Tuesday, May 25, 2021

PFAS: "State environmental officials say they’re constantly reevaluating their standards"

"In Wayland, local officials had been distributing cases of bottled water to 1,400 households a week — nearly a third of the suburb’s residents — and may have to seek a new water source that could cost more than twice the town’s annual budget.

Facing similar contamination in their drinking water, Natick officials plan to spend millions of dollars on a high-tech filtration system. In Wellesley, after shutting down the primary well that provided water to half their residents, officials are contemplating strict water-use limits for the first time.

“We’re definitely concerned,” said David Cohen, Wellesley’s public works director. “We’ll take all the steps we need to to address this.”

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So what are Franklin's test results per the MA Energy & Environmental Affairs Data Portal? 
I selected "Franklin Water Department"  and "Town of Franklin" and Contaminant Group of "PFAS" with the reporting period of Jan 1, 2020 through Apr 30, 2021 to get the results in this link

It is good to see test results for our water system (no surprise). I won't characterize the specific results as good or bad. I'll let the Town report on the details.
what are Franklin's test results
what are Franklin's test results


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