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Friday, November 12, 2021

Recap: Town Council reorganizes (sort of); hears about open meeting law, etc. appoints 4 to Cultural Council; closes with Executive Session

Quick Recap:
  • Town Clerk Nancy Danello sworn in (2nd time, first time on election night), then she swears in the Town Council
  • Council reorganizes by nomination and vote to retain Mercer, Dellorco, and Jones as Chair, Vice-Chair and Clerk respectfully; so while they have officially re-organized, there is no change in the leadership at this time
  • Appointments of four individuals to Cultural Council approved
  • Overview of Open Meeting, Law, Ethics, etc. provided by Attny Mark Cerel. As many times as I have seen this overview (8 times, I think?), it is good to review, something different catches my attention each time.
  • Council entered Executive Session to discuss the latest on the Prospect St property situation and did not return to open session


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter. I participated in the meeting in the Council Chambers. 

The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #tc1110 

Agenda document ->

  • getting ready for the Town Council meeting to begin shortly - agenda doc and remote connection info ->…  #tc1110
  • Motion to nominate Mercer as Chair, seconded, approved 9-0; motion to nominate Dellorco as Vice-Chair; seconded, approved 9-0 motion to nominate Jones, seconded, passes 9-0 #tc1110
  • motion to adopt procedure manual -> ADOPTION OF TOWN COUNCIL PROCEDURE MANUAL: Resolution 21-67…  #tc1110  subcommittee will review and propose revisions possible  -  seconded, passes 9-0
  • meeting protocol statement read by Chair Mercer; meeting options, Zoom, cable Verizon/Comcast, and live stream - Citizen comments; Rev Juncker and Rabbi Alpert step forward to make Interfaith Council as they did at #schCom1109 meeting  #tc1110
  • statement on #LoveFranklin can be found ->…  #tc1110 (BTW - I am a signer of this statement, one of the 365 community members)
  • J Callaway-Tripp after an atrocious election, congratulations, I hope you do wonderful things #tc1110
  • approval of minutes from 10/06/21 meeting, motion, seconded, passes 9-0  #tc1110
  • APPOINTMENTS a. Franklin Cultural Council: Venus Senjam - motion, seconded, passes 9-0  #tc1110 Cormier-Leger, Frongillo, Jones - thanks to these candidates, good candidates
  • APPOINTMENTS b. Franklin Cultural Council: Patrick Kinner#tc1110 - motion, seconded, passes 9-0 c. Franklin Cultural Council: Shelley Green - motion, seconded, passes 9-0d. Franklin Cultural Council: Jacob Juncker - motion, seconded, passes 9-0
  • LICENSE TRANSACTIONS a. Residence Inn Boston Franklin, License Modification, Change of Manager, Officers/Directors/ LLC Managers & Change of ownership Interest, 4 Forge Parkway, Franklin, MA 02038  #tc1110  motion to approve, seconded, passes 9-0
  • License modification -> b. Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc. d/b/a Shaw's, License Modification, Change of Officers/Directors/LLC Managers, 255 East Central Street, Franklin, MA 02038  #tc1110 motion, seconded, passes 9-0
  • license modification - c. 99 Restaurants of Boston, LLC d/b/a The Ninety-Nine, License Modification, Change of Officers/Directors/LLC Managers, 847 West Central Street, Franklin, MA 02038  #tc1110 motion, seconded, passes 9-0
  • Farmers Market license - D. La Cantina Winery Company, Farmer-Winery, Farmer’s Market License, 355 Union Street, Franklin, MA 02038 #tc1110 motion, seconded, passes 9-0 3rd time for the Market at Fairmount Fruit Farm (11/20/21)
  • Presentation: Open Meeting Law, Public Records, Ethics and Conducting a Public Meeting - Mark Cerel, Town Attorney Memo - >…  Presentation Doc - >…  #tc1110
  • starting with page 11 of the presentation doc - this is the short story version - each of these topics could take more time to review thoroughly #tc1110 applicable for open meeting law when a quorum is together;
