Sunday, July 31, 2011

PanMass Challenge rides through Franklin Saturday

The Remington Jefferson School complex will be busy Saturday morning. The site is a rest stop on the course for the PanMass Challenge. Hundreds of bike riders will roll through, take a quick break, some refreshments, pose for pictures with friends and family and ride on!

Slide show of photos from 2009:

The site lays out the purpose of the PMC in plain words - "When cyclists register for the PMC, they are signing up for a fundraising mission first and a bike ride second. ... Raising money for cancer research and treatment at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is the core of the PMC mission." 
"We're remaining true to the mission," said Starr. 
Riders settle into their own methods of raising money. Most send out letters each year, via email and the Postal Service, but their recipients vary from 50 people who give much, to 200 people who give what they can. Some letters are personalized, some are identical form letters. Some have heart-wrenching stories, while others simply remind loyal followers that it's the time of year to give again. 
To donate to any of the riders or teams in the PMC, check and plug a name or team into the search bar.

Read more:

To help search for Franklin riders, I have a page set up with the links to their individual fund raising pages.

If there are other Franklin riders, please let me know


  1. Franklin Based PMC team "PHAT Tuesday" should be rolling into the Franklin Waterstop around 8:00 am next Saturday Morning. To learn more about that team visit:

    You can also follow the team on FaceBook (there is a link for that on the aforementioned website).

    PHAT Tuesday has training rides every Tuesday evening at 6:00 starting from Remington-Jefferson.

    "Phil's Friends" is the other Franklin Based PMC team.

  2. Thanks Marty - I have created a separate post with the links to the individual fund raising pages for each of the Franklin riders. If there are more, I'll add them as I find out.