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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Winning Ways with the MIAA: Basketball State Finals - Episode 3 (video)

Winning Ways with the MIAA: Basketball State Finals - Episode 3 

Two interviews with the Springfield International Coaches and players. @MIAA033

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Franklin TV: MIAA on Officiating

The Challenges and Rewards of Refereeing Sports. 
by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 03/12/2023

If there is one venue where parental passions tend to run hot, it’s school sports. The folks who officiate games often take the brunt of many an overwrought complaint.

Franklin TV: MIAA on Officiating
Franklin TV: MIAA on Officiating

However, they know that feelings can run deep, and they try to take it all in stride.

The discussion was upbeat, and focused on how all involved; coaches, officials and parents – how everyone can help to make the student experience positive while promoting good sportsmanship. Jay, Pete, our guest officials and MIAA’s Rich Pearson covered it all in an informed conversation worth watching.

Watch for this and other episodes about all the ins-and-outs of school sports on, ‘Winning Ways with MIAA’.

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And – as always – thanks for watching

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Sunday, February 26, 2023

FHS girls and boys basketball & hockey teams playoff brackets set

Via HockomockSports.Com, the basketball and hockey seedings for FHS were posted by the MIAA.
  • Hockey  

BOYS = Division 1
#12 Franklin (16-5-0) will host #21 Andover (11-5-4) on Wednesday, 3/1 at 8:00 at Pirelli Rink.

GIRLS = Division 2
#19 Franklin (9-8-3) will travel to #14 Pembroke (13-6-1) on Thursday, 3/2 at 5:30 at Hobomock Arena in Pembroke.

For other hockey seedings for the Hockomock League

  • Basketball 

BOYS = Division 1
#3 Franklin (18-1) will host the winner of #30 Weymouth (13-9)/#35 Lexington (13-7) on Thursday, 3/2 at 7:30.

GIRLS = Division 1
#15 Franklin (16-4) will host #18 Newton South (11-9) on Thursday, 3/2 at 5:30.

For other basketball seedings for the Hockomock League

The full set of brackets across all the playoffs can be found at MIAA -> 

FHS Panthers
FHS Panthers

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

"Winning Ways" - an MIAA TV Program Produced by Franklin.TV (video)

High School sporting events are without doubt among the most popular programs covered by your local community TV channel. Now, we at the MIAA are reaching out across Massachusetts with our own TV program, "Winning Ways", to highlight the great schools, coaches and players that make high school sports - and students - all that they can be.

Each episode will delve into aspects of the MIAA's mission. As we continue to Grow Courageous Leaders, we'll also visit (via Zoom and in-person) with schools, athletic directors, coaches, teams and notable players. Every school has a great story to tell, and we want to highlight those journeys to excellence.

Our episodes will be released by Franklin.TV regularly for download and rebroadcast on your local PEG channel(s) via MMX, the Mass Media Exchange Server. There is absolutely no cost, and we encourage you to contact your local PEG studio to include our program in their broadcast schedule. It can be an informative and inspiring addition, especially before or after school games.

Our first episode of "Winning Ways" is slated for release in Mid-February. We invite you to be featured in a future episode.

For information about downloading episodes for local broadcast or participating in an upcoming episode, please contact:
  • Jim Clark -
  • Steve Dubzinski -
 Video link ->

MIAA: Winter Tournament Seeding Process Updates

Winter Tournament Seeding Process  

Winter Tournament Seeds Released February 25

During the Fall 2022 season the MIAA launched an effort to streamline the production of the final power rankings, and create a smoother process of building and releasing the tournament brackets. These new guidelines once again will be used by sport tournament directors, seeding committees, and MIAA staff for the Winter 2023 postseason in Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Ice Hockey and Girls Ice Hockey.

CUTOFF DATE – Thursday, February 23: All regular-season games in Basketball and Hockey must be completed by the end of the night in order to be included in the power rankings, postseason records and qualification requirements.  Scores must be recorded into Arbiter before the end of the night.

WORKING DAY – Friday, February, 24: The season data from Arbiter will be collected by MIAA staff as of the 4 AM report.

By 9 AM, staff will produce and publish a report on with each team's record (broken down by division, listed alphabetically by school), and all schedules and score data as reported to Arbiter throughout the season. No power rankings data will be published at this time.

If there are any changes that need to be made from that point, they must be communicated BY EMAIL to either the MIAA sport-specific liaison or tournament liaison.
BOYS, GIRLS HOCKEY - Richard Pearson -

Information entered directly into Arbiter will not be valid after 4 AM on the Working Day.

Schools will have 24 hours to report any corrections, and tournament officials/MIAA staff will also have the same 24 hours to track down any missing scores, and make any corrections to the data. Any changes or corrections to existing score data must be verified IN WRITING by both schools.

