Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Math can explain Franklin

I had heard that the walking speed of people in cities varies according to the size of the city. The larger the size of the city, the faster the walking speed. Think about it and you can see from your own travels that this is true. Walk around Franklin. Go to Boston. Go to New York. You do need to walk much faster in New York to keep up with the flow on the sidewalk don't you?

The walking speed is one aspect of the theory that is coming together now about how cities and companies grow. Why does this matter? What has Franklin done? The population has tripled since the 1960's.

The problems Franklin faced when it was 10,000 people are different that it is now 30,000 people. The ideas that worked for 10,000 won't necessarily work for 30,000 people. Why? A multitude of reasons but there is one basic and fundamental reason that is now explained by Geoffrey West with this new theory.

Watch the video (18 minutes). More than once to get the information and begin to digest it.

Fascinating stuff. Follow the links to the TED Talk page and find additional information on the studies that have brought this theory to light.

I happen to think that Franklin tends to behave like a teenager. We are in that middle stage of growth trying to remain a kid yet forced to recognize that we have an adult-like body. We still want to play but are being forced to work, and not just 'to work' but 'to work' differently than our parents. It is a new and changing world.

How do you think this applies to Franklin?

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