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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Master Plan Update Cmte struggles discussing mixed business vs. neighborhood, vs. village (video)

The Master Plan Update Committee met as scheduled on Wednesday, May 29 commencing shortly after 6:30 PM. Chairperson Glenn Jones opened the meeting with members present and participating virtually and a few missing due to other Franklin commitments that night.
Quick recap:
  • Subcommittee Reports - They did get through the round of updates from the subcommittee chairs (with 1 exception). Most had not met since the prior meeting anticipating a new meeting to review the discussion from tonight (later in the agenda) 
  • Review Goals for each element - They started and deviated multiple times in the intersection around housing, economic development, transportation. (This is not unlike any other discussion in the general community around what it takes to make Franklin a better place.)
  • Public Hearing - spent some time to reach consensus on the presentation for the public hearing scheduled for June 12. Sentiment to get the objectives that drive the goals out well in advance of the meeting didn't seem to reach consensus due to timing and to approach. Some wanted to get goals agreed to before getting into objectives, yet the objective help explain the goals. We'll wait and see what comes out before the meeting.
The Franklin TV video for this session ->