Sunday, June 17, 2012

"vital to their self-assessment"

The Milford Daily News has an article on the annual police staffing ratio released by the FBI. A survey of the communities in the MetroWest region shows the following: (Bold added for emphasis)
Marlborough and Framingham’s ratios come in at just under 1.7, while Shrewsbury was the lowest department surveyed at 1.2. 
Many chiefs noted they had not received a new position in years, including Northborough (1998), Holliston (2007), Hudson (2001) and Sudbury (2001). 
Marlborough Chief Mark Leonard said the city hasn’t increased its number of sworn officers since 1988. 
The most well-staffed Milford-area town is Mendon, with just more than two officers per thousand residents, while the lowest was Franklin with 1.39.

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