BRACKET/SEEDING DAY – Saturday, February 25: At 9 AM, the data will be considered FINAL and no more changes will be made. The final data will be used to create the final power rankings, which will be published along with the brackets on the following scheduled release times:


The initial bracket release will include only matchup information, and brackets subsequently will be updated by tournament directors and MIAA staff with dates, times and sites for individual matchups.

MIAA: Winter Tournament Seeding Process Updates
MIAA: Winter Tournament Seeding Process Updates

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Addressing Hate in School Sports Statement from the MIAA and M.A.S.S - Addressed to School Superintendents

An Update from Executive Director Robert Baldwin
Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA)

"We are all deeply troubled by the dis-regulated behaviors that continue to occur in interscholastic athletics, our schools and in our communities. We know you join us in taking very seriously our responsibility to help instill in student athletes a commitment to behaving with the utmost respect and dignity.

Over the past two years in particular, our country has begun a profound reckoning on race and racism. Many of our schools and districts are grappling with these topics and striving to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. MASS and the
MIAA are committed to engaging deeply in this work, too - so that we can make a difference in eradicating racism and all other forms of bias and hatred.

One of the greatest benefits of interscholastic sports is the opportunity to meet and interact with students from other communities and backgrounds. It is essential that students and adults approach those interactions with respect and civility. We believe we have a significant opportunity to begin placing greater emphasis on some of our other core responsibilities - particularly educational athletics, which includes sportsmanship and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

On December 8, over 400 district leaders (superintendents, principals and athletic directors) participated in the Addressing Hate in School Sports Conference hosted by the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office at the TD Garden. We are ready to initiate the next phase of this comprehensive plan with 13 regional trainings across Massachusetts. The two½ day trainings will be held on Friday and Saturday dates between March and May of this school year.

To be successful, a district training, comprised of a team of Superintendent, High School Principal, and Athletic Director that lead with one clear message regarding norms and expectations for behavior all sports programs, is imperative. The program delivered by the Northeastern Center for the Study of Sport in Society is designed to help this leadership team be better prepared to set the tone and expectations of your program to prevent incidents of bias, harassment, and discrimination - and to respond effectively to incidents when they do arise.

An email with the link to register for these trainings will be sent to you the week following February vacation. As superintendent for your district, you will be responsible for formally registering up to three district staff - preferably yourself, your High School Principal, and your Athletic Director - for attendance at one regional training. We are grateful for your leadership in encouraging your district's staff to prioritize attendance at these important trainings.

Let's begin the task of eradicating hate and bias to ensure that no one engaged in interscholastic athletics feels disrespected, unsafe, or unwelcome - on or off the playing fields. We believe that a united leadership utilizing the platform of interscholastic athletics can permeate our schools, communities, and society."

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Franklin.TV: Winning Ways - All about our high school kids, as courageous leaders

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 02/12/2023

The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, MIAA and the MSAA, Massachusetts School Administrators Association team up with Franklin TV to produce a new TV series highlighting excellent student athletes across the state. The series will be available through local public access channels.

Who are these dedicated student leaders of tomorrow? Peabody’s Penny Spack and Pentucket’s Henry Brien are both excellent examples.

Penny Spack is a senior at Peabody High School. She has a 4.07 GPA and is ranked 6th out of 403 students. Her intended major in college is Math and Neuroscience. She is currently on the Mayor's Leadership Council and taking six Advanced Placement classes: Literature, Physics, Economics, Calculus, European History, and Spanish. She received AP Scholar with Distinction in both 2022 and 2021 as well received Exceeding Expectations in Math and English on the MCAS in 2021.

Jay Horrigan and Pete Royce, Penelope Spack & Executive Director Bob Baldwin. They discuss Penelope’s selection as MIAA’s Student Athlete of the month.
Jay Horrigan and Pete Royce, Penelope Spack, Executive Director Bob Baldwin. They discuss Penelope’s selection as MIAA’s Student Athlete of the month.

Penny is a force in the classroom and in athletics. She is a three-sport captain in Ice Hockey, Soccer, and Softball with All Star honors in two of the three. She is currently tied as the leading scorer on the Peabody/Lynnfield/North Reading girls hockey team with 13 points (9 goals, 4 assists). In total, she has points in 12 out of 14 games. This is an impressive feat given she is a defenseman and the overall depth we have in our top ten ranked program. The Boston Herald named her a Defensive Player to Watch for the 2022-2023 season and was selected as a Boston Globe Player of the Week on January 17, 2023.

Henry Brien is an outstanding student at Pentucket Regional High School. He is currently taking the following courses: AP Biology, AP Statistics, Honors Pre- Calculus, Honors World History, Honors World Literature and Composition. Henry is a High Honors student enrolled in arguably the most difficult courses offered at Pentucket, and earned a 4.3 GPA for the 2nd quarter. His term GPA for the 1st quarter (taking the same courses) was a 4.6.

