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Executive Summary: ** 2021 Town of Franklin Housing Production Plan (HPP) ***

The Town of Franklin Housing Production Plan (HPP) is a proactive strategy for meeting the housing needs of the community, and in particular, for planning and enhancing its affordable housing inventory. This document, an update to Franklin’s first HPP that was approved by Town Council in 2011, has been designed to expand upon the concepts outlined in the previous 2011 HPP, serve as an update with more recent data, and explore incentives and other options to increase Franklin’s affordable housing supply.

Since 2011 the Town has made good progress implementing its affordable housing goals and increasing the number of SHI Eligible Housing units. In 2019, the Town surpassed the State-mandated target of 10% affordable housing of its total year-round housing units under M.G.L. Chapter 40B. This Housing Production Plan (HPP) is intended to direct housing development and preservation in such a way that the Town will remain above 10%, and therefore be in control of its 40B destiny. In addition the strategies included in the updated HPP provide the Town’s residents with options not previously not pursued.

Previous Affordable Housing Planning. The Town has made affordable housing planning a priority for much of the last twenty-five years. The Town of Franklin’s 1997 Master Plan prioritized creating affordable housing for the community’s senior population, which is summarized in Goal 1 of the Housing Element: “Ensure that housing opportunities for the elderly are sufficient in number and type to meet the projected growth in their population”.
In 2004, the Housing Element of Franklin’s Community Development Plan, “Affordable Housing, Strategy and Development Action Plan” identified several goals the Town still needs to address, including: Increase housing opportunities for low, moderate, and middle income households; Ensure the Town meets the 40B goal for subsidized housing; Increase housing opportunities for seniors; and Encourage development of multifamily housing.

In 2011 the Affordable Housing Strategy and Development Action Plan, Franklin’s first Housing Production Plan was approved by DHCD. The Plan had several similar goals to those mentioned above including Encourage development of multifamily housing; Increase housing opportunities for seniors and the elderly, but focused much effort on utilizing zoning to create greater housing density, use Zoning “By Right” as a tool, and Amend the zoning by-laws to allow Assisted living and other elderly housing facilities. The biggest priority of the 2011 HPP was creation of a Municipal Affordable Housing Trust. A summary of the Plan’s Housing Implementation Strategy is included in this document as Attachment B.

The most recent housing related planning was during creation of Franklin’s 2013 Master Plan. Substantial public input was gathered and Master Plan Committee developed housing goals that reflected the needs of the community. Housing related Goals, Objectives and proposed actions from the Master Plan’s Implementation Element are included in Attachment C of this document. 

The most relevant housing goals for the purposes of this HPP are as follows:
  • Goal 1: Provide the appropriate mix of housing alternatives that meet the needs of Franklin based employment
  • Goal 2: Support development of affordable housing opportunities for low, moderate and middle- income households.
  • Goal 4: Encourage, rezone as required, and support housing appropriate for expected future demographics.
The above goals have influenced the development of the HPP’s goals detailed in Section 2.

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Info on the public comment period

Executive Summary: **2021 Town of Franklin - Housing Production Plan - Public Review Draft**
Executive Summary: **2021 Town of Franklin - Housing Production Plan - Public Review Draft**

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