Saturday, February 2, 2008

Franklin: I can use your help

Franklin: 2 bag recycle walk, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Yes, I can use your help. Franklin can use your help.

I came up with this brain storm of an idea a couple of weeks ago. When Dolores and I go walking now on the weekend, I carry a bag (or two) and pick up the recycling I find along the way.

All Franklin walkers could help in this effort. Take a bag with you. PIck up the recycling.

A little bit at a time, Franklin will be cleaner.

A little bit at a time, people will notice us picking up the recycling.

Maybe after they notice, they might stop and think about tossing their recycling out on our roads and sidewalks.

Our walk today generated two bags and I could have easily filled about a dozen more.

A little bit at a time.

Franklin matters. Please recycle!


  1. The number one beer of choice for the pigs who throw out their trash on Daniels St. is Bud Light. Dunkin Donut coffee is the second beverage of choice. I easily pick up 100 pounds of trash a year on a 400 foot section of Daniels. The good news is most of it is recyclable. If people only cleaned up what is laying in front of their homes, it would go a long way.

    Ken Norman

  2. That is consistent with what I am finding. The number 1 beer can is Bud Light, followed closely by Bud, Coors, and Rolling Rock.

    The number one water bottle is Poland Springs.

    The number one sport drink bottle is Gatorade.

    The number one coffee drink cup is Dunkin. The other fast food competitor is heavily weighted for McDonald's.

    Imagine what some forensic scientists or archeologists would make of this years in the future?

  3. What is really scary is that most of these beer containers are probably coming from underage people who are driving our roads while drinking. Nothing good can come from that.

    Ken Norman

  4. Ken, I agree.

    Underage or not, drinking and driving is a good combination only for trouble.