Sunday, March 18, 2012

Community Garden: A grey day for green thumbs!

It may have been a grey day for green thumbs but about 30 folks gathered to "Give Peas a Chance" at the Franklin Community Garden on Saturday. Some had plots in the garden some gardened in their own space. All came together to hear Chris Clay share some tips on peas and other things to plant early.

There was a line briefly to get peas

Community Garden: early line up for peas

One plot has been stringed off in grid fashion to help with their planting this year

Community Garden: new grid for this year

Amy Acevedo watched as Leo O'Brien planted his peas in a starter cup

Community Garden: Amy watches Leo plant his peas

Jack Barry observes as Chris sinks his round of green wire mesh as a support for the peas

Community Garden: the metal round support for peas

As Chris explains, his son Gabe plants the peas around the wire mesh

Community Garden: Gabe planting peas

Jack lends a hand as Chris ties off the bamboo sticks in a teepee shape which is another way to support your peas

Community Garden: tying off the teepee

This was the first of a series of sessions to talk about gardening and share gardening tips

Franklin Community Garden

Where is the Community Garden?
Located in the King St Memorial Park

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your morning with us and for being our photographer & journalist!

  2. You are most welcome. This was a good learning experience for me, I know more about planting than I did previously. The event hit my sweet spot learning about food and building community in the process. What more could I ask for!