Thursday, May 5, 2016

HMEA receives funding from The Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation

In its continuing efforts to support local vibrant nonprofit organizations, the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation recently awarded HMEA (Horace Mann Educational Associates) $7,500 to support HMEA’s incredABLE Day 2016 fundraising event occurring on May 22nd at EMC2 , 50 Constitution Blvd in Franklin. 

All proceeds from this one day event go to support the programs and services offered by HMEA’s 750 staff to 4000 children and adults with autism and other developmental and intellectual disabilities. They include the programs offered in HMEA’s children’s services ABA division (applied behavior analysts) for therapists to help diagnose children on the autism spectrum with Early Intervention Assessment Kits. 

The kits include games, puzzles, toys, blocks, and other tools which are designed to assist in evaluating skills and identifying specific educational needs for children who have been newly diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

One assessment tool in the hands of a qualified ABA (Applied Behavior Analyst) Therapist can touch the lives of many children. They help ensure children are properly assessed so they receive early treatment, much to the satisfaction and comfort of the parents waiting desperately for answers to questions about their child’s situation.

HMEA celebrates receiving funding from Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation
HMEA celebrates receiving funding from Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation

The Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation focuses its charitable giving on four main areas, education, health and human services, youth programs, and community development. To date, the Foundation has distributed more than $4 million in grants to qualified non-profit organizations. For information about the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation, please contact Jeanne Travers at 781-982-6637 or visit

Massachusetts-based HMEA is a private, not for profit agency that supports 4000 children and adults with developmental disabilities, and their families in more than 110 Massachusetts and Rhode Island communities. HMEA affirms and promotes the values, dreams and potential of people with developmental disabilities through education, support and life experiences. HMEA is committed to working in partnership with people with developmental disabilities and their families to create individualized supports that best meet their unique needs. HMEA believes that each person with a disability has a desire for a rich and varied life, including a physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual dimension. For more information, visit

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