  • in open meeting law, public has right to be present but not an absolute right to participate, subject to the chair of the public body; there are consequences for enforcement #tc1110 no blanket immunity for speech, potential liability for any comments if derogatory, threatening
  • shifting to public records law - includes all forms of documents including electronic  - the document itself is the public record regardless of the device it located on; i.e. a personal device. #tc1110 there are town business email accounts for Town Council/School Committee …
  • to help with the separation of the town business and personal business. There are public records officers defined within Municipal operations, most requests are from outside for some other purpose - we don't have a lot of requests as the website is so stocked with docs. #tc1110
  • the easiest answer; if you are thinking about posting it, don't; #tc1110 shifting to ethics - this is a criminal statue  - Town Council members are considered "municipal employees" and covered by all "statutory prohibitions and restrictions"
  • identify the potential conflict sooner than later and recuse yourself at the outset. #tc1110 Ethics Commission can be helpful and then be an investigator and hearing leading to decisions for civil and criminal as required
  • next up - conducting public hearings - #tc1110 differences in liability between legislative role (most resolutions) and administrative (i.e. alcohol license or violations) - be careful about what you do
  • a. Resolution 21-65: Cable Funds in Support of PEG Service and Programming per MGL Ch. 44, §53F3/4 - $18,500.22 (Motion to Approve Resolution 21-65 - Majority Vote) - motion, seconded, passes 9-0 #tc1110
  • b. Resolution 21-66: Gift Acceptance: Veterans Service Department ($3,295.00) and Fire Department ($965.00) (Motion to Approve Resolution 21-66- Majority Vote) #tc1110 motion, seconded, passes 9-0
  • Town Administrator's Report - thanks and congratulations to the successful candidates; cafe will be closed at Senior Center, deep cleaning to be done, also expanding tax workoff to include the cafe; #tc1110  Nov 18, at FHS auditorium also Zoom feature
  • future agenda items; accessory dwelling units for Economic Development; Civil discourse pledge should be taken up; Housing Authority coming Nov 17 as the feature presentation; #tc1110 Councilor Comments - grade 6 youth football game coming this weekend, best wishes
  • need to leaf pickup to assist other seniors to help them with taking the leaves to the transfer station/Beaver St #tc1110 vandalism at FHS bathrooms, work closely with Superintendent and their staff, etc. incidents are taken seriously. dealing with minors and legal process …
  • mental health related issues, a lot of grief and difficulty out there today, not completely surprised. #tc1110 Frongillo touting talk on Mon on "Strong Towns" (info to be shared later) 9:30 AM
  • thanks to the voters; Pellegri tapping on to the Chandler comments about the vandalism; has suggestions on how to stop it; #tc1110 Jones touting Mamma Mia performances this weekend (Fir/Sat) (see the community calendar for details)
  • Thanks to the voters, awesome to see all the folks come out; wish the veterans the best; Nov 18 is an important event, #tc1110 good story on an issue raised last night, SAFE Coalition has a plan underway for the individual today; congratulate all the newly elected
  • thanks also to all those who stepped up to run, even if they were not successful, there are other opportunities to stay involved #tc1110 do need to enter Executive Session - prospect St - not to return to open meeting ; vote to enter, vote via roll call - passes 9-0


Audio recording of meeting to be available in couple of days

Town Clerk Nancy Danello sworn in by justice of the peace
Town Clerk Nancy Danello sworn in by justice of the peace

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Interested in Public Records Law? This discussion might be for you

Join us Nov. 18 along with @RappaportCenter for a Greater Boston Debate Series event exploring whether the MA public records law promotes democracy in the state, featuring  @Becca_Rausch,  @raylaraja, and moderated by @CommonWealthMag 's  @shiraschoenberg. 

