Monday, June 3, 2013

Live reporting: Planning Board - June 3, 2013

Present: Rondeau, David, Ballarino, Halloran, Padula, Carroll

Meeting opens

first up will be general business

#1 - Discussion: 126 Washington St, Certificate of Completion
issue with an approved site plan and then changes were made without prior approval, need a modified site plan. Owner had been advised to present these for discussion. Owner not liking the fact that the engineer added a fence and shrubbery to the site plan.

Disagreement between the owner and the Board on the proposed site plan.

Any changes to the site plan needs to be proposed and approved. Get the site plan modification and come back for general business

#2 - Limited Site Plan Modification - unit #48, unit to be used for Fred Astaire Dance studio in Franklin Village.

Motion to approve, approved

#3 - Certificate of Completion, 22 National Drive Coastal Construction
no issues with completion

motion to approve, approved

#4 - Endorsement: 485 East Central St, Franklin Retirement Residences

motion to endorse, approved (1 abstain)

#5 Certificate of Completion, 2 Forge Parkway, Milford Regional Rehabilitation Center

Form H with no items of completion will not have a checklist, if the form comes forward with items required for completion

Just to mention, screen for eye level view of air conditioning units not sure how it was approved without some screening

#6 Certificate of Completion, 846 West Central, Oxford Crossing
asked for an extension to next meeting

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