Thursday, December 3, 2020

Franklin, MA: Board of Health meeting recap - Dec 2, 2020

Quick Recap:
  • discussion and overview of a prescription pharmacy being developed for pilot to assist seniors with chronic health conditions to gain a better diet; coordinating with Senior Center, Food Pantry and Winters Farmers Market, additional communications scheduled when ready for pilot
  • discussion on possible enforcement items; rooster at residence where not allowed, chickens also there not covered by required permit; building demolition committed to by owner at Jordan Road site; paperwork on Title 5 septic system sizing for another residence discussed
  • working with a dance studio on possible competition trip out of state that could results in fines if travel order not complied with
  • COVID-19 cases increased again this week but we're still in yellow status as positivity rate dropped from 4+ to 3+ (if over 5, would revert back to a prior level)
Photos captured during the meeting and shared via Twitter can be found in one folder


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #BoH1202

  • Real time reporting underway for the Board of Health meeting #boh1202
  • Intern working to develop a pilot for a Prescription pharmacy coordinating with the Senior Center, food pantry, farmers market, etc to prescribe a set of foods to help a person have a better diet …
  • And help people use diet to address chronic health conditions; diabetes for example. Using a prescription (known format) to help coordinate with the orgs for the person with a health conditions #boh1202
  • Person with rooster (unauthorized) has been notified but not responded
  • Also has chickens on site that are not permitted. Apparently owner ignoring notifications to this point. #boh1202 titled 5 system has capacity for more than what the house has bedroom, capacity for.
  • Owner has agreed to either demo or rebuild the building on Jordan Rd (subject of fire couple of years ago). #boh1202 aware via parents of a dance studio competition in NH, would be violating the current travel order and disregard the ban. Potential fines to be faced
  • Obtained letter verbiage from DPH to obtain student/family info so she can cross reference the travel order. If they don't comply, potential fines to be faced per individual in violation. #boh1202 Board approves course of action. DLS could fine $5k for not working with the board
  • Number of COVID cases climbing, over 200 positive, still yellow per positivity rate; discussion on notifications to businesses and Community if we were to change, and capacity would reduce as we step back #boh1202
  • If we reached more than 5% positivity rate we'd change status, had been 4 and dropped to 3.
  • Motion to adjourn, voted 2-0 to adjourn #boh1202 catch you later (Town Council meeting at 7 PM) 
screen grab of process for prescription for health diet
screen grab of process for prescription for health diet

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