Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Live reporting: Public Hearing on street acceptance


  • Public Hearing to determine whether it is in the public interest to accept Lenox Drive, Berkshire Drive, and Symphony Drive-7:10
  • Public Hearing to determine whether it is in the public interest to accept Windsor Circle-7:10

working on the process of getting streets that had been developed under the proper support model for the Town. The developer had gone under in this case but the paperwork is in good shape and therefore coming before the Council for approval.

The issue is not with recent subdivisions the issue is with older subdivisions, where the process wasn't followed and the bonds weren't released. The special legislation has allowed the acceptance plan for the road layout no matter where the individual owners property lines were, in the middle of the road or up to the curbs, etc.

Multiple questions around the older process and the process today; where the recent subdivisions came through the process the Planning Board has covered the process and those were taken. Some others had not been properly handled and those are still being worked, these are the easier ones left to do.

There are problems will all that remain. They are being worked.

There is a condition on acceptance of the bond dependent upon the delivery of the plans. Developers need to retain ownership of the road (rather than in some cases where the homeowners own to the middle of the road).

We can make repairs under the statute. We can't do a full depth rebuild. In some cases, where there are unaccepted but the water line has been replaced so they have been repaired.

It is more of an equity issue when tied to Chapter 90 funding. 

move to close the hearings, passed 9-0

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