Register here ->

Interested in Public Records Law? This discussion might be for you
Interested in Public Records Law? This discussion might be for you

Monday, December 7, 2020

Runner's World: new world record for half marathon

For the runners among us: Did you see the results of the half marathon in Valencia, Spain? A new world record, and three other runners beat the previous mark in the same race. Fast! 

Oh, and the US woman winner missed setting a record by 1 second. Fast!  

"The results in the men's half marathon were remarkable, with four men breaking the world record. "

Shared from Twitter =

half marathon record broken by multiple runners
half marathon record broken by multiple runners

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

In the News: State starts planning for college closures; WWII MA Death records available online

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

State starts planning for college closures
"Higher education is dealing with its share of issues. The recent admissions scandal involving Hollywood celebrities, coupled with broader outrage against mounting student debt, has forced many colleges and universities to question their practices and futures. 
But a more insidious problem is weaving its way through higher education circles as well. A number of small colleges, including many in Massachusetts, have been forced to merge with larger institutions or close. What remains unclear is how the state will be affected by the closures and what state officials and lawmakers will do to protect students and employees. 
The abrupt closure of Mount Ida College in Newton last spring was the smoke that signaled a fire. With just a few weeks’ notice, the school left 280 faculty and staff without jobs and more than 1,000 students without a college to return to in the fall."

Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

WWII MA Death records available online

"James Tarallia when as a private first class in the United States Army when he died of a gunshot wound on Sept.5, 1942 “at North Atlantic base.” 
“The first Framingham boy to lose his life in foreign service in this war,” reads the death record filed with the state of Massachusetts. He was born in 1919. 
Twenty days before the war ended in Europe, Robert A. Craddock of Milford died “in service in the European area.” A sergeant in the United States Army appears to be the last man from Milford to die in World War II. 
Taralli, who had lived at 50 Beaver St., Framingham, and Craddock, 83 Main St., Milford, can be found among hundreds of WWII death records of Massachusetts veterans now available online. The Secretary of State’s office released a digitized version of the records earlier this year, making it easy for people to comb through the index by name or by town online."
Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

The digital archive can be found here

The digital record for Timothy Hayes
The digital record for Sgt Timothy J Hayes

Sgt Timothy J Hayes
Sgt Timothy J Hayes

For more about Sgt Timothy J Hayes

Monday, May 20, 2019

Franklin, MA: Town Council - Agenda - May 23 - Budget Hearing #2

The published agenda and documents for the Franklin Town Council meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 23. This is the second of two budget hearings on the FY 2020 budget. The first hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, May 22.

You can also find the full set of documents in one PDF

(Note: where there are active links in the agenda item, it will take you to the associated document)

Agenda ItemSummary
Town Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting of May 23, 2019
1. HEARINGSFY 2020 Budget Hearing: 7:10 PM 
Resolution 19-32: Adoption of FY2020 Budget (Motion to Move Resolution 19-32 - Two Thirds Majority Vote (6))
Resolution 19-33: Amendment to FY2020 Budget (Motion to Move Resolution 19-33- Majority Vote (5))

Why are there two votes to pass the budget?
As Councilor Glenn Jones is employed by Tri-County RVTHS, it would be a conflict of interest for him to vote on the Tri-County budget (effectively authorizing to pay himself). The budget votes is split so Councilor Jones can participate in and vote on the vast majority of the Franklin budget and recuse himself (properly so) for the portion that is specifically associated with Tri-County.

Depending upon how the Town Council reviews the budget this year, you may or may not get a whole lot of info on the inside story of the major departments and their cost drivers. In recent years, the Council has taken the approach of reading the totals of the voting doc department by department. 

During such reading of the totals, a councilor or more can put a 'hold' on the item which after the reading will make that item available for more detailed discussion. Sometimes this are simple questions, sometimes these get involved.

From a resident stand point, what really happens in the budget can only be found at the Finance Committee meetings. They have each department head come forward to review and answer questions on the details of their budget. Granted some of the departments budget needs are minor, some are major. 

