Friday, December 4, 2020

Tri-County RVTHS’ Michelle Tilden Awarded Leadership Award

Michelle Tilden of Tri-County’s Early Education Program has been awarded the Graduate Student Leadership Award from Fitchburg State University
Tri-County's Michelle Tilden, Early Education Teacher, has enjoyed working with a diverse group of learners for nearly thirty years. Since 2002, she has been teaching early education at Tri-County and helping her students train for employment in the human services field.
Michelle was nominated for this award due to the numerous contributions she has made in her field, including accompanying students to the national SkillsUSA conference where they placed 4th. Michelle continued to be a lead advisor for several years and continues to coach individuals and teams from the early education program.
 "I was honored to be nominated. When I received a phone call from President Lapidus of Fitchburg State University to congratulate me on being selected for the Graduate Leadership Award, that was a WOW moment for me," says Michelle.
Michelle Tilden
Michelle Tilden

At Tri-County, Michelle serves on numerous committees and training projects. She is the vocational representative for a team of teachers and administrators who work together to improve the educator evaluation process for their district. Their vision is for a collaborative coaching model of evaluation, emphasizing reflective practices to promote individual and school development and growth.
“Michelle’s enthusiasm for vocational learning makes her an asset to the Tri-County community. For almost two decades, she has shared her passion with our students and faculty, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.” Stephen Dockray, Superintendent-Director.
This honor is awarded to Michelle as she finishes her graduate degree, an M.Ed., in Occupational Education. "My educational philosophy is strongly rooted in the value of vocational education for high school students; this was a natural path for me to pursue so that I can model these values for our students," Michelle said.


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