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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Property lines, permits, and erroneous enrollment numbers were key topics Wednesday

The quick summary of the Town Council meeting on Wednesday is as follows:

  1. The Council approved acceptance of several roads that have a a defined road plan and property lines. Some of the early developments had property lines where the ownership went to the middle of the road. In those cases, for the town to take responsibility for the road, it would need to reach agreement with all the home owners; which can be a tedious if not almost impossible task. There are several developments where these road plans are being worked and these tonight were the latest in the series where progress has reached a good point.
  2. Ownership and property lines also arose from a citizen comment. The resident had purchased a home 40+ years ago, had water problems reportedly from the street which the Town at the time corrected with a pump and drainage. Turns out the land never really should have been built upon, the town workers then should not have spent public money for a private benefit. The pump recently failed which the town did replace but also said that this was the last time they were doing anything about it, leaving the homeowner in a real quandary. Fortunately, all parties will work together to see if they can reach a satisfactory conclusion.
  3. Gus Brown, the Building Inspector, provided an overview on the work of his department. The presentation doc can be viewed below.
  4. The School Budget got some good news this week. What had been a $600K shortage due to the Charter School funding and reimbursement process turns out to not be the case as some erroneous enrollment numbers were used which caused the problem in the first place. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) will be reworking the numbers to use the proper set of enrollment and this situation should be resolved. 
  5. The Town is still awaiting the arbitrators decision on the fire fighter union. This decision would affect the budget as the union has not had a contract for 3 years. The decision has been planned for by putting away some funds to cover but how much will be covered will be dependent upon the decision and then whether the Town Council accepts the decision. Hence, the overall FY 16 budget process is starting real slow this year. One thing is sure, there will be a balanced budget before June 30, 2015. Stay tuned for further developments in this space.

Magnolia Heights, a 140 unit development at Chestnut Ridge, RT 140
Magnolia Heights, a 140 unit development at Chestnut Ridge, RT 140

For additional info on Magnolia Heights, one of the developments underway that the Building Inspector is visiting regularly, check their webpage

You can find all my notes reporting live during the meeting here:

Saturday, April 5, 2014


The book sale prohibition is explained in item #13 in the following list:

To ensure safety, fairness and for mutual protection of all patrons of the Town’s Facilities, the Town of Franklin maintains certain operating rules and regulations. The following rules and regulations have been developed to be in the best interests of the Town, its residents and the public who use the facilities. These rules and regulations are designed to assist the public in understanding their responsibilities and to ensure a safe environment for all persons using Town facilities. The rules and regulations are, as follows: 
1. Persons shall not enter or be upon town property under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Persons shall not consume or possess any alcohol, illegal drugs, or marijuana on Town property. 
2. Persons shall not use any tobacco product within any municipal building or upon the property on which any municipal building is located, except in designated areas. 
3. Persons shall not possess, use, or store any explosive, incendiary device or weapon on Town property. 
4. Persons shall not present a false or altered identification that may be required as part of using a facility. No person shall defraud the Town in any manner. 
5. Persons shall not assault, threaten, harass or abuse any employee or a member of the public, either physically or verbally. 
6. Persons shall not engage in any form of disruptive conduct while on Town property. 
7. Persons shall not use skateboards or operate dirt bikes, ATV’s, motorized bicycles, motorized scooters or other motorized vehicles on Town property. This prohibition shall not apply to a person who, as a result of a handicap or disability, requires the use of a motorized wheelchair or similar equipment. 
8. Persons shall comply with all posted safety rules and regulations.

9. Persons shall not misuse, abuse, damage or tamper with the property of the Town or property of any employee or member of the public. 
10. Persons shall not use Town property or enter Town offices without first obtaining proper authorization, except during normal business hours or when the property or offices are open to the general public. No person shall enter or remain in a Town building or facility outside of regular business hours without authority or permission to do so. No person shall enter or remain in any portion of a Town building or facility to which the general public does not have regular access without authority or permission to do so. 
11. No animals (except those needed by the physically handicapped are allowed within Town buildings. All persons with an animal on Town property must properly remove and dispose of any animal feces. 
12. The Town assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged personal property. 
13. No solicitation or sales of goods or services is permitted on Town property, except those fundraising activities that directly support the Town's facilities or programs. 
14. No person shall enter or remain in a Town building or facility unless properly clothed and shod: street clothes and footwear are required at all times; no bathing suits are allowed. 
15. No person shall enter or remain in a Town building or facility who emits an offensive odor because of poor personal hygiene. 
16. No person shall use any Town building or facility other than for its intended, authorized or permitted purpose or use. 
17. Persons shall promptly report all accidents or incidents which result in either personal injury or damage to the property of the Town, an employee, or member of the public, regardless of who is responsible for the damage 
18. Persons shall immediately report defective equipment or unsafe conditions of any equipment or facilities that may endanger anyone to the Town employee in charge of the facility or to the Town Administrator. 
Persons that fail to follow the rules and regulations of the Town or other rules or regulations established by each Department may be subject to a fine and/or loss of privilege to use the Town facilities. Depending on the severity of the offense or the frequency of other offenses the Town may initiate legal action.

This document can be found on the Franklin website here

Franklin Municipal Building (and yes, I'll need to update the photo to show no snow)
Franklin Municipal Building (and yes, I'll need to update the photo to show no snow)