Friday, December 4, 2020

"State’s 2d surge is not the same as 1st"

From CommonWealth Magazine we share an article of interest for Franklin:

"THE STATE’S SECOND SURGE is continuing to build in intensity, with the number of cases starting to accelerate well beyond levels experienced during the first surge. But the outcomes of those cases, in terms of deaths and hospitalizations, are so far much less severe.

The number of cases hit a new daily high on Thursday of 6,477, which topped the previous high on Wednesday of 4,613. Baker administration officials said the Thursday number was inflated because of a software glitch that delayed a lab’s reporting of 680 positive cases. Yet even with those cases removed, the Thursday number was far and away the highest ever.

The number of communities at high-risk for COVID also kept rising, hitting 97 on Thursday, up from 81 last week and 62 the week before that. The so-called high-risk, or red, communities and the number of moderate risk, or yellow communities, now account for 67 percent of all municipalities in Massachusetts."
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Chart as of 12/1, as of 12/2 we were over 200 cases
Chart as of 12/1, as of 12/2 we were over 200 cases

MA DPH report on community data

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