Wednesday, December 2, 2020

You can (and should) provide feedback to the MBTA if you use the Franklin Line

The MBTA is facing budget problems and looking to reduce services. They are also looking for feedback on the proposed reductions and possible restorations as the funding and economy recovers.

Last public meeting scheduled for:

Forging Ahead Virtual Public Meeting: System-Wide Service
Date: December 2, 2020 at 6 PM - 8 PM
Location: Virtual • Zoom • Boston, MA
Attendees: General Public

Register for the meeting:

Details on the commuter rail proposed changes

Below is a summary of changes:

Commuter Rail:

  • Stop all weekend service (Fairmount Line replaced by bus service), starting as early as January 2021
  • Stop all service after 9 PM, May 2021
  • Decrease weekday peak service and some midday service, reducing from 505 trains (Fall 2019) to 430 trains  (75 less trains), May 2021
  • Close six (out of 141) stations based on low ridership, operational impacts, and availability of alternatives:
    • Plimptonville
    • Prides Crossing
    • Silver Hill
    • Hastings
    • Plymouth
    • Cedar Park
  • Take into account ridership patterns when adjusting service levels by line

Commuter Rail Capital Projects placed “On Pause:”

  • Franklin Double Tracking & Signal Improvement
  • Framingham/Worcester Line Track & Station Accessibility Improvements (including Third Track Feasibility)
  • Worcester Union Station – Design and Construction
  • Procurement of 181 Bi-level Coaches

Learn more about Commuter Rail changes

RIDE: - Starting in summer 2021:

  • Some RIDE trips may become premium trips, though RIDE service boundaries would not change.
  • Some trips will be able to be booked 40 minutes from request time instead of the current 30 minutes.

Learn more about RIDE changes

Buses: Starting in summer 2021, MBTA plans to:

  • Stop all service after midnight (early service will continue on essential bus routes)
  • Reduce frequency on essential routes by system-wide average of  5% (will vary by route, high ridership will not be changed)
  • Reduce frequency on non-essential routes system-wide by 20% (will vary by route based on ridership)
  • Consolidate or restructure approximately 10 routes
  • Eliminate approximately 25 routes that served less than 0.5% of pre-COVID riders (about 1,700)

Learn more about bus changes

Ferry: Starting as early as March 2021, MBTA plans to:

  • Stop all ferry service
  • Divert Charlestown Ferry riders to Route 93, which currently has minimal crowding and can support these riders
  • Divert Hingham/Hull ferry riders to the Greenbush Line

Learn more about ferry changes


You can (and should) provide feedback to the MBTA if you use the Franklin LIne
You can (and should) provide feedback to the MBTA if you use the Franklin Line

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