Sunday, July 13, 2014

The 'Free Little Library' - Franklin

Franklin is already known for having the first public library in the US. We now also have a "Free Little Library." From a reader I received an email with this information to share:
I did want to share our Free Little Library, pictured below. It's an Amish-made cranberry box. We put books in it for people to take, and people come by and leave theirs. We've seen all types of books, from poetry to murder mysteries to classic lit -- and today's gem: the Supreme Court Reporter from 1939. 
There's lots about the organization here: and people can search for boxes all over the world using their locator.
free little library - Franklin
free little library - Franklin

Supreme Court Reporter - 1939 edition
Supreme Court Reporter - 1939 edition

Where is the little free library in Franklin?
366 Lincoln Street

While Lincoln St is being re-done, it may not be as easy to visit until it is re-paved but it still might be worth a stop to get a book and leave a book.

Note: This email had arrived during the week before the 4th so the Supreme Court Reporter may not be there now (but it might also come back sometime too!).

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