Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Franklin Police Awarded Technology Grant

Franklin Police Awarded Technology Grant

Chief of Police Thomas J. Lynch is pleased to announce that the Franklin Police Department is the recipient of funding from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant managed by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security's Office of Grants and Research (OGR).

The monetary award of $37,500 will be used to purchase technology to help officers investigate and bring to justice offenders who undermine the safety and security of our community.

Some of this technology includes equipment that will allow for officers to have access to the Franklin Police Records Management System remotely, access to criminal offender history and Registry of Motor Vehicle information.

About Officer Byrne:

Edward R. Byrne was destined for a life in law enforcement, having a father who was an officer with the New York City Police Department. Born on February 21, 1966, Eddie-as he was known by family and friends-was an outgoing and friendly person who had a strong calling to public service and wanted to make his city, New York City, a safer place. In 1986, Eddie became a New York City Transit Police Officer, to help ensure the safety of New York City's subway commuters. In 1987, Officer Byrne joined the New York City Police Department's finest, assigned to the 103rd Precinct. Well liked by his brothers and sisters in blue, Eddie was passionate about his job and loved the opportunities it offered him to interact with the people he had sworn to protect. 

In the early morning hours of February 26, 1988, Officer Byrne was on detail protecting a witness who had agreed to testify in court against local drug dealers. Officer Byrne was in his patrol car outside the witness' home around 3:30 a.m. when two armed gunmen crept up to his car from both sides. One of the men knocked on the passenger-side window to distract Officer Byrne just as a second perpetrator ran up to the driver's side window and, without uttering a sound, opened fire. Officer Byrne was shot five times in the head. Both gunmen, along with two other perpetrators who served as lookouts, fled the scene. Officer Byrne was rushed to Mary Immaculate Hospital where he died of his wounds. He was only 22 years old. 

The four assailants were captured six days after the murder and were eventually sentenced to 25 years to life. They were members of a gang who had been instructed by a jailed drug kingpin to kill a police officer. 

NYPD lost one of its finest that day, and Eddie's family lost a loved and cherished son and brother. Leaving behind his parents and three brothers, Eddie's brothers have continued the family tradition of law enforcement and justice by dedicating their careers to the field. 

In honor of Police Officer Byrne, a major U.S. Department of Justice initiative was titled the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program. The Department's Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) administers this program, which allows states and local governments to support a broad range of activities to prevent and control crime and to improve the justice system. It has been nearly 20 years since state and local law enforcement first began applying for the program named after this young fallen hero. BJA is honored to administer "Byrne" funding to communities nationwide in memory of Officer Byrne.

Franklin Police Awarded Technology Grant
Franklin Police Awarded Technology Grant

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