Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Live reporting - mayor question

- Form of Non-Binding Ballot Question, re: Adoption of Mayoral Form of Government

discussion on which question is favored

Powderly - have as much detail as necessary. Most cities that have mayor lose other officials, they sit ex-offico on the School Committee and that would change that dynamic. It needs to be thought about.

Dellorco - Wayne changed in 1999, Weymouth recently changed, we could talk to them.

Nutting - there are many forms of government in MA at the local level, if we did we should go via a Charter Commission

Pfeffer - if the answer is no, it simply stops, the question should be as simple as possible

Vallee - it is a very simple question, floating around town for years, let's ask

Roy - I am looking for a little more direction that we are asking of the voters

Bissanti - candidly

Jones - the current form of government has been very progressive and forward thinking, I have an will support asking the citizens what they want

Pfeffer - we haven't always had this form of government, we had selectmen at one point, and a council with 17 members

Kelly - we should keep it simple, it is an important decision for the community to make. And if necessary form the charter commission to do the real work.

Mercer - I'll go on record as the current form of government is the right form of government. It is my concern as well (akin to what (Councilor Roy) was asking. If you are not specific enough, you won't get the true feeling of the town.

Nutting- this is for discussion, you can put it on the agenda for the next election

Carel - only has to be before the Town Clerk 45 days before the election

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