Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Live reporting: anaerobic digestion plant presentation

the four zoning bylaws for impervious surfaces are being heard together

  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-702: Changes to Chapter 185, Section 36. Impervious Surfaces – Continued from May 15th
  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-703: Changes to Chapter 185, Section 40. Water Resource District – Continued from May 15
  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-716: Changes to Chapter 185, Section 3. Definitions
  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-717: Amendment to Chapter 185, Attachment 9. Schedule of Lot, Area, Frontage, Yard and Height Requirements

no audience comments

hearing closed


  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-714: Changes to Chapter 185-3. Definitions
  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-715: Changes to Chapter 185-7. Compliance Required.

The presentation was initially posted here

Income to the town potential of $500K to $1M depending upon the amount of power generated.

State mandate coming for large food waste producers (i.e institutions, schools, etc.) would be targeted

Buffer would be maintained around property to help insulate the neighbors from seeing much if anything. That the land slopes down toward i495 also helps to reduce the building or towers from view from other than i495.

Did have smell issues with initial start-up and those were resolved and not reappearing since then.

50 mile radius for food waste draw in MI, anticipated to be less, likely 35 miles or so due to the density of the area around Franklin.

The DEP presentation was not covered in detail as DEP representatives were not present to cover questions. Many communities are looking at the same technology.

What the town is looking to do is to ask the Council for issuance of an RFP to see if there is interest and proceed from there?

There are economic benefits. Issues we see certainly would be with truck traffic coming through the interchange. Other than the general truck traffic, I don't see a real traffic issue.

Compliance with air quality will be EPA and DEP arena

Anthony Dibello, resident, engineer workings for a medical company
I didn't hear about the by-products, I didn't hear about the mitigation for this. I don't want it in my backyard.

Bryan Taberner, while you are producing an RFP you'll be doing additional research to put the protection in place. If you decide to stop the process, you can do so at anytime. Did air quality testing at Edwards Air Force base and the air quality testing and permitting process is intensive.

When things work well they are probably fine, when they don't work well that is a problem

Sandy Rohagen, resident about 3 blocks away
a zoning change would leave us unprotected
Tri-County has 20 buses going in and out of that area, adding trucks to the traffic would not improve the situation
The pre-school right next door would likely go out of business as parents would not want to trust leaving their kids in such a situation.

Selena Cousin, resident on Beech St
had an uncle with the EPA research where the brownfields were and avoided
do the research in this area, with the experts in the field
I am all for the environment and recylcing, I don't think we need to known as the anaerobic power plant
what happens in the case of a fire, in case of an explosion
what will we find years down the road?
The money is not worth the risk

Gail Ward
will be voting tonight?

it is a two step process, zoning bylaw requires two votes
if it is positive tonight, then it would come back

permit going for would only allow for processing the food waste

Rob Baylow, echoing sentiment of my neighbors
we can do better than 11 jobs, especially with putting the day care center out of work
what about the smell? can you put that in the RFP?
if the air quality is fine according to the standard, how do you enforce that?

There isn't a smell, the negative air pressure keeps out the smell, anaerobic means without 'air'

Rob if the visit to MI was in the winter, maybe the smell would be more noticeable if it was summer
what about the trucks?

this was addressed the other night, we can't guarantee it but we can control the quality of the vehicles when they arrive

Tony Padula
I voted not to recommend this, we just changed zoning to make more business in this area, we are already watching more businesses coming into the area. With another 80 trips coming in and out, you're likely to get 4-5 cars through now

do we have a fire dept that can take care of this? can we handle the hazards? we have a day care center, a school? I am on the Planning Board, I think we can do better

Glenn Jones
I have sat through the Planning Board meeting and everything here tonight
I didn;t want having an unattractive commercial business in our backyard
as Chair of the Economic Development Committee, we want to find places and companies to increase revenues. This was proposed as a specific use for this property. It gains revenue for the town/ We are going to be entering into a new age where food waste will be taken out of the landfills, and into something like this. The corner is a tough one, it is a residential neighborhood.
We had been looking forward to getting citizen input for this process.

Taberner - it could be allowed in an industrial zone as a light industrial use
Jones - I think I would move this back to the Economic Development Committee for further review

Bissanti - I grew u playing near the sewer beds, I had no idea this would be coming here. I don't think the money would be right for a sophisticated community like Franklin. I am not totally convinced about air quality. Hydrogen sulfide sounds awfully scary to me. The technology sounds great. We are behind on this development compared to other countries. All the garbage of the Metro areas coming to Franklin. One of the things we would face is the perception of that

Powderly - there are too many unanswered questions in my mind to move forward with this. I support the technology idea but because the property is inconvenient it shouldn't be shoe horned into this space. I am not in favor of this

Mercer - I think there are too many unanswered questions, I would support Councilor Jones efforts to move this back to the EDC

Dellorco - Coming to Franklin would be turn at the silos? No, I don't like the sounds of that.

Roy - there are unanswered questions, my concern is how will we go about getting the answers. My understanding was this vote would get us to the RFP process to explore further. We would visit the question whether we would move forward. I am not in favor of a project of this magnitude. I am in favor of more exploration, whatever advances getting answers to the questions I am in favor.

Kelly - I agree with sending this back to the EDC, I commend Councilor Jones for bringing this forward as we need new sources of revenue.

hearing closed

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