Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Live reporting: Legislation through to closing


1. Resolution 15-10-Order of Layout, Acceptance, and Taking of Lenox Drive, Berkshire Drive, and Symphony Drive and related Drainage Lot and Easement
motion to accept, seconded, passed 9-0 
2. Resolution 15-11-Order of Layout, Acceptance, and Taking of Windsor Circle and Related Drainage Lot and Easement
motion to accept, seconded, passed 9-0 
3. Resolution 15-12- Acceptance of Gift-Town of Franklin Police Department
motion to accept, seconded, passed 9-0 
4. Bylaw Amendment 15-746: Chapter 181, Wetlands Protection – 1st Reading
mirrors bylaw with other sections, to ensure some cost recovery
motion to move to 2nd reading, seconded, passed 9-0 

right now, about $500K over budget, also want to make sure the salt barns are full

thanks to Lacrosse and soccer leagues who donated money to help clear the fields (turf field)

high school turf field came in at $839,000
had been projected at about $1M to 1.1M




Mr Lipit, title issue raised by DPW
town meeting notes authorized drainage work on the road but not much documented, lot built on private lot and probably shouldn;t have been
town employees stepped up at the time to help with a private matter
water would be taken from a pump station to elsewhere

property has had the benefit of the town maintaining it for 45 years

nothing, easement is only the right to do something for a public benefit
that doesn't resolve anything here; it is only the ground or surface water on the property

the first thing we do is look back to the developer for a remedy, why the town got involved I don't know

Kelly - we have established intent

pipe going through multiple properties to a town storm drain

Kelly - can't we work it out?
Nutting -  we are stuck between a rock and a hard place
I have no problem taking a second look, I'll leave it at that

Lipit - I can't afford to maintain it, if it fails, and my neighbor sues me, I am not in a position to do it

Cerel - there is no liability from a permit, it is a flood plan, it is not buildable
how it got permitted for septic given the typography I don't know

Lipit - I am the second owner

Nutting - the town had no right spending money to support the private matter, is there a way to resolve it, I don't know

Bissanti - isn't this something we can find a way
Cerel - we are constrained, if we did something wrongfully 40+ years ago, doesn't mean we can

Pfeffer - we are city who calls itself a town, people who stepped in then and it was the right thing to do, everybody down there is going to be flooded unless we did something

Cerel - there may be other situations like this out there, what you do here may have repercussions

Pfeffer - can we get dsignated as a "purple heart' town


Padula - thanks to the DPW for a response on a frozen water line for a rental property

Kelly - a quick comment on Gus and his staff, they are always with a smile and willing to help, you don't always get that from town halls, but here especially in the building dept.

Feldman - an update on the Franklin Solar Challenge, new logo by David Mann

Pfeffer - Dean College is sponsoring a series of lectures at the Senior Center in honor of Stella Jean

Open House Algonquin pipeline at Keller/Sullivan the other night, the most polished entity. It was the scariest thing I have ever been through, they made sure your answers 

Nutting - reading at Davis Thayer, it is a great time


– To consider purchase of real property (unimproved land)
motion to go to executive session, seconded, passed 9-0 (via roll call)

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