Monday, May 24, 2021

Waltham is looking for donated Prom Dresses

Via Lisa Buccella <>
Sharing this post from a friend who is a teacher in Waltham:

Prom is happening in Waltham this year, but because it was so uncertain, all of the school's usual donation events didn't happen this year so it's a bit of a scramble. But as always there are some awesome teachers looking to make things happen!
So if you have a recently worn prom dress (under 5 years old and no bridesmaid dresses) that you could donate to Waltham High we definitely have some girls who could use them.
She told me the "boutique" will be set up at school on Tuesday so the girls can "shop". They are looking for floor length dresses only -
If you have any dresses, let me know and I can make sure they get to her by Tuesday morning so they can set it all up.
My heart to all the students and especially the ones from the Class of 2020 and 2021! They can all add perseverance to their resumes!

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