The first budget hearing for the FY 2020 budget was held on March 18 and recorded. My notes and audio recording is available here

Notes for March 18

Audio recording for March 18

The second budget hearing held on Apr 25 unfortunately was not recorded by anyone. I was out of town on business. If there were minutes of the meeting, the FinCom has not met since the April 25 meeting and no minutes are published to their page.

This is the first year in many that there is no need to ask for an exception from  the state due to insufficient funding for the Library
This is the first year in many that there is no need to ask for an exception from
the state due to insufficient funding for the Library

Thursday, January 17, 2019

MA Digital Archives (finally) available

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:
"The Massachusetts Archives has unveiled an online collection of records of state agencies, including a searchable index of Massachusetts casualties in World War II, records of the administration of Governor Deval Patrick and town plans from 1794 through 1830. 
Among the records are death certificates of 27 people killed in the Great Molasses Flood in Boston on Jan. 15, 1919. 
To see the records, visit
Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

I input "Frankln, MA" to see what it would show and among the results that caught my eye:

The death certificate for Sgt. Timothy J Hayes

death certificate for Timothy J Hayes
death certificate for Sgt. Timothy J Hayes

Recall that the effort to better understand the story of Sgt. Timothy J Hayes is still underway

The Town Plan by Amos Hawes from 1794

Town Plan by Amos Hawes from 1794
Town Plan by Amos Hawes from 1794
I could spend many hours searching among the archives. If you find anything really good, please let me know so we can share it here.

Monday, February 19, 2018

FHS girls swim results: Loomis with 2 new State Records

2018 Girls Division 1 State Swimming and Diving Results

Event 1 Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay
15 Franklin 2:00.17 1:59.29 4
1) Isabel Capecci 2) Katharine Cashin JR
3) Kathryn McGuire SO 4) C. Ashley Loomis SR
31.62 33.98 29.40 24.29

Event 2 Girls 200 Yard Freestyle
1 C. Ashley Loomis SR Franklin 1:49.94 1:49.00! 20
25.31 27.06 28.04 28.59
Meet Record: ! 1:49.00 2/17/2018 Capt. Ashley Loomis, Franklin
State Record: 1:49.00 2/17/2018 Capt. Ashley Loomis, Franklin

Event 3 Girls 200 Yard IM
3 Katharine Cashin JR Franklin 2:16.27 2:10.16 16
28.21 33.19 38.80 29.96

Event 8 Girls 500 Yard Freestyle
1 C. Ashley Loomis SR Franklin 4:55.25 4:50.76! 20
26.27 28.40 28.95 29.08 29.57 29.84 30.01 29.94
29.89 28.81
Meet Record: ! 4:50.76 2/17/2018 Ashley Loomis, Franklin
State Record: 4:50.76 2/17/2018 Capt. Ashley Loomis, Franklin

11 Kathryn McGuire SO Franklin 5:31.07 5:26.79 6
29.75 31.26 32.35 32.63 33.27 33.56 33.68 33.95
33.76 32.58

Event 9 Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
18 Franklin 1:47.63 1:50.72
1) Abigail Kaplan 2) Elizabeth Leo
3) Katherine Gillies 4) C. Audrey Finn
28.33 27.47 28.67 26.25

Event 10 Girls 100 Yard Backstroke
6 Katharine Cashin JR Franklin 1:01.39 1:00.68 13
29.96 30.72

Event 12 Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
12 Franklin 3:50.86 3:49.49 10
1) Kathryn McGuire SO 2) C. Audrey Finn
3) Katharine Cashin JR 4) C. Ashley Loomis SR
28.96 59.88 1:02.20 26.47 55.42 25.28 51.99

For the complete D1 results,-1&itemid=8123&parid=-1&Org=MIAA&CFID=35433553&CFTOKEN=63660490

FHS Panthers
FHS Panthers

Saturday, June 17, 2017

FHS girls track 4x800 relay ran 9:18.5 for a new school record

Via the Twitterverse

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Save the Date: The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2016

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    Last year, we made history with The Great Thanksgiving Listen. More than 100,000 Americans took part in our drive to preserve the stories and voices of an entire generation over the Thanksgiving weekend.

