladybug Story
"To those who have never heard of “The Ladybug Story,” the several ladybug decorations around Franklin may seem like mere ornaments, or perhaps contributors to an obscure joke that only townies understand.  
However, the red-and-black bugs hold much more significance than what meets the eye. Whether they be represented in kindness rock gardens or in sculptures downtown, ladybugs make clear to passersby that they are a significant aspect of Franklin’s cultural fabric. "

Continue reading ->

One of the Ladybugs around Franklin is at the Library
One of the Ladybugs around Franklin is at the Library

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Franklin's Ndoumbe Ndoye Awarded Commonwealth Heroine Award

Franklin Resident Ndoumbe Ndoye Honored as a Commonwealth Heroine by the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women 

Senator Rausch nominated Ndoumbe Ndoye for her local activism and contributions to the Franklin Community 


Today (6/23/21) , Ndoumbe Ndoye of Franklin, Massachusetts was named a Commonwealth Heroine by the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women. In a virtual ceremony, Ndoye was celebrated along with over 120 fellow heroines of Massachusetts for her exemplary service to her community.  Senator Becca Rausch nominated Ndoye for her local activism and commitment to advancing racial equity and justice within the town of Franklin and beyond.  

Ndoye, a recent graduate of Franklin High School, is a young leader, role model, activist, and organizer dedicated to combatting social injustice. Ndoye has served in numerous leadership roles, including as president of the FHS Diversity Awareness Club, a local campaign organizer, and a mentor for children of color. Ndoye actively strives to create a better environment for marginalized groups in predominantly white spaces. She is well known for her Kneel for Nine speech on the Franklin Town Common in June 2020 after the death of George Floyd, where she shared her personal experiences with racism. Ndoye plans to study political science and government on a pre-law track as she heads off to college this year. 

The Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women gives the Commonwealth Heroine award annually to "women who don't always make the news but truly make a difference." This year, in lieu of an in-person ceremony at the State House, the Commission streamed the ceremony virtually over Facebook live to celebrate women across the Commonwealth for their contributions to their communities.  

"Ndoumbe is a powerful force for good in our community, and I am deeply grateful for her dedication to advancing equity and justice," said Senator Becca Rausch. "As a recent high school graduate, Ndoumbe is a trusted voice and role model for not only her peers and classmates but also to local elected officials and community leaders. Ndoumbe's future is incredibly bright, and I'm thrilled to see the multitude of ways she continues to leave her impact on the town of Franklin and this Commonwealth." 

The Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women is a state-established body created in 1998 charged with reviewing the status of women in Massachusetts and offering recommendations regarding policy that would improve access to opportunities and equality.  

Franklin Senior Ndoumbe Ndoye is a determined and passionate youth activist. Photo used with permission from Ndoumbe Ndoye (Pantherbook image from Jason Beckett )
Franklin Senior Ndoumbe Ndoye is a determined and passionate youth activist. Photo used with permission from Ndoumbe Ndoye (Pantherbook image from Jason Beckett )

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Pantherbook: Student Spotlight -> Carolyn Hagy and Elaine Pu

"Congratulations to Carolyn Hagy and Elaine Pu for being named Valedictorian and Salutatorian of the Class of 2021
Pantherbook reached out to both girls to hear their thoughts on this amazing accomplishment and learn more about how they achieved this!"

Carolyn Hagy’s Senior Photo(left) & Elaine Pu traveling to Niagara Falls(Right)
Carolyn Hagy’s Senior Photo(left) & Elaine Pu traveling to Niagara Falls(Right)

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Pantherbook Student Profiles: Sydney Hawkins, Emma Myers


"Sydney Hawkins can be described in one word: dedicated. 

Sydney is a senior at FHS and has recently committed to MIT. She will be studying biological engineering and playing lacrosse. 

Pantherbook reached out to Sydney to learn more about this impressive commitment. "

Continue reading about Sydney

"When Emma Myers was 7, she told her mom she wanted to be an artist. Ten years later, she’s stuck to that, having recently committed to Lesley University to major in Fine Arts and minor in Art Therapy.

Emma is excited to explore the career opportunities an art degree will offer her. “I want to be an art teacher, I want to be an art therapist, I want to be a tattoo artist on the side…” she says. “And of course I want to freelance so I can continue creating my art.”

Emma works in most art forms excluding clay, but her favorite mediums are charcoal or pen and ink drawings. "
Continue reading about Emma