Sunday, July 31, 2011

"The drug containers work like a mailbox"

Medway and 12 other Norfolk County towns are using the drug containers after Morrissey wrote the county police chiefs in May and asked them to participate in the program. 
Franklin and Wrentham also have the boxes, and about 300,000 people will have access to the containers across the county, Morrissey said. 
Franklin Police Chief Stephen Williams said a container has been at the station for about a month. 
"I think prescription drug abuse is endemic almost everywhere," Williams said. "We're seeing many of our young people become involved in it, and where are they getting the drugs from? From their mom and dad's prescriptions and friends."

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  1. Is there a link to where these boxes are (will be) located?

  2. Emily - The box is located at the Police Station on Panther Way in Franklin.