    Working with teachers and students, we preserved tens of thousands of intergenerational stories in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress using the free StoryCorps app. Hear from StoryCorps Founder and President Dave Isay in this 2016 TED Talk about #TheGreatListen pilot year and some of the incredible stories it generated. 

    This November, download the app, invite a family member or elder to sit with, and join us in preserving more precious wisdom than ever before.
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    Saturday, February 6, 2016

    MA Senate Passes Public Records Reform Bill

    Today (2/4/16) the Massachusetts State Senate unanimously passed legislation reforming how the state handles public records.  The legislation, originally sponsored by Senator Jason Lewis, is the first update to the public records law since the early 1970s.

    "An accessible, transparent government is fundamental to the democratic process," said Senator Karen E. Spilka (D-Ashland). "This bill strengthens our public records law to improve access and make the process of requesting records simpler, clearer and more fair. Thank you to my colleagues in the Senate and advocates on all sides of this issue for engaging in a collaborative effort to bring our public records law into the 21st century, while providing flexibility for municipalities and agencies."

    The legislation will reduce costs for records requestors and ensure timely compliance with public records requests. The bill also brings Massachusetts in line with 47 other states and the federal government in allowing attorney's fees to be awarded to plaintiffs who are victorious in court when denied records. The bill requires attorney fees to be awarded, except in certain defined situations.

    Under the legislation, each state agency and municipality is required to appoint at least one public records access officer to serve as the point of contact for all public records requests and coordinate a timely and thorough response.  The public records officer does not have to be a new employee. 

    The bill limits the amount that state agencies and municipalities can charge for production of the records.  The limits are set at 5 cents per page for copies, down from 20 to 50 cents per page under current law, and the cost of a storage device.  The bill requires state agencies to provide four free hours of employee time and two free hours for municipalities. Charges for requests that require more time are limited to $25 per hour. 

    The bill prohibits charging for records if the agency or municipality does not provide the record within 15 days of the request or does not respond to the requestor within ten days.  It also requires punitive damages up to $5,000 if a court determines the government entity did not act in good faith. 

    Finally the bill requires state entities and encourages municipalities to post online many commonly requested public records.  In addition, records are required to be provided in electronic format unless requested otherwise.

    The bill will now be reconciled with the version passed by the House of Representatives before being sent to the Governor. 

    Franklin Matters Note: this is a good improvement over the House version but still not enough. What will come out of the Senate House reconciliation remains to be seen.

    Thursday, November 19, 2015

    In the News: 'Tis the season, public records, OPEB liability explained

    From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin
    "The Franklin Performing Arts Company will host a special performance of the original holiday musical “’Tis the Season!” for community youth, family and social services organizations at 3 p.m. Dec. 19 at the Franklin High School auditorium, 118 Oak St. 
    FPAC will distribute complimentary tickets for the performance through community organizations including the Hockomock Area YMCA, local Best Buddies chapters and the Franklin Food Pantry."

    Read the full article online here (subscription may be required)

    "Ahead of the unanimous passage of what they said was the first public records overhaul in more than four decades on Wednesday, a key House lawmaker said the measure would increase transparency without adding an unfunded mandate on cities and towns. 
    "As a former local official and someone who pays a lot of attention to municipal government, I don't view anything in this bill as an unfunded mandate," House Ways and Means Committee Vice Chairman Stephen Kulik said. He said, "Any public agency, including cities and towns, have responsibilities inherent to provide public access to the documents of what they do."

    Read the full article online here (subscription may be required)

    "The Town Council was told at its meeting Wednesday that Franklin is in relatively good shape in terms of other post-employment benefits (OPEB), but should continue to ramp up its contributions. 
    Consultant Dan Sherman gave a presentation to the council on the concept."

    Read the full article online here (subscription may be required)