Jay Horrigan and Pete Royce, Henry Brien, Executive Director Bob Baldwin. They discuss Henry’s selection as MIAA’s Student Athlete of the month.
Jay Horrigan and Pete Royce, Henry Brien, Executive Director Bob Baldwin. They discuss Henry’s selection as MIAA’s Student Athlete of the month.

Henry has a remarkable athletic career at Pentucket. His accomplishments as part of the swimming co-op with Triton High School are incredible. He is a multi-year captain and has been named the Cape Ann League Male Swimmer of the Year for 2 consecutive years (2021 & 2022) and, no doubt, will be a favorite to win the award again this season. He holds school records in two individual events (100 yd. Butterfly 54.53 & 50 yd. Freestyle 22. 71) and in all three relays. Henry placed 10th in Freestyle, and 12th in Butterfly at the State meet last winter and should be among the Top 10 this winter. Henry was also named to the Boston Herald All- Scholastic team last winter.

Both Penny and Henry are very dedicated to serving their communities as well. Penny Spack and Henry Brien; two of our future courageous leaders.
Look for Winning Ways with MIAA where every student has an inspiring story. 

Thanks for listening to 102.9 wfpr●fm.
And – as always – thanks for watching.

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Saturday, February 18, 2023

FHS performances for the MIAA D1 Indoor Track & Field Championships, Feb 17, 2023

MIAA D1 Indoor Track & Field Championships Feb 17, 2023

FHS girls took 5h place with 33 points

FHS boys took 24th place with 2 points

Full D1 Indoor meet results 

Place Student Name PR, Heat, Grade Performance

Boys 55m - Prelims

22 Luke Sidwell H3 • Yr: 12 6.81

Girls 55m Hurdles - Prelims

2 Sarah Dumas PR • H3 • Yr: 11 8.61q

10 Ella Chandaria H2 • Yr: 10 9.26

14 Vera Hansen H2 • Yr: 9         9.48

27 Cailyn Bruno H3 • Yr: 11 10.21

29 Barra Pfluke H4 • Yr: 12 10.24

Girls 55m Hurdles

1 Sarah Dumas PR • +10pts • H1 • Yr: 11 8.48

Boys 300m

11 Luke Sidwell PR • H5 • Yr: 12 36.10

Girls 300m

19 Olivia Costa H4 • Yr: 11 44.37

22 Sophia Cuneo H4 • Yr: 11 44.52

28 Cassidy Carmignani H3 • Yr: 9 45.91

Girls 600m

12 Madison Bruno H4 • Yr: 9         1:42.67

15 Anna Cliff H3 • Yr: 11 1:44.97

Boys 600m

13 Trey Lovell H5 • Yr: 12 1:28.01

22 Aidan Orr H4 • Yr: 12         1:29.89

25 Jake Vaccarezza H5 • Yr: 12 1:31.25

Boys 1000m

25 Aidan Nisbett H1 • Yr: 12 2:49.42

Girls 1000m

10 Gwenyth Holland PR • H3 • Yr: 9 3:04.99

Girls High Jump

5 Abigail Griffith +3pts • F1 • Yr: 11 5-00.00 1.52m

17 Vera Hansen PR • F1 • Yr: 9 4-10.00 1.47m

Sarah Dumas H1 • Yr: 11 DNS

Boys High Jump

Christopher Botchis H1 • Yr: 12 NH

Trey Lovell H1 • Yr: 12 NH

Girls Long Jump

5 Sarah Dumas +4pts • F2 • Yr: 11 16-10.50 5.14m

Girls Shot Put

2 Lily Deforge PR • +8pts • F2 • Yr: 11 37-11.25 11.56m

9 Darby Nicholson F2 • Yr: 11 32-01.50 9.79m

Elizabeth Hopkins H2 • Yr: 11 DNS

Boys 4x200 Meter Relay

18 'A' • H3 • J. Dunlap, Q. Hardt, T. Yetman, B. Dragsbaek 1:37.57

Girls 4x200 Meter Relay

10 'A' • H5 • S. Cuneo, E. Chandaria, O. Costa, A. Pond 1:50.08

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay

7 'A' • +2pts • H3 • L. Sidwell, A. Orr, T. Lovell, J. Vaccarezza 3:33.76

Girls 4x400 Meter Relay

2 'A' • SB • +8pts • H4 • M. Bruno, A. Cliff, G. Holland, S. Dumas 4:05.93

Boys 4x800 Meter Relay

13 'A' • H1 • W. Boozang, T. Apicella, A. Nisbett, F. Baird 8:53.12

Girls 4x800 Meter Relay

11 'A' • H2 • M. Griffith, A. Powderly, L. Costa, E. McLaughlin